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READER PHOTO! An arch completes the garden

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Gail Gee

Today’s photo is from Gail Gee in Fulton, Maryland. She says, “This area of my garden is planted in all cool colors– pinks, blues, and silvers. The bed  is heavily planted with May-blooming peonies and late June- and July-blooming daylilies and phloxes. The path in this border is approximately 80 feet long. I divided the bed into smaller planting bays, since I found myself walking thru the border too quickly. Since the garden is relatively young, I was lacking height in the area. I also wanted to add something that would bloom in June and would not require replacing the existing plantings.  Adding this simple arch with a ‘Blushing Lucy’ rose has accomplished everything that I wanted.” Thanks, Gail, for sharing your garden with us!

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Want to visit Gail’s garden in person? You can!
Benefit for Brookside Gardens at Gail Gee’s Garden
Saturday, May 21, 2011
9:00-11:00am Preview Party
Private guided tours, complimentary refreshments and signature plants for sale
$35 per person*
Event number 138799 (registration required)

12:00-4:00pm Open Garden
Self-guided tours, refreshments available for purchase
$5 per person*
Event number 138849 (registration encouraged)

Morning Preview Party guests will be treated to an exclusive, personal tour of the spectacular private garden of Gail Gee in Fulton, Maryland.  Begun in 2001, this three-acre paradise was created as her personal pleasure garden and features fabulous color combinations in the English Style.  Here extensive collections of rare peonies should be at peak bloom in time for our visit, and there will be selected varieties of hard-to-find cultivars and other signature plants available for purchase.  Gail’s garden will be open for self-guided tours in the afternoon.

Register at

*All proceeds benefit Brookside Gardens

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  1. gottagarden 02/28/2011

    What a perfect spot! I love everything about this photo. The stone path drawing your eye, the golden shrubs brightening up a shady area, and of course the roses that you can almost smell.

    The linked photos are also amazing. Wished I lived in MD, I would definitely be coming to your tour.

  2. stanhorst 02/28/2011

    This is really a beautiful photo! It almost feels like I'm there! Love the way the stone path almost compels you to stroll through the arch, savoring the scent of the roses, and making your way to the bench in the distance.

  3. ncgardener 02/28/2011

    Blushing Lucy looks like a beautiful rose. At first glance I thought it was New Dawn. I am on my second year of trying to get my climbers established. They still have that "scrawny" feeling but this gives me hope. The bench on the path and the way it seems to curve into another area make you want to keep going. Nice!

  4. Deanneart 02/28/2011

    Beautiful! a wonderfully designed garden beautifully cared for. What could be better. Wish I could come for a tour

  5. viktoriamullin 02/28/2011

    very very beautiful! I feel drawn to a fairy-tale.

  6. Vespasia 02/28/2011

    So beautiful, like a fairy tale. I love the natural look, the way the path wanders down to a secluded area and woodland beyond. An invitation to wander, perhaps in a long flowing white dress?

  7. HummingbirdGardensCa 02/28/2011

    This is a truly inspirational garden! Will you continue adding plants that bloom prior to May and after July to extend the color period?

  8. JardinDelSol 02/28/2011

    This is an exquisite garden - positively enchanting! I used to live near Md and always loved the lush, English-style gardens made possible by the climate there. Now I live in the desert and am thoroughly enjoying gardening in the sun. But this brings back lovely memories of the gorgeous and lush gardens and greenery Back East. Thanks for sharing this - it is one of the best photos posted in quite awhile. More, please!

  9. sheilaschultz 02/28/2011

    What a magical space... truly beautiful. Thank you, Gail.

  10. arboretum 02/28/2011

    gail, what a paradise you have created in nine short years. I am so impressed with the attention to color,conifers, foliage and non-plant elements. And you have done alot of great thought about 'the journey' that is a complex garden.

    i don't grow roses myself, but if your arch has a one month bloom period, i wonder if you might want to consider adding some long blooming clematis to it.

    congratulations to the 3 of you for such a successful collaboration and to gail for the years of hard labor and vision! i hope we can inter-visit some day soon!

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