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More clematis from Terie’s garden in New York

purple clematis outside a window, viewed from outside
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn

A couple of weeks ago, when I posted the latest installment of photos from Terie Rawn’s awesome garden in Newfield, New York, a couple of you were enthralled by the clematis she had growing on one of her trees. Inspired by that, Terie sent in a few more photos of that clematis, as well as some photos of another clematis that she grows on her house. She thought you might enjoy them.

close up of purple clematis
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn

She says, “Bouncing garden ideas off one another keeps me on my toes and playing in the great outdoors year after year. I love that the work is never done, causing me to dream and plan through the winter months so that by spring I am refreshed and ready for new projects. Thank you to all who keep sending in your pictures. Hurray for inspiration!”  Thank you, indeed, to all of you who have sent in inspiring photos over the past year. Keep ’em coming!!

purple clematis outside a window, viewed from inside
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn
purple clematis outside a window, viewed from outsidePhoto/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn
purple clematis growing around a tree
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn
close up of purple clematis growing on a tree
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn
purple clematis on a tree, other flowers below, view through trees to an arch
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Terie Rawn

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  1. tractor1 03/20/2012

    How apropos for celebrating the first day of spring, just gorgeous.

  2. Lisianne 03/20/2012

    I love the photo from the inside. It looks to me like a piano in the foreground; it brought tears to my eyes... my mother, a pianist, adored my father, an avid gardener and this photo reminded me of how much I loved them. They have both passed away. Thanks for eliciting such a wonderful memory.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/20/2012

    Yay, this is just what I wanted/needed to see to further encourage my clematis fever... hmmm, coincidentally, which just happened to come on after seeing Terie's first clematis up the tree photo! I was inspired by Terie's efforts to look at my own areas with a fresh eye on where it would be fun to have some unexpected color heading skyward. Six clematis later (and with a hunger for more), I can't wait for a few years to pass to see how things will look. Thanks so much, Terie!
    The blues are gorgeous and I love the double whammy of the one seen from inside and outside.

  4. user-1080192 03/20/2012

    Clematis is absolutely beautiful ~ but I wouldn't want it blocking the view from my window~

  5. charlotteA 03/20/2012

    I would love to know what kind of clematis plants she has
    chosen. I've seen some in my neighborhood that bloom all
    summer. I have one that only blooms once.

  6. mosaicgardener 03/20/2012

    The clematis growing on the tree is just creative!. We have clematis that my dad has just growing on wire fences, but using natural structures just allows nature to work together....thanks for the inspiration!

  7. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/20/2012

    Beautiful. Maybe a little off topic but I have to comment how beautifully composed each photo is and the great quality of the photos, even at a low resolution. Obviously you have art training or professional photography experience? Thanks for sharing.

  8. terieLR 03/20/2012

    Happy 1st day of Spring to all. These clematis have started to sprout little green leaves and I just pruned them last evening to encourage healthy, full blooms. I don't have their names, sorry. The trellis on the tree is metal and one at window is plastic. I hold them in place with fishline. Because the windows are double there is plenty of visibility on either side of the clematis. When it gets too thick, I simple open the widows and snip. (makes a great arrangement for the table just inside)
    Have fun going vertical this summer gardeners! ;)

  9. terieLR 03/20/2012

    ;OP) simple = simply Thank you vojt! I have not had training, just have an eye for detail. The love of photography evolved from gardening and birding.

  10. ElaineS 03/20/2012

    Terie, how long does the clematis bloom in our area? I have a whole new gardening space this year and this would be beautiful in my garden. I love yours in the window ... double your pleasure!

  11. M_Fox 03/20/2012

    Wow! Thank you for sharing these photos. I planted several clematis last year, and they did not do very well. It is unusually warm in the northeast, and already (March 20th) the clematis are starting to come back and look stronger than last year. I was going to give up on them, but these photos have inspired me to be patient and fertilize. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  12. greengrowler 03/20/2012

    Wow, talk about coincidence! Just Sunday, I pruned my unnamed clematis which is THE EXACT SAME COLOR as yours, Teri! Thinking back, it was purchased a a mega-retailer (you know the one) - a sad little thing that looked as if it had been beaten about, knocked over, sporadically watered, then shoved to the back of the rack. Every year, it puts on a great show for a month in late spring then a small second burst in early fall. Echoing the others, growing clematis up a tree is a fantastic idea! Thanks, Teri, for the wonderful spring fling!

  13. DellGarden 03/20/2012

    This is a beautiful display of clematis. What are the names of those posted?
    Thank you.

  14. sheilaschultz 03/20/2012

    Spring has definitely 'sprung,'and your photos are beautiful as ever. Thanks, Terie!

  15. pattyspencer 03/21/2012

    Really really beautiful!

  16. pollybird 04/11/2012

    Just loved the pics of these beautiful clematis. I would like to try this. Do clematis do well in the shade of a tree, to get the affect Terie got with her clematis?

  17. terieLR 04/12/2012

    pollybird: Hi,These clematis recieve full morning sun and dabbled sunrays throughout the rest of the day. The tree canopy is very high. Most clematis need sun, rich organic soils and want to have their 'feet' shaded ~ to protect them from drying out too quickly. I wish you success!

  18. gigisue 07/06/2015

    beautiful clematis on the climbing the tree, we drive by a home that has done the same and i swear it is at least 15 feet high. I'm lucky I don't go off the road. We had to cut down two really, really large sick oak trees, which left us looking at a telephone pole. Last year I planted a clematis (didn't do well) but this year WOW it's climbing and flowering like crazy. I then bought two more of a different color and planted those also so they will
    intermingle with color next year. We dug up the soil around the pole, put in some good
    healthy potting mix and fertilizer and just water it. So far, they are doing great.

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