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READER PHOTOS! Shelley’s container designs in British Columbia

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong

Happy 4th of July, USA residents!! I hope you’re planning a celebratory picnic and looking forward to some fireworks! Incidentally, today’s photos are from…Canada! Not very good planning on my part, but we love our neighbors to the north, so it’s all good.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong

Today’s photos, yet again, are from Cherry Ong in Richmond, British Columbia. And once again, they’re not from her garden, but rather from container designer Shelley Brignall at Phoenix Perennials. Seems Shelley’s designs truly inspire Cherry (I can see why!), and she wants to share some of Shelley’s most stunning container designs from the past couple of years at the nursery.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong

Cherry says, “Don’t be intimidated by these being packed with so many interesting plants, for all you need is only a small sampling for your own home pot. What I love about these is the suggestion of all these wonderful combinations and textures which one may otherwise miss in a huge nursery if they were not highlighted together.” Gorgeous! Shelley–your use of foliage and texture is incredible.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Cherry Ong

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  1. JuleMG 07/04/2012

    Wonderful combos! I like seeing some perennial plants that could be placed in my garden at the end of the season.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/04/2012

    Hmmm, being presented with all these beautifully put together pot compositions made me feel like I was in a lovely restaurant and the elegant dessert tray was brought to my table...and there sits one scrumptious looking work of art after another. If I were shopping at that nursery, it would be hard to resist not splurging and bringing one of those beauties home. There is no doubt that Shelley is an artist. And, Cherry, your pictures are great! I especially appreciated the times when you took not only the overall view but then zeroed in on a second shot so we could see the finer details. All very inspiring!

  3. cwheat000 07/04/2012

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing. My favorite is the black and white container.

  4. bethnbijoux 07/04/2012

    First, I truly admire folks like Shelly who are able to put together such beautiful and amazing pot combinations! It is a skill and yours are just divine!

    Second, I wish we had a "thumbs up" button for the comments. Meander1, your words are ALWAYS so eloquent, well thought out and gracefully phrased! I am glad you are an active particpant in this blog, as I truly enjoy reading what you have to say!

  5. tractor1 07/04/2012

    They're all evoking those long ago times with pennies clutched in my hand at the candy store, I want them all but I can't choose!

  6. Sheila_Schultz 07/04/2012

    Simply spectacular... The color combos and texture variations are a feast for my eyes. Thanks Cherry, for showing us Shelley's beautiful designs. Happy 4th everyone!

  7. PerenniallyCrazy 07/04/2012

    Thanks to all and happy 4th!

    Meander1 and tractor1: You've captured my sentiments exactly.

    JuleMG: I think that is the added bonus of having perennials in containers, they become part of your garden bed at the end of the season or when they've grown out of their containers.

    I'm sorry I don't have the names of the plants in each creation - I was too busy "drooling" over them at the time. I hope Shelley can help you with these.

    Have a great day everyone.

  8. soilgoil 07/04/2012

    Shelley's containers are a joy to behold, an inspiration for all of us plant addicts! I live fairly close to the border between the U.S. and British Columbia, and hope to get to Phoenix Perennials this summer to see these beauties in real time. Thank you, Michelle and Cherry Ong, for bringing Shelley's artistry to our attention.

    I also want to echo bethnbijoux' comment regarding Meander1. I wrote a local garden column for years, but my words could not approach Meander1's poetic expressiveness. I look forward to her daily comments almost as much as I do viewing the Reader Photo of the Day.

  9. priscilla_zone5 07/04/2012

    Those container gardens are as spectacular as fireworks, but longer lasting! Every one of them is bursting with interest, color + texture. I would just love it if Shelley would share the cultivars with the members... please??? Happy 4th everyone + a belated Happy Dominion Day to our Canadian friends. We were in Quebec City once for your celebration + it was quite a pleasant + memorable experience.

  10. ncgardener 07/04/2012

    Love it, especially the succulents and bromeliads. She really does have a great eye for blending. I always with something overtaking the pots.

  11. PerenniallyCrazy 07/04/2012

    Here are some of the names of the plants in some of the more recent containers. Scroll down to "Five Recipes for a Fabulous Pot" in this link: Happy gardening folks!

  12. Zone3Ruby 07/05/2012

    Stunning containers plantings! I've been to Phoenix Perennials and it is a fabulous place. I live in Calgary, Alberta and when visiting in Vancouver, Phoenix is a must stop for me! I always find a treasure that is hardy in my zone 3. I pop it into my suitcase for the flight home!

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