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Sharing Plants for a Beautiful Garden

Plants from friends make up the bulk of this Oregon garden

Today’s photos come from Teresa Greco’s garden in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. Teresa says that her garden is planted with some 80% shared plants, bulbs, and tubers from friends. Sharing plants with gardening friends is a great way to bring down the cost of gardening and adds a wonderful back story to the garden, each plant being not just beautiful but a reminder of the friend it came from.

The ruffled green spires catching the sun in this photo aren’t shrubs—they’re lettuce that has begun to bolt! Lettuce that has bolted becomes bitter and not very good to eat, but who cares when they are this beautiful?


In this part of the garden, beautiful plants are accented by clean gravel mulch and well-chosen garden art.


In this cozy corner, the chairs are arranged around a fire pit that doubles as a table with a glass top. With the potential for a fire, a table for drinks or snacks, and an umbrella for shade, this sitting corner is a perfect spot for nearly any weather or occasion. View our tips on how to create a cozy outdoor space for nighttime gatherings.

These borders are full of the lush abundance of summer. One plus to getting plants from local gardening friends is that if someone has enough of a plant to share, that is a sure sign it is a good performer that will thrive.

The greenhouse window is covered over with scarlet runner beans. The door was custom made to hold a stained glass window crafted by Teresa’s late mother.

Another view of the same part of the garden.

Here a neatly trimmed shrub contrasts with looser, more informal perennials. A dahlia beginning to bloom promises an abundance of beautiful flowers for the rest of the season.



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  1. User avater
    PKKing 08/06/2018

    What a lovely garden oasis and a place to sit and think about your friends and, as in the case of the beautiful stained glass on the door, your loved ones. The lettuce "shrub" is amazing.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/06/2018

    I am still marveling over the looks of the bolted lettuce . I was guessing it was a nifty dwarf evergreen like a lemon cypress. What a surprise its true identity is. Everything is your garden is lovely, Teresa, and how special for you that so many of your plants have special meaning.

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 08/06/2018

    Love how the sun slants across the garden & seems to highlight things. Beautiful & not a weed in sight!!

  4. wittyone 08/06/2018

    I love this garden. The plants are wonderful and I know that for you they are enhanced by the association with the friends whose gardens they came from. Your decorative accents are just right, not too many and well placed. That's often something that, I think, is hard for the one placing them to gauge. The window in the greenhouse is marvelous and that it was made by your mother makes it extra special.

  5. Catasetumkid 08/06/2018

    What a gorgeous garden! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. btucker9675 08/06/2018

    This is a truly beautiful garden and the window made by your mother is just wonderful. Having so many of your plants from friends means it is filled with extra garden love!

  7. mjensen 08/06/2018

    wow, i love this ,so beautiful,great job

  8. cheryl_c 08/06/2018

    Teresa, just another note about how wonderful your gardens are! I love each picture, and am pleased we were able to get such a good view of your work. The sitting area looks and sounds so wonderful - can you tell us about the stand for the bird bath in the foreground? It looks as tho there is an intriguing story to go with it!

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