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READER PHOTOS! Linda’s containers in Maine

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Phair

Today’s photos are from Linda Phair in Fairfield, Maine. Linda says, “I am addicted to flower pots and must have at least fifty in my yard. It is very expensive to plant them, so I have experimented over the years with perennials. I also bring in several of my succulent-filled pots for the winter.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Phair

Last year I almost brought a snake in with one of my pots. I have wintered over a couple of frogs before. I am now very careful to look closely at them before carrying them inside. Houseplant arrangements also do great outdoors for the summer. I keep my husband busy moving all my pots.”

You and me both, Linda! My husband grumbles at all the heavy lifting, but when my containers are at their peak in July he forgives me. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful containers with us.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Phair
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Phair
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Phair
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Phair

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  1. birdwhisperer 08/17/2012

    Linda your containers are lovely. I am trying the idea out as I have always had to much area with several round gardens and two large perennials, I love your pots but I am on a tight budget so my pots are simple but as we all know the flowers make up for that.I also bring in several pots for the winter, but alas I love to thin them out over the winter and pretty much start new in the spring.

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/17/2012

    very cool. great plants with great pots!

  3. ncgardener 08/17/2012

    Those containers are gorgeous and the placement is wonderful with the coneflowers in the backdrop. I lost quite a few succulents by leaving them outside but I may try bringing them in and finding a nice cozy spot for them. Do you have any soil recommendation? Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/17/2012

    Linda, I love how each pot is captivating on a stand alone basis and yet adds so much interest to the grouping. Of course, your lovely lady pot is a standout with her Medusa like green locks cascading downward...very fun!
    I add my voice to ncgardener in asking you to share whatever tips you can think of about wintering over much indoor light? How frequently to water? Any room temperature considerations?

  5. tractor1 08/17/2012

    All very attractive planters, except using a birdbath outdoors for a planter is something I find offends my sensibilities... and that particular arrangement isn't even attractive.

  6. Wife_Mother_Gardener 08/17/2012

    I love your lady... and the choice for her hair is perfect! And I really like the blue bird bath paired with the blue succulents in the middle of that green spot in your garden. I say good for you, Linda, for thinking outside of the box! Thanks for sharing!

  7. wwross 08/17/2012

    Yes. Great hair!

  8. GreenGrowler 08/17/2012

    Another lover of Talavera pots! Linda, your pots and a pedestal I made with Talavera tiles & a chimney flue insert are a match made in heaven! I have one large Talavera container that was a gift it's a perennial favorite filled with a palm tree & coleus on a shady patio. And the lady with the "hair" - delightful! That and the succulents are my faves - very creative!

  9. wittyone 08/17/2012

    Well, I like the blue birdbath----an interesting planter for succulents or even cactus that don't need much soil or water. Tractor 1, sometimes birdbaths are just too shallow to really function as birdbaths and so an alternate use makes sense.

  10. GardenerGM 08/17/2012

    I'm another fan of the birdbath planter. Sometimes birdbaths develop cracks. No longer good for holding water, but excellent for drainage when using as a planter. Thanks for sharing your beauties Linda. I may copy some of your ideas!

  11. Sheila_Schultz 08/17/2012

    Hey Linda... you hit upon two of my faves, succulents and face pots! I love the 'do' you gave to your lady, it's great fun! And for all of us that adore containers, succulents make perfect sense, they are not only beautiful but economical over the long run. Your pot and plant color combinations are lovely.

  12. solana1234 08/17/2012

    I love the blue urn-looking post and the lady head and the fairy I see in the background in one of the photographs. Just lovely thank you for sharing. Posters please keep comments positive as this is a happy place!

  13. sunterra7 08/17/2012

    Your containers are beautiful! I had to laugh when I read you almost brought a snake into your house with one of your containers. I also overwinter quite a few containers in my home and last fall I was checking out a large pot before bringing it inside... I had removed a few plants from it during the summer so it wasn't tightly planted, and a vole/mouse? popped up out of it and nearly gave me a heart attack. I will be checking all my pots carefully this fall!

  14. soilgoil 08/17/2012

    I love your gorgeous containers, too, Linda. Talavera is favorite of mine, both in and outdoors. Tractor1, I do appreciate your consideration for our feathered friends, but have no problem with Linda's birdbath garden; after all, what's so sacred about a shallow bowl on a pedestal? I'll bet that Linda has provided a working model for the birds. In fact, I've been thinking of using my recently-retired, rusted-out birdbath as a planter. I've already replaced it with a nice, easy-to-clean one, and the birds had no problem adjusting.

  15. inevitable 08/17/2012

    Linda - I too have no problem with using a birdbath. yes, shallow ones aren't very useful and my birds prefer a deeper concrete leaf sculpture I have to the shallow bath that dries out too often. Would also suggest that tractor1 learn the difference between critique and criticism. There ARE ways to state things that can be helpful rather than hurtful. We do not all share the same taste.

  16. tractor1 08/17/2012

    It's extremely easy to rehab a leaky birdbath, a metal or glass insert, which are readily available for little money, will remedy the situation quickly with little effort... in fact a liner makes maintaining a birdbath much easier. Birds don't want deep water, especially not small song birds, a 2" depth is plenty... waterfowl don't get into birdbaths however Canada geese, mallards, and several large birds drink from mine during droughts. Water is very important for the survival of birds (all critters). Birdbath water should be changed daily and the bath scrubed clean with a stiff brush, use no cleaning compounds. Using a birdbath for a planter is extremely offensive to nature (like using a bible for a trivet) and should be so to anyone who claims to be into gardening. I would have given instructions but figured it's common sense for mature adults. For anyone who doesn't appreciate me or my contributions here guess what two woids I have for yoose.

  17. PassinThru 08/17/2012

    Lovely photos, Linda. Love the lady pot! I've been looking for one like that for a long time, and have only come up with a terracotta one from Ballard Designs (I think that's where I got it anyway); yours is much nicer.

    I look at the reader photos here each day. It's great fun to see what people are doing in their gardens. This is the first and last time I'll post, however. The continual snotty comments by one particular poster drag everything down--for no apparent reason other than his/her priggish ego. So I've decided not to read the comments anymore--but will instead just enjoy the terrific photos, which nearly always provide inspiration.

  18. crazeknot 09/14/2012

    I recently moved & didn't want 2 leave my flower plants behind. So, I had some big pots. I had to put some of my tropical plants w/ succulent. I left w/ a neighbor about 5 of my creation. Just for her taking care of them I'll let her pick out her favorite one 2 keep. In one container I put Shasta daisies w/ tall tropical. So, next year I'll have a lovely container of flowers & tropical.

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