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READER PHOTOS! Sally’s garden in Maryland, revisited

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sally Barker

We visited Sally Barker’s beautiful garden in Baltimore back in April and the comments ranged from “…my vision of a perfect garden! Beautiful!!!!!” to “…an oasis of beauty and tranquility” and “Perfection….” Wow! Worth a revisit, yes? Today Sally’s giving us an update in the form of a new batch of photos. Yay!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sally Barker

Sally says, “In March I see the empty garden beds and think nothing will come up! Then I am always amazed and thrilled at the transformation. We had a mild winter and the plants are happy.” Indeed they are, Sally. Don’t hesitate to send more photos later in the season!!

***Hey, Sally now has a website! Check it out HERE***

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sally Barker
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sally Barker
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sally Barker
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sally Barker
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sally Barker
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sally Barker
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sally Barker

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  1. anaabrantes157 06/11/2012

    This is for me a perfect garden . green , clean, and so calm...Parabéns.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/11/2012

    This a garden of sublime enchantment. Everything is in such exquisite balance...this is where Mother Nature goes to spend her vacation because everything is so perfect... all she has to do is relax and enjoy!
    Sally, I love your inclusion of the petite forms of hosta. I've never been quite sure how to add them to my garden but you have shown me how they make a wonderful transition from larger hosta down to a very low groundcover. Please share the name of the vibrant blue and purple flowered plant is on upper side of the patio wall.
    Now I'm off to visit your blog...should be a treat!

  3. wwross 06/11/2012

    I have been looking at these photos for a few years.

    This is the prettiest ever.

  4. GrnThum 06/11/2012

    Complete perfection - that's all I can say. There is nothing you could do to make this any more beautiful. I could move in tomorrow and be completely happy.

  5. tractor1 06/11/2012

    Fantastic variety and placement that all comes together exquisitely. It sure looks very professionally done and like more garden than one person can maintain, Sally must work at it constantly. I wish I knew what that tree is in the first picture, details are blurred. The garden is lovely, the photography not so much. I was disappointed that there are no photos at Sally's web site, perhaps a work in progress. I'm looking forward to Sally's next contribution.

  6. wGardens 06/11/2012

    Absolutely fab. Wish I could visit in person! Looks like a piece of heaven to me....Thanks for sharing!

  7. pattyspencer 06/11/2012

    Just perfection! Everything comes together in perfect harmony!

  8. BethTW 06/11/2012

    absolutely gorgeous! my idea of a perfect garden. also makes me want to plant more shade trees (and build a new home & patio) so i can have this :)

  9. terieLR 06/11/2012

    Simply Sublime! Perfection on all levels Sally. Thank you for keeping us up to date. Now we all want to come for a stroll with you. ;)

  10. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 06/11/2012


  11. annek 06/11/2012

    Unbelievable form and design. An amazing display of skill and cooperation between you and mother nature. Praise to you and al your efforts.

  12. sumhillgardener 06/11/2012

    Thank you for all the kind words about my garden ! To answer a few questions ---- I believe the tree mentioned is the Japanese maple "Osakazuki". And the blue and purple flowers on the patio are wintered over pansies, which I am removing today. And what's not to love about the many and varied hostas ? The web photos are, I hope, now accessible. Thanks, Sally

  13. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/11/2012

    Sally, the additional pictures now coming up on your website are such a treat. I watched the slide show several times in my attempt to absorb everything. You are truly a master when it comes to the wonderfully artful pruning of your smallish trees.The "Waterfall" cutleaf Japanese maple is a vision of heavenly perfection.I also really appreciated seeing your crape myrtle pruned to be so ethereal and airy.

  14. pattyspencer 06/11/2012

    Your slidshow of your garden is amazing!!!!!!!!!

  15. tractor1 06/12/2012

    I tried several times yesterday and again this morning, I still don't see any pictures at Sally's web site. :-(

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