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Sally’s garden visit in England

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Sally Barker

Today’s photos are from Sally Barker down in Maryland. We’ve visited Sally’s garden a few times, but today she’s taking us abroad.

She says, “These are photos we took last Summer at Holehird Gardens near Windermere in the Lake District of England. This is a true hidden gem tended by volunteers of the Lakeland Horticulture Society for 40 years.

“Holehird contains the National Collections of Astilbe and Polystichum hardy ferns as well as a huge collection of hydrangeas. As lovely as any gardens we have visited in England, these are open free to the public and shouldn’t be missed by anyone visiting this area!”

Wow. That place is gorgeous, Sally! One day…. Thanks so much for sharing this trip with us!

****Hey all, I’m not getting many submissions these days! I’ll be eternally grateful if you dig some up and tell us your garden story…. Email me at [email protected]. Thanks! ****

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  1. flowerladydi 03/19/2014

    The gardens are lovely Sally! How fortunate for you to have been able to visit them! The photos are all so great!,, one of my favorites is the pool with all the japanese maples,,, and the lupines are fabulous in the patio! Our thanks to all the volunteers who have helped to make them so beautiful for all to enjoy!,,, Beautiful photo of the rose pergola,, and the so wonderful geranium!! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/19/2014

    Beautiful, beautiful garden, Sally. It had to be a privilege and a pleasure to stroll about such gracious and well maintained grounds. Did you come home wanting to "steal" and adopt any particular feature of it? I noticed your date stamp on a few of the pictures was 7-04-2013...any teasing reference from the Brits about our July 4th Independence Day celebrations?!

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/19/2014

    Beautiful garden and setting. I love those heavily planted, old stone walls. Thanks for sharing your travels.

  4. wGardens 03/19/2014

    AH, a special treat this morning.... thank you for sharing photos of these beautiful grounds... what a wonderful gift to the community, and beyond, from the volunteers. It appears to cover a very large area... kudos to a hard-working and dedicated group of people! Superb!

  5. Quiltingmamma 03/19/2014

    Lovely, thanks for sharing them. I particularly liked the rockery, and the pergola, and the formal long garden with statue, and the lake....well, guess I particularly liked them all...

  6. User avater
    HelloFromMD 03/19/2014

    Thanks Sally,
    Magnificent garden in England! Did you take back some ideas to do in your own spectacular garden? Yes, I went back to see your gardens. So lovely! Do you ever open your gardens to the public? That last pic, now that's a geranium. No wonder they are so popular in England.

  7. janetsfolly 03/19/2014

    Thank you for the armchair journey, Sally! What a beautiful, restful space. Stone walls, the older the better, are a favorite of mine and seem to enhance everything planted near them. And the soft blue hills resting in the background...yes, I would love to visit this place someday!
    I also noted the date stamp on some of the shots and was bemused by the cool, misty loveliness of this garden on what was a scorcher of a summer day here! I love that this is all volunteer maintained, labor of love, for sure.

  8. GrannyMay 03/19/2014

    A gem of a garden for sure! And in such a wonderful setting too! There is always much to admire and to learn from other gardens, public or private... that is why GPOD is so popular. Thank you Sally for sharing this perfect place. Your own garden is lovely too, so keep those photos coming.

  9. celiahoneysuckle 03/19/2014

    Thank-you Sally, But now I'm homesick, until I think of the rain, which of course helps create all that lush growth. Those brick walls are such foils for the plants. Three cheers to the volunteers.

  10. GracePeterson 03/19/2014

    Absolutely beautiful--the gardens of course, but also the countryside.

  11. Yeddi 03/19/2014

    Gorgeous!Sally , English gardens have a unique sense of grace about them. Thank you for sharing - and I also am homesick viewing these celiahoneysuckle. Never mind, I will be heading that way later this year. Will attempt to take pictures of the gorgeous gardens around Devon and send them to Michelle for all of you to share, too. There has been such dreadful weather in England this spring that I am not sure how the gardens will have suffered. Will do my best.

  12. tractor1 03/19/2014

    Looks like a lush and well maintained garden, I only wish it were a sunny day so I could better make out the detail, I guess England is like that. I also noticed those photos are dated July 4th. I like the composition of the 4th photo down on the right best, portrays good depth too... and in all that area only one lone person... you had practically that entire garden to yourself, a lovely place to relax and contemplate. Thank you, Sally.

  13. NevadaSue 03/19/2014

    Thank you so much Sally for sharing this beautiful garden with us. I love it all. The rock work is wonderful and everything is so lush. Wish I could wander through it every day.
    Cheers for the volunteers.

  14. sumhillgardener 03/19/2014

    Thank you all ! This was our 2nd visit to Holehird and it is an amazing place. Often cloudy, as are the Lakes, but the colors are more vivid. We are told the many volunteers come each week on the same day and have their own garden space to maintain. Cooler than Maryland on the 4th of July for sure. I too love the blue geranium with the roses, pergola and bench! And not at all crowded !
    Come visit my garden anytime, HelloFromMD.

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