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READER PHOTOS! Terie’s garden in New York

A garden out of a fairy tale, and one of our favorites. Check it out HERE.

Today’s photos are from Terie Rawn in Newfield, New York.

Terie says, “In ’89 we moved back to my hometown so our family could be raised in a smaller community. After clearing a small section of trees we nestled a newly built home just inside woods edge to face farmland hills and a distant view of Ithaca, New York. Every year since my husband and I have expanded the landscape to include many gardens, various paths, and a woods pond.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn

“For our 30th wedding anniversary Ray built a ‘Stepback Garden Cottage’ for me to play in. Much to my delight, it has served to host tea parties, garden guests, and grand daughters’ play time. I am so grateful to be a temporary part of this little heaven on earth!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn

Here are various pictures of my backyard gardens featuring the garden cottage that my husband built. The frost photo was taken from inside the cottage window at sunrise. Outside this window are the trees that canopy one of our shade gardens.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn

For almost 10 years we have invited friends for annual garden walks and were honored to host ‘Woodland Wonders’ here in Newfield for the Garden Conservancy Open Days Tour Program in 2011.”

What a magical little cottage, Terie! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn

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  1. gottagarden 01/24/2012

    What a lovely cottage! I think I'm going to steal your idea of putting icicle lights around my garden shed. Really enjoyed the first summer / winter views, just as pretty in winter.

  2. Cottagegardenfee 01/24/2012

    From my three year old when she saw the photos: "Mommy! Do fairies live there?!"

    Thank you for the inspiration. Enchanting garden!

  3. user-7006919 01/24/2012

    Beautiful in all seasons.

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/24/2012

    Goodness, these garden pictures make me feel like
    I've stepped into a land of enchantment. Everything is absolutely beautiful and looks to be wonderfully maintained.
    I love the plantings along the paver's all so serene and welcoming.

  5. siesperanza 01/24/2012

    When can I move in?

  6. 1kimmie 01/24/2012

    Beautiful Gardens in all seasons! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration you have been all my life! Love you sis!

  7. JulieBW 01/24/2012

    The gardens are lovely, but over and over again I find that sheds are making great focal points. Thanks for the icicle lights idea for my shed.

  8. Steepdrive 01/24/2012

    A lovely garden. It gives me hope for my young garden (started 2006) that it will look like that before too long.

  9. Happily_Gardening 01/24/2012

    Dreamy, enchanting and inviting! I believe I saw the faint outline of fairies fluttering about...Cottagegardenfee tell your daughter "yes :)". The frost on window pane is greeting card worthy. Enjoy your piece of heaven on earth!

  10. pattyspencer 01/24/2012

    And I saw those fairies as well! Just beautiful. Both the winter and summer photos just draw me in. And I really like the lights on the shed as well. Makes it more of a "home" than a shed.

  11. sheilaschultz 01/24/2012

    Your cottage is definitely magical, but how could it not be surrounded by such beautiful gardens?

  12. rosebush01 01/24/2012

    This is the way a garden should look! It is definitely one for all seasons. Very good job! (ps the fairies do live here)

  13. greengrowler 01/24/2012

    Terie, you and your husband have created "heaven on earth". Enchanting in every season, your sanctuary makes me lust after the lushness of the East coast. Many thanks for sharing an awesome(the true meaning of the word)garden retreat!

  14. Formandfoliage 01/24/2012

    Great to see the same shots at different times of the year - makes it easy to understand how 'durable' the garden is throughout the seasons. Lovely.

  15. terieLR 01/24/2012

    From the land of enchantment ~ we thank you for all the lovely comments. All seasons are welcome here in central NY. It's such a joy to share my love for nature and I certainly gain insight daily from this blog ~ viewing many garden elements that have spurred me on. I like to think that our Heavenly Father sends angels here on retreat... thus the fairies... waiting for THAT photo op! Keep daydreaming garden lovers. And yes, put up those lights. (kept up during a summer because our son was married here in the backyard;)

  16. bethcrosier 01/26/2012

    The misty cottage photos resemble Thomas Kinkade's paintings of light. They are beautiful Terie! You're always an inspiration to me. When the snow melts, come and help me plant and dream. Okay sis?

  17. ColleenEm 01/29/2012

    What a wondrous place!! I knew you when you lived in Pennsylvania and your home and gardens were wondrous there too. I shall imagine a place like this in planning my own sanctuary. Hope I can see more....

  18. terieLR 01/30/2012

    Colleen!!! I have been trying to get in touch with you friend from 30 years ago! Your dear parents were the neighbors who introduced me to perennials back in the early 80's. I often remember Sofie showing me her gardens and gently digging up some favorites for me to try. Please find me on FB or write to the same NY address as before. (Bud's parents are in Souderton) And watch for more...

  19. ColleenEm 01/30/2012

    Terie: The Lord truely does work in mysterious ways. Tried to get in touch with you a few years ago, but did not know if I had the right person or address. I cannot find your FB account to friend you. Please friend me at: Colleen Emig.
    We have much to talk about and catch up on. I have missed the friendship we once had and welcome you into my life again. Your garden pictures are breathtaking and remind me so much of you. It was just a lark that I happened onto this Fine Gardening website and saw your pics. It was meant to be. Hope to hear from you. 30 years is too long....

  20. RoseDale64 02/02/2012

    Terie, absolutely beautiful! I visit the Biltmore Estate here in NC every month...Looking at your photos I feel like I've been there again.
    Thanks for sharing. RoseMary

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