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Scenes from the Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m on my way home from Seattle today. My talk went really well, but I’m finding it darned difficult to post to the GPOD from the road, so today I’m just posting a few snapshots from the display gardens at the show–taken with my iPhone at that. I will get back to normal later this week, I promise! Tomorrow’s post will be cobbled together at several thousand feet in the air, so bear with me… Thanks!

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  1. perenniallycrazy 02/10/2014

    Hi Michelle. Those are great iPhone photos of the show. It was a great show and it was even better that I was finally able to meet you and Steve and again with Danielle.

    I hope you and our fellow GPODers who attended can tell us all about the gardens in your talk as well as how the first ever(?) GPOD Eyeball went.

  2. user-1020932 02/10/2014

    i did not expect to see the PNW show on here so quick, you're good! now..............what is a GPOD eyeball?

  3. pattyspencer 02/10/2014

    That little pond looks inviting - glad everything went well (as I think we all knew it would lol) Looking forward to seeing more pics - have a safe trip home

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 02/10/2014

    Looks like there were some great displays to get one in the mood for spring projects and planting. Love the color scheme in the first photo...has a soothing and yet energizing effect...very pretty.

  5. greengenes 02/10/2014

    Great shots, Michelle. It was so hard to capture the fullness of the different designs. But man was it easy to capture those bulbs and plants you wanted! Didn't even have to pay shipping costs! A gardeners delight for some unusual and creative plants and art. It was great to meet you, michelle and others that were with you. So sorry I didn't get to stay for the seminar, though. There was so much information all around us that if you didn't know about a certain plant or the care of plants, you were sure to find out. The first day there were hardly any people there because our "seahawks" football team had their winning parade. It took us almost 3 hours to find parking! The town was in gridlock and people everywhere on the streets. So by the time we got into the show it was a real haven of rest! All in all, it was good. Thanks Michelle for all your hard and fun work!

  6. GrannyMay 02/10/2014

    Catherine (GrannyCC) and I made it to the show for one day. It was wonderful! Luckily for our budgets, most things would have been too heavy, bulky or illegal to bring back home with us, so we could only look and wish. Michelle's presentation was great and she is so warm and friendly we felt we had known her all our lives!! Thank you Michelle!!

    I have put some of my photos onto Picasa here:

  7. sheila_schultz 02/10/2014

    Thanks for posting some shots from the show Michelle. It looks like most of us missed a whole lot of fun and inspiration. What a wonderful treat for a gloomy Feb. morning. I'd love to hear some of your observations from the show...and by the way, what IS a GPOD Eyeball? My imagination is going wild.

  8. ChrisSeattle 02/10/2014

    Hi Michelle, I am also sorry to have missed you, but hope that you enjoyed the Flower and Garden Show. Maybe next year you will be a speaker again. My husband gave me a ride downtown so I didn't have to brave the parking crowds because of the parade. The display gardens with all their large rock formations and Edgeworthia were fantastic! My favorite purchase is a little metal fence of baby quail. The mama (slightly larger) is separate. Our Northwest Perennial Alliance small group, the Northeast Clump, has a meeting next week with a show and tell of our goodies, photos and comments.

  9. user-1020932 02/10/2014

    May, i just looked at your photos and with these along with the ones PerenniallyCrazy (she really is crazy :) shared with me i feel almost as if i attended the show myself

  10. lovemyyard 02/10/2014

    Michelle, thanks for posting the photos. To me they prove that many of the gardens/spaces in your blog are more beautiful than the ones designed by professionals at the show. I hope you get a day off to enjoy your family and recoup from your trip.

  11. perenniallycrazy 02/10/2014

    Good morning Everyone!

    @tntreeman and Sheila: GPOD Eyeball? I follow a Philippine food blogger (he used to be stockbroker in the US) and he has hosted parties/meetings with his faceless followers which he calls an "Eyeball" Event. Since he hosts a predominantly food blog, all his followers would bring different food items from their region of the world. I'm not really sure how he came up with the term but he has posted group photos after each eyeball. Makes me wonder what we will all do and talk about when we finally meet face-to-face?

