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READER PHOTO! Lemonade from lemons

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katherine Davis

Welcome to Day 5 of FUN IN THE GARDEN! This theme is getting out of control. You all keep sending in such great photos! Sooo….let’s keep going into next week. Yup, next week will be devoted to the wild and wacky side of gardening, too. Enjoy!

Today’s post is from Katherine Davis in Orlando, Florida. She says, “I had an old oak that had to come down two years ago, but I thought it would be nice to save part of the trunk and do something fun with it. The foot stool was cut from the middle of the tree and then the tree man cut the arms of the chair a little bit lower.  The children in the neighborhood love it.  The little boys call it the King’s Chair and the little girls call it the Queen’s Chair. Everyone loves to sit in it.” Thanks, Katherine – I LOVE it! Got any garden fun to share? Email me!

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  1. lepfan 11/26/2010

    What a great way to honor the life of the tree as well.

  2. Lisianne 11/26/2010

    This is absolutely wonderful! And I especially liked the fact that kids like to play on it! Now, if only my husband would cut these into the stumps from all of our ash trees that died from the emerald ash borer -- I'd have a virtual furniture store.

  3. wGardens 11/26/2010

    What an awesome idea! It looks great. Two thumbs UP! (Should the cut surfaces be painted with a preservative?)

  4. Kris_at_Blithewold 11/26/2010

    Brilliant! Love. Want. I wish my dead tree stumps were as accommodating.

  5. sheilaschultz 11/26/2010

    What can I say besides...I want to sit in the Queen Chair! The tree guy must still talk about his wonderful creation...I bet he brought his family to see it. The plants growing in the bark just give the chair a little more natural character, I love everything about this.

  6. Pat_Tea 11/26/2010

    I love this and will borrow this idea in my stump laden forest.

  7. arboretum 11/26/2010

    i really like what lepfan observed. a tree's spirit is indeed a very special thing.


  8. KariLonning 11/26/2010

    What a great looking throne!

  9. ktPA 11/30/2010

    Love it. We made rough benches out of large limbs. Good way to ease the pain and separate slowly from our old green friend.

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