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READER PHOTOS! Michael’s garden in Florida

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Michael Post

Today’s photos are from Michael Post in Hobe Sound, Florida. Michael says, “I have been a gardener for most of my 66 years. I retired 20 years ago to restore our 100 year old home on 2.5 acres, 90% of which is extensively landscaped. We are located in South Florida, in zone 9B, and .5 mile from the ocean. Currently, we have about 70% shade. All of these factors and heat, salt, and shade pose challenges in plant selection in our location.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Michael Post

“The structure is a pergola, which I built to create a portal from one section of the garden to another. I have attached an additional photo for a different view of the pergola.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Michael Post

“The third photo is of a small area of my garden on the north side. The coconut trees are underplanted with flax lilies and orchids. The hedge to the left is Surinam cherry and the potted trees are lemons. The plants in the lower right are Green Island ficus. The last photo is of my favorite tree–Angel’s Trumpets, whose fragrance at dusk is amazing.”

Beautiful, Michael. We rarely get to see gardens from this type of climate. And now I’m jealous.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Michael Post

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  1. duckcovegardening 06/05/2012

    The pergola looks like a real labor of love - and with the orchids blooming, it must be so beautiful to pass through the pergola to the rest of the garden! Thanks for sharing such a tropical retreat, and the angel trumpets are amazing! We are 58 degrees today, and I loved thinking about sitting in your lush and fragrant garden.

  2. dukeofargy 06/05/2012

    Very attractive, Michael. I love the pergola as it makes a wonderful entry to your spectacular garden.

    The Brugmansia ( Angel Trumpet ) is spectacular. I have 4 of them here in my garden in southern Ontario, but I have to bring them indoors for the winter, and hence they don't ever get to be the size that yours are. Last winter, one of them grew up and around the florescent tubes in my basement during the winter, and it was tough to get her outside for the summer. Now she looks happy though not nearly as content and pleasing as yours do.

    Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/05/2012

    Wow, what a regally gorgeous Angel's does look like a gift from the heavens. It was kind of Mother Nature to imbue such a beautiful flower with an intoxicating scent (which is not always the case). Reading your list of plants was fascinating since none are things I grow in my east TN garden.
    What kind of lawn grass do you grow? It certainly looks as green and lush as the perfect swath of fescue or kentucky blue.

  4. tractor1 06/05/2012

    Michael has a lush tropical paradise, all that's missing is a hammock for me and my pina colada. My brother lives in Florida, his complaint is that everything grows so fast, pruning and mowing is never ending... sometimes he mows in the morning and again in the afternoon... the middle of the day is too hot and usually too wet for any outdoor work. Michael's yard reminds me of when I lived in Belize, but there people hired locals to do much of the yard work, most everything done by machette.

  5. LWyre 06/05/2012

    So interesting for me Michael. I will be moving to the south Florida area in the next couple of years and I don't know what I will be able to achieve from a gardening standpoint. I have lived in Florida twice before so I know what it is like. I currently live in Minnesota and love perennial gardening and all the options, although I have a lot of shade. Have also lived in Mississippi with a densely shaded yard. The shade is a blessing in those conditions! Thanks for sharing. It is gorgeous and I love the Angel's Trumpet. That makes me excited about the possibilities.

  6. jagardener 06/05/2012

    I live in Jamaica so your climate is similar to mine. I will be trying the Angel Trumpet. A spectacular focal point.

  7. EyeLean 06/05/2012

    WOW! Gardening with a machete! I thought weeding in gales of rain here in the Pacific NW was "extreme" gardening but that tops it for sure! LOL
    I'd like to put forward the motion that Fine Gardening start a "Garden of the Month" travel club and our first stop is Mr. Post's garden in Florida....Can I get a second????

  8. prettyflowers 06/05/2012

    I have studied poisonious plants and have found that the Angels Trumpet- Brugmansia suaveolens- looks and smells lovely, but be aware that it is extremely toxic- the entire plant. If the seeds are ingested, poisoning will result.

  9. plant_lady_55 06/06/2012

    I second the motion for a travel club and going to Mr. Post's garden. It is absolutely delightful. I grow angel's trumpet in Michigan in a pot, but the season is not long enough to get it as large as yours. I can only imagine the scent. it would be like my Michigan AT on steroids. Ahhhhh.

  10. Andytkd 12/26/2012

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