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‘Over the Moon’ Garden at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Today's photos are from Lisa Bauer in Seattle, Washington, who says, "I have had the recent privilege of being asked to participate in the last two shows at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center.   Last year I received a Gold Medal for overall design and this year I received a Gold Medal for design and the top honor for Best In Show, The Founder's Cup!   The garden was inspired by the Show's theme 'Romance Blossoms', because it took place over Valentines day weekend.  The 840 sf garden featured a giant 7’ diameter full moon in a night sky, framed by white birches, a Scandinavian garden pavilion, circular water feature, round patio and a pair of Great Horned owls.  The restrained plant palette showcased whites, yellows, oranges, apricot, maroon, blue foliage and dark green.  There were over 75 different plant species.  All elements in the garden reinforced the giant full moon.

I graduated only two years ago from Edmonds Community College with an Associates of Technical Arts Degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design.  This is great way to jump start your career if you have the courage and energy to take such a risk.   The amount of planning and preparation is daunting, but meeting all the great people in the horticulture business has been really fun and rewarding.  My passion for art & design has been lifelong, but my career in Landscape design a relatively new.  I do believe a fundamental background and training in the fine arts can pervade many different disciplines.Cheers to Fine Art and Fine Gardening!" Lisa, I remember standing in front of this garden in awe of that moon, and I wanted to step into the garden and stay awhile! Your photos are WAY better than mine. Thanks so much for sending them in!

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  1. GrannyMay 04/03/2015

    Lisa your moon-garden is gorgeous! Even just on photos it is like stepping into a fairy tale - magical, romantic, warm and inviting. I so wished I could have been there to experience it full-size and in three dimensions. Congratulations!

  2. kathyknutson 04/03/2015


  3. GrannyCC 04/03/2015

    I just love your moon garden. Congratulations on your award. For one so young in the industry you have a great future. Look forward to seeing what you do next year.

  4. wGardens 04/03/2015

    Congratulations! It is lovely! A HUGE undertaking! How long did it take to set up and how much help did you have? I am sure you are already planning for next years creation! Bravo!

  5. schatzi 04/03/2015

    Congratulations! I was there and saw it in person and loved it. The moon and the owls are magnificent and the plantings very complimentary. Your pictures bring it all back and are way better than mine, too.

  6. Melindad 04/03/2015

    I think the scene is beautiful; however, I question whether

  7. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/03/2015

    Congratulations, Lisa. I love the plant palette and agree: gardening is art. You can really see it in the many gardens that get posted here and in your design. cheers!

  8. NCYarden 04/03/2015

    I already love the real moon itself, and thus a moonlit garden (this weekend should be great, in fact), and so I love the implementation of your moon in the display. It suits the theme so well. What a fantastic scene. I would really love to attend this show some time. Good luck in your career - you seem to be off to a great start.

  9. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/03/2015

    What an amazing and impressive accomplishment, Lisa. We got to see a number of pictures of the exhibits because a few of the attendees were loyal gpod commenters and generously shared photos that they took. Your moon lit garden was especially memorable and certainly struck a chord with all of us who so love gardening. Congratulations on your high honors!

  10. Nurserynotnordstroms 04/03/2015

    Lisa,I loved this garden,the moon was amazing. I stood for the longest time just taking it all in. I asked a question about the moon and it was explained to me how it was done. You have an amazing talent and the gardens you have designed for the show are definetly proof of your gift for design. I hope we get to see your wonderful creations next year also. Congratulations on your awards,I hope you are lining them up in your office or studio.

  11. perenniallycrazy 04/03/2015

    Lisa, I really adored your Moon Garden at the NWFGS! Glad you have come to share more photos too. We have a couple of questions about your garden that were not addressed by the information sheets there.

    1. Where did you source these ants? (for Jeff Calton).

    2. Did you make this garden accessory yourself? If you did, how did you make it? (for meander1)

    3. Can you please share more details about the design and installation of and around the Copper Water Bowl? (for me)

    Thank you Lisa. Look forward to seeing your work at the show next year and in the various garden design magazines and media.

  12. greengenes 04/06/2015

    Iam so very happy for you, Lisa! It was stunning and it is so creative. I am sure it was a lot of work but yes, all worth it! I thought it should take first place. You have a wonderful and creative career ahead! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing with us!

  13. user-7007327 04/07/2015

    Congratulations, I am over the moon.

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