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More Japanese maples in Kathy’s Massachusetts garden

'Shindeshojo', 'Roseo Marginatum', 'Ginnala Emerald Elf', 'Butterfly'.  Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Kathy Fink

Last week we enjoyed a bunch of photos of Kathy Fink’s Japanese maples (refresh your memory HERE). You guys wanted to see more, and she delivered!

‘Mikawa’ in rock garden’ 

Today she says, “Here are more spring photos of the 15 types of Japanese maples that are planted in my small 50′ x 100′ yard near Boston. as requested in the comments on the last posting.”

‘Ever Red’ lace-leaf, ‘Butterfly’ 

Gorgeous yet again, Kathy! Thanks for all the names in the captions.

‘Beni Shien’ with basin 

It’s almost SPRING, people! I know you’re going through your photos from last year, planning what you’ll do differently this year. Send some of those photos in to me! [email protected]


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  1. GardeningRocks 03/13/2014

    They are just beautiful! And the landscape they are in is beautiful as well. I especially like the rock garden;)

  2. wGardens 03/13/2014

    Another set of wonderful photos. I appreciate too, that you name each variety. They are nothing short of spectacular! I would love to visit sometime...

    Are you headed to the Boston Flower Show? I will be there Saturday.

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/13/2014

    Thanks for sending more photos. Beautiful maples. I definitely need that stone basin!

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/13/2014

    Well, congratulations, Kathy, you win the honor of sending me off on my first google search of the day. I just had to find out more about Mikawa that looks so perfect in your rock garden. It gives such an interesting impression... in that particular picture, I'm not sure I would have guessed it was a Japanese maple. I was thinking it was a dwarfish hinoki cypress until I clicked enlarge. It has such a dense leafing habit. Will you attempt to keep it that height with your pruning expertise?
    I love the soft multi-color leaf color of 'Butterfly' which I do have and I'm also quite taken with 'Shigitatsu' which I don't have but wish I did!

  5. tractor1 03/13/2014

    Spectacular specimens! I wish I spoke Japanese so I could translate their names. I love that bamboo garden gate. A crowning finial to that garden with all those Japanese maples would be a large koi pool, with a bamboo bridge. Thank you, Kathy.

  6. Wife_Mother_Gardener 03/13/2014

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing more!

  7. terieLR 03/13/2014

    These photos are just beautiful Kathy. The artistry of your photography showcases the perfect placement of your wonderful Japanese Maples and gardens. I too, am now on a mission to implement more varieties in the future. Will the variegated leaves dull in color during the summer also? (forgive me if this question has already been answered)

  8. greengenes 03/13/2014

    What a way to start the day with so much inspiration! So many varieties you have, Kathy. They are all so beautiful. I really like the bamboo gate. Did you or your husband make that? I have made trellises with our bamboo and they seem to last quite long. Do the deer seem to nibble on the new growth of your trees? They have on ours. We let our dog out early in the morning while its still dark and he goes off on them! I guess they have to eat too. I sure hope the snow hasn't hurt your trees this winter. Or is it the ice that weights down the branches... anyway thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful pics! Happy gardening!

  9. grannieannie1 03/13/2014

    Considering we have to actually buy rocks, it is wonderful seeing your land where they look to be a natural resource. Your rockwall especially got me salivating.

    The colors of the maples never cease to amaze; so cheery.

    Thank you for posting.

  10. GrannyMay 03/13/2014

    Kathy you have certainly found the right plant for the right location! Your Japanese maple garden is lovely with its perfect Japanese accents - I covet that stone basin! I too would like to know if you made the bamboo gate yourself. Thank you for sharing!

  11. janeeliz 03/13/2014

    Such a beautiful collection, Kathy. It amazes me how perfectly they all fit/look on your plot. Maybe I'll have to look around my small property for some open space.

  12. Meelianthus 03/13/2014

    Kathy ~ Your maples are all just breathtaking, really beautiful. I was especially captivated by 'Shishigashira'. What a delight for you to look at everyday. Thank you.

  13. cwheat000 03/14/2014

    Amazing and beautiful amount of variety. I could see how collecting japanese maples could get very addictive. Your rock garden is so pretty. The springtime? color in the first photo is lovely and unexpected that time of year. One of my favs is 'Shigitatsu'. All are great.

  14. Tea_garden_lover 03/14/2014

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I feel it really is worth it to take the time to find the perfect Japanese maple for you and your garden. I designed the bamboo sleeve fence but it was made for me by the Bamboo Fencer. The slope of the top is an exact match to the slope of the tea house roof.

  15. Tea_garden_lover 03/14/2014

    The dwarf Mikawa maple in the rock garden naturally stays quite small but I do keep it pruned which amounts to cutting off a few inches at the top from time to time. The leaves overlap but it can also be pruned more open to show the structure of the tree which is quite sturdy and tree like.

  16. Tea_garden_lover 03/14/2014

    I find it worth while to study the maples despite the risk of getting overwhelmed by the variety. That is a pleasure in itself. I started slowly with a few trees and getting a small is not only cheaper, but you can mail order it then enjoy it as it grows while pruning it yourself. I am lucky to not have a deer problem where I live which is urban/suburban with small yards.

  17. Tea_garden_lover 03/14/2014

    To me it is really important to integrate my maples into an overall design for my yard that works in all seasons. I spend years studying the Japanese Tea Ceremony before deciding I needed a tea hut in which to practice and a garden followed naturally.

  18. Tea_garden_lover 03/14/2014

    I then read books on Japanese gardens, and fell in love with them as well as traveling to Japan twice to see them in person. Following that I asked the editor of "Sukiya Living, The Journal of Japanese Gardening" if he would publish an article on a topic of interest and he turned the tables on me and asked me to write one. Over time, I have had quite a few short articles published there and recommend that to anyone interested in the subject.

  19. Tea_garden_lover 03/14/2014

    I think that gardens are such a wonderful way to reflect the personality and creativity of the gardener and Japanese maples are perfect for that. A single Japanese garden with a few large rocks and perhaps some moss, makes a garden. All gardens teach gratitude, aliveness, humility and the rewards of slowing down and observing as do all gardens, but Japanese design principles teach us we have a relationship to the whole of nature and that is a healing principle to last a life time.

  20. Tea_garden_lover 03/14/2014

    You can see more photos of my garden and the plot plan at the album link below. Send me a message there if you would like to.

  21. OfGardens 03/14/2014

    I love Japanese maples, too and find them very effective in my suburban Boston garden. I plant them for their fall color, and focus on perennials for spring color in my garden. Except for aconitifolium, which I think a glorious tree in all seasons. Sometimes I am tempted to plant scores of aconitifolim and nothing else.

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