    @greengenes, ChrisSeattle, GrannyMay and GrannyCC: Glad to hear you all attended and enjoyed.

    @Granny May: Thanks for sharing your photos on Picasa. It's always great to see someone else's perpective of the show. It was very busy when I went on Saturday and more difficult to take overall exhibit shots. Can you please give us more details on Michelle's talk since you were lucky to be there?

  12. cwheat000 02/10/2014

    Looks like a wonderful show. I can't wait to see and hear more. I hope your speech went well and have a safe trip back to New Milford.

  13. tractor1 02/10/2014

    Hi Michelle, I trust you had a great time and all went well at the show. I went through GrannyMay's slide show three times, real Eyeball candy (Thank You!). I love all those carnivorous plants and those fantastic chakas, were I there I'd be returning with shopping bags. Have a safe trip home and be thankful you missed the sub sero temperatures... Fri, Sat, Sun mornings here were -12 degrees. I'm looking forward to hearing your account and seeing your photos.

  14. perenniallycrazy 02/10/2014

    Here's a video of the display gardens at the show to accompany GrannyMay's wonderful photos:

  15. GrannyCC 02/10/2014

    May and I had a very busy and enjoyable time at the Flower Show. It was such a delight to meet you Michelle and you gave a wonderful lecture.You seemed very relaxed although I know you weren't!! It was so great to see all the beautiful home gardens before and after. Everyone has done a marvelous job.

    Thanks May for the stunning pictures. You have really captured the essence of the show.

  16. tractor1 02/10/2014

    PerenniallyCrazy: Thank you for the spectacular video. And I love those pink/salmon daffodils in GrannyMay's photo #8... gotta see about getting some.

  17. Meelianthus 02/10/2014

    Goodmorning GPOD viewers ~ While Michelle is winging her way home I just wanted you all to know what a marvelous job Michelle did at the NW Garden Show/Fine Gardening seminar (not that you doubted her for a second) and what a fine speaker she was with a wonderful assortment of garden pics and histories. She spoke eloquently for about an hour and held the interest of all. The entire flower show was a wonderful respite on that cold day.
    Congrats Michelle and enjoyed meeting you ^_^
    (Sorry about the rare Seattle snow Michelle! Not what you wanted to see on your visit!)

  18. GrannyMay 02/10/2014

    Hi PerenniallyCrazy, thanks for giving the link to the video, it includes the names of the show gardens and some of the designers, information which I decided I didn't have time to try to include in the photos.

    Michelle's presentation was very well thought out. The photos and the accompanying text couldn't have been better suited! Since the title was "Inspirational Everyday Gardens", Michelle chose some GPOD gardens that showed the effort that had gone into turning "before" into "after", or some particular difficulties that had to be overcome by the gardeners to try to achieve their dreams.

    I was blown away when she let me know she would like to use mine as one of these gardens, as it is by no means one of the best or biggest or showiest or....? However, it is probably quite representative of an "everyday" garden, and seeing the particular photos she used and hearing the narrative, I loved what she had done! I'm sure the other gardeners felt the same about theirs! I hope she will tape the presentation for future viewing, it is definitely worth seeing!

  19. GrannyMay 02/10/2014

    Tractor1, thanks for liking the slideshow. I plan to add more photos as I get more time. In my viewer, photo #8 in the slideshow is all orchids. I know it is hard to tell what they are in small format photos, but I chose to go small rather than spend hours getting them onto Picasa.

  20. Meelianthus 02/10/2014

    GrannyMay ~ Sorry I didn't get to meet you at the NW Garden Show. The seminar and Michelle were great and your gardens are wonderful. I did go back to look at your older postings, so much beautiful color. And wasn't it fun to see the gardens on the BIG screen!

