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Pat’s Ontario Garden

The sunny garden of a hosta lover

colorful garden bed

Today’s photos are from Pat Cassidy.

I have been gardening in this space for 30 years now just outside Ottawa, Ontario. The first couple of years, as it is for everyone, it was a challenge. My biggest challenge was that my garden is all sun and my favorite plant is a hosta!

Some of my favorite hostas here are ‘Popcorn’, ‘June’, ‘Island Breeze’, ‘Orange Marmalade’, ‘Fox Fire Palm Sunday’, ‘Liberty’, and ‘Whee’. Unfortunately, the tree above, which gives minimal shade, has been slowly dying over the last couple of years. The huecheras are ‘Cherry Cola’ and ‘Pear’.

beautiful colorful garden bedThis is another part of my garden, with Hosta ‘Sagae’, lupins (Lupinus polyphyllus, Zones 3–6); Allium (Zones 5–8), which have been planted here for about 15 years; a few iris (Iris hybrid, bearded group, Zones 3–9) that escaped my last removal, and a peony (Paeonia ‘Felix Crousse’, Zones 3–8) that has not yet bloomed.

Itoh peony, Morning LilacThis is another angle, with ‘Morning Lilac’ Itoh peony (Paeonia ‘Morning Lilac’, Zones 4–8) in full bloom in the foreground.

Pink cleomePink cleome (Cleome hassleriana, annual) is dotted about in the front of this view of the garden in full summer bloom. 

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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 02/16/2022

    Oh, my. This is fabulous!

  2. Maggieat11 02/16/2022

    Lovely! I'd love to see more photos. Also, could you comment on your garden art in the last photo?
    Thank you for sharing!🍃

  3. User avater
    JanetInCwood 02/16/2022

    Thank you for posting your beautiful garden. So well cared for. I love cleome and your alliums look great are they from seed. Just a lovely garden.

  4. PattyLouise 02/16/2022

    Beautiful gardens!

  5. PG20 02/16/2022

    Lovely and well cared for garden.
    I have many hosta but ‘Liberty’ is my favorite. Not sure I’ve ever seen it for sale in a nursery/garden center.

  6. fromvirginia 02/16/2022

    Such beautiful healthy hosta and love the garden art. How long is the blooming season in Ontario?

    PG20: Liberty is my favorite too. Have been lucky to find it in nurseries near me. Close second is Paradigm hosta.

    1. PG20 02/16/2022

      Luckily for hosta lovers, they divide like a dream:)

  7. User avater
    cynthia2020 02/16/2022

    Pat, really like your combinations!

    Re: a few iris... that escaped my last removal

    Ha! How dare they!

  8. User avater
    simplesue 02/16/2022

    I love your your photo with the ‘Morning Lilac’ Itoh peony it is just perfection! Great layout and plant choices!

  9. btucker9675 02/16/2022

    Beautiful garden and I can't help but "root" for the escaped irises! Apologies to all for the bad pun...

  10. user-5117752 02/16/2022

    Just a beautiful, delight filled garden! Love the hostas too.

  11. user-7787360 02/16/2022

    How do the hostas look so healthy and beautiful with minimal shade? I have a few under a tree that gives decent shade but yet the sun seems to be strong enough to burn many of their leaves! ):

  12. Cenepk10 02/16/2022

    So lush there ! Beautiful!!!!

  13. User avater
    vanhatalosuomi 02/19/2022

    Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your garden :)

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