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New Bean Adds to Fall Planting

Even though it seems like summer has just arrived, it’s already time to think about fall planting.

All-America Selections just announced 'Mascotte' bean is a vegetable winner for 2014.
Photo/Illustration: All-America Selections

I had just started thinking about fall vegetable gardening when a surprise arrived in the mail.

Harris Seeds sent a mid-season greeting with a packet of the new ‘Mascotte’ bean seeds from All-America Selections (AAS). Thanks to a special arrangement with the breeder (Clause Vegetable Seed), the sample seeds have been added to the 2013 Home Garden Trial gardens. As a 2014 vegetable winner, ‘Mascotte’ will be offered in seed catalogs this winter.

I’ve already planted a container of ‘Mascotte’ on the patio. The AAS trial judges voted this bush bean a winner for its extra-fine, uniformly round filet beans that are quick to mature and easy to harvest. Pods should be ready in about 50 days, which means this first batch could be picked in time to make a cool, crisp Labor Day salad.

For a full season of growing, May will be the time to start planting ‘Mascotte’. Gardeners can sow every two weeks through the entire season for a continuous supply, all the way up to two months before the first frost date.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this new bean does in my small-space vegetable garden. The fact that ‘Mascotte’ is an AAS winner means it’s been tested and known to grow well in all regions of the country. Harris Seeds says, “As a compact vegetable, it fits well into today’s patio gardens and edible ornamental beds.”

Plants grow to only 24″ with a bushy, upright habit that shouldn’t need staking. Apparently the flowers add extra interest when the plants are in bloom.

Whether you want to plant bush beans or other favorite crops, now’s the time to be planning your fall vegetable garden. Check with your county’s extension office to find your area’s average date for the first frost and start counting the days for your next round of garden-fresh veggies. 

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