  21. Nurserynotnordstroms 02/10/2014

    The garden show was so wonderful. Every year there seems to be a plant everyone uses ,this year it was red twig dog wood and Cronus Sericea Cardinal ( yellow twig)both lovely with accent lighting. The other plant that was used extensively was the pitcher plant. It was everywhere,even blown glass pitcher plants(I loved these shown in one of Michelle's photos.
    Michelle did a wonderful friends that came really enjoyed the photos and the dialog that was presented. It was a delight to see my own garden on two big screens. I was happy I took the day off to come on Friday. Michelle is a great speaker my hope is she will become a regular speaker at the show.
    Thank you again Michelle for using my garden in your presentation. We are currently working on more changes(aren't we always as at true gardener) and I will send more photos as you requested when we get this mess reorganized. It was a pleasure to meet in person instead of just a face on the blog I will have a personality to remember.
    Can't wait for spring. BAD spring fever this year.

  22. tractor1 02/10/2014

    GrannyMay: It's not clear but they sure look like pink daffodils... but you are probably right, along with all the others they are most likely orchids. In any event I like all your photos and I will be looking to plant pink daffodils... they're about the only bulb plants the deer won't eat. The deer here will eat most anything, in this sub zero weather in the Catskills. I've been giving them snacks of bread and carrots... it's the same deer family that's been here for years, the oldsters die off but the new ones keep coming because they were born here. Deer only live about four years.

  23. User avater
    meander_michaele 02/10/2014

    Wow,, GrannyMay, awesome photo stream...I enjoyed every picture. I was able to catch a couple of artist names and/or web addresses for some of the nifty decorative item exhibits so I'm going to be doing some homework.

    And, PerenniallyCrazy, your links were also very much enjoyed. What a treat for us that you both were there in person.

  24. wGardens 02/10/2014

    Hey, Michelle! Thanks for posting some photos of the show. We look forward to more. Wish I could have been there too...I know I would have loved the show, meeting you and hearing your talk.... which I know was a huge success!

  25. GrannyMay 02/11/2014

    Meelianthus, I'm sorry too that I didn't meet you or the others who were present, except for Nurserynotnordstroms. I think I was too excited to think straight and keeping focused on Michelle. Next time for sure!!!

    Meander1, sorry I wasn't better at including sources. I didn't even get the name of the artist who did the cement faces, though I did speak with her!! Of course we go to the show to see all the unusual plants and the amazing show gardens, but some things really capture our souls. I really really really wanted to take that beautiful face home! But, it weighed 10 lbs., which I would have to carry through the streets back to the hotel and find room for in my carry-on, it would have to be listed for Customs, probably delaying my pass over the border and, not least, my budget would NOT have been pleased! And yet, I am sorry I didn't buy it. So, maybe I will order it yet!

  26. Nurserynotnordstroms 02/11/2014

    Thanks GrannyMay for the great photos. I enjoyed meeting you I wish we would have had time to chat a little though.

  27. perenniallycrazy 02/11/2014

    Good evening Everyone. Hope you all had a good day.

    @GrannyMay, GrannyCC, Meelianthus and Nurserynotnordstroms: Thanks for sharing your wonderful feedback on Michelle's presentation and the show. They are appreciated.

    @GrannyMay: I'm not surprised your garden was chosen as it is lush, beautiful, colorful and garden for all seasons. It is also a true, living and ever changing garden with real life challenges for everyday gardeners so your story will appeal and help many other gardeners as well.

    @meander1 and GrannyMay: The exhibitor with the stone faces is called Sacred Stone Garden Art: Hope this helps and happy shopping to you both!

    Have a great evening all.

  28. John429 02/11/2014

    GrannyMay - I enjoyed your show photos! I loved the dragonfly, the beetles and the stone faces. It was fun to attend the show through your wonderful photos. Thank you :-)

  29. GrannyMay 02/11/2014

    Thanks PerenniallyCrazy! I managed to figure out from the exhibitor lists just who the artist was, and have included that information with the photos. If anyone has such information to share on the other photos I'll be happy to include it too.

    Can't wait to see Michelle's photos, as well as those of Catherine (GrannyCC), who went with me to the show. I'd love to see yours as well, if you care to share.

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