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READER PHOTOS! Susan’s miniature gardens in California

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Susan Clemens

Today’s photos are from Susan Clemens in Aliso Viejo, California. Susan says, “I don’t have a yard (I live in a second floor condo) so I create miniature gardens as centerpieces or to sit on my desk so I always have a garden view. I’ve been doing this for about a decade. Gardening and miniatures were both fascinations of mine – and just about every kind of crafting hobby – and they all come together in my tiny gardens.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Susan Clemens

I am enchanted, Susan–I want to run out and create a mini garden right this minute! Thanks so much for sharing these little worlds with us.

***Hey–Susan wants to write a book about her mini gardens that will tell us all how to make them. Visit her Kickstarter page HERE. And you can visit her website HERE. Good luck, Susan!***

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Susan Clemens
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Susan Clemens

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/10/2012

    Sweet, sweet, totally adorable...I'm an instant fan of your enchanting tiny creations! I love all the fun little details. I find this whole concept so captivating. I'm sure there is a plentiful audience out there just ready to be inspired by this delightful idea. Now, I'm off to click on your website to learn more. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

  2. bethnbijoux 09/10/2012

    Love, love, love your creations! What a unique way to garden! So imaginative and I absolutely agree with meander1...there is most definitely an audience eager to get their hands on your book (count me amongst them!). I would like to know...what type of containers do you use?

  3. tractor1 09/10/2012

    How wonderful, reminds me of my great uncle's hobby, he created miniature gardens in tiny containers, in toothpaste caps and the like. He worked with tweezers, and a jeweler's loupe. He lived in a tiny apartment in Brownsville, NY, all his creations were in his kitchen window. He'd collect mosses and lichens from vacant lots and what he could pick from sidewalk cracks and planted seeds from fruit. Some of his larger gardens were in sardine tins, medicine bottles held terrariums. He'd use bits of mirrors and broken glass to create water features. There was an article about him in the NY Daily Mirror magazine section, this was long ago, in the early 1950s, I was barely ten years old but I remember loving when my my parents would visit so I could see his gardens. I searched for the article thinking it would be in the archieves but alas the NY Daily Mirror is no longer. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your work and for evoking fond memories.

  4. plant_lady_55 09/10/2012

    I love every one one of your garden vignettes. They are so creative. I'm not sure which is my favorite. You have captured the essence of life in a trailer (in Florida, of course, with the flamingo), a Japanese garden, a beach, and a lovely backyard with an inviting bench. Kudos to you!!!

  5. pattyspencer 09/10/2012

    Those are so cool! Very creative. Perfect little gardens!! Thanks for sharing

  6. susanclemens 09/10/2012

    Thanks so much for your supportive comments, everyone!

    @bethnbijoux I use just about anything I can get my hands on - from traditional containers (low and wide, to enhance the proportions of the landscape) that are painted or embellished by shells or other materials - to an oil pan for the Airstream Trailer Garden. Mostly, I want the container to continue telling the story of the garden and to enhance it in some way.

    @tractor1 What a fantastic memory and you tell it in such a way that I can see his tiny gardens in my mind. You also recalled a memory for me - in the 70s I used to use toothpaste caps in my dollhouse with little bits of plants in them too! I'd totally forgotten about that. I so wish I could read the article about him or see some photos of what he created. It sounds DELIGHTFUL!

    Susan Clemens

  7. thegardencatkeeper 09/10/2012

    These are precious! I wish I had the patience to do this. They look like the fairy gardens on pinterest.

  8. valleygardener 09/10/2012

    This is terrific! I am so into miniature gardens and fairy gardens and enjoy terrariums. I only have one miniature arrangement so far but this is inspirational. Thank you.

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