Southwest Regional Reports

  • Southwest Regional Reports

    Evergreen Perennials for the Southwest

    Purple poppy mallow Callirhoe involucrata Zones: 4–9 Size: 8 to 12 inches tall and 2 to 3 feet wide  Conditions: Full sun to partial shade; well-drained soil  Native range: United…

  • Hardy ice plant
    Southwest Regional Reports

    Evergreen Ground Covers for the Southwest

    From erosion control to weed suppression, ground covers play an important role in the garden. They benefit neighboring plants by shading the ground, which helps keep soil cool and reduces…

  • native plants for formal gardening
    Southwest Regional Reports

    How to Incorporate Arid Native Plants in Formal Garden Designs

    I love the natural shapes of plants in landscape design, but garden style is subjective, and it’s fair to say that gardens should be fun and expressive. We all have…

  • Cleveland sage
    Southwest Regional Reports

    Plants That the Herbivores Will Avoid in the Southwest

    Fionuala Campion says in her article, Dazzling Deer-Resistant Perennials, "Though very graceful and delightful to behold in their native habitat, deer are a voracious force to reckon with in many…

  • Kokopelli daffodil
    Southwest Regional Reports

    Spring-Blooming Bulbs for Challenging Soils and Dry Climates

    I’m always looking to get the biggest reward from the time and energy I put into the garden. I love annuals that reseed themselves in my butterfly garden and perennial…

  • toxic plants
    Southwest Regional Reports

    5 Common Garden Plants That Are Toxic

    Southern California has many flowering plants that are often used for landscaping. But if you have young children or pets that are likely to put things in their mouths, be…

  • trees creating light shade in the garden
    Southwest Regional Reports

    Trees That Create Light Shade in the Southwest

    Shade is welcome most of the year in the Southwest, but too much shade can limit other options. Larger-leaved trees can cast dense shade, and when their leaves drop, extracting…

  • native vines
    Southwest Regional Reports

    Great Native Vines to Replace Invasive Species

    Vines play a special role in the garden, covering vast amounts of space with little investment from us. Most vines are chosen for their climbing ability and used to add…

  • growing aloe vera
    Southwest Regional Reports

    Growing Aloe Vera in Southern California

    Aloe vera (Aloe vera syn. Aloe barbadensis, Zones 10–11) is only one of many species in the Aloe genus. It is likely native to parts of North Africa where conditions…

  • Gaura lindheimeri Pink Cloud
    Southwest Regional Reports

    Peak-Season Perennials for the Southwest

    While we would all ideally have gardens that look at their peak in every season, the reality is often far from that ideal. Very few of us have all the…