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More containers from Jeff in Tennessee

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton

Jeff Calton decided he was definitely NOT done sharing his container designs after Monday’s post, so he went out and took more photos, and I’m so glad he did! Jeff, what CAN’T you do? I’m sure everyone will have plant ID questions, so stick around and share your wisdom. And thanks for reliably filling up my inbox!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton

I’ll say it again: This is prime time to take some photos in your garden. So get out there with your cameras and send some in! Email them to [email protected].

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton

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  1. user-1020932 07/24/2013

    what a surprise to find this here today. yes, i send Michelle A LOT of photos and i'm thankful that a few are up to her standards to use. most of these containers i did but a few were done by the homeowner on a property we maintain but she LOVES doing her containers and i think she does a great job. the forced crape myrtle in the bonsai pot was photographed last year but it has set bud and should begin flowering again soon for 2013. thanks Michelle, it's fun to share garden stuff with other gardeners

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/24/2013

    OK, the pineapple gets my vote as coolest container plant ever!

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/24/2013

    Now, Jeff, you are making us all (well, at least me, for sure) break the "Thy shalt not covet" commandment. These container combinations are all gorgeous and also look so mid-summer bedragglement (not a real word according to spell check but I'm using it anyway) for things under your care! I love how you've framed some of the photos so that the sculptural quality of the crape myrtle trunks are part of the image. And, then, of course, there is the amazing success in having the bonsai crape myrtle bloom.

  4. tractor1 07/24/2013

    A great assortment all, I can't choose... thank you, Jeff.

    Blackie is twice the size of Jilly but he thinks she's his mommy:

    Zucks were delicious, cooked with garlic, spuds. carrots, celery, and seasonings... and then a storm came rolling in:

    The rains came, ask if we care:

    Steamy and buggy but woods smell sweet:

  5. cwheat000 07/24/2013

    Jeff, even better today, and I loved the last round! I also love, love , love the pineapple. I don't know why I have never seen that done before. There are so many welcome mats and other household ornaments with the pineapple symbol. I think you will see a lot of people copying that if your secret gets out.

  6. GrannyMay 07/24/2013

    Beautiful combinations Jeff! If I HAD to pick a favourite, very difficult, it would be the first one, succulents always draw me in.
    So how long does it take to grow a pineapple that size? And what is the blue-flowering plant in the container with the fuchsia Gartenmeister?

  7. pattyspencer 07/24/2013

    Nice pics again today. Would love to have any of those container plantings on my porch.

    Tractor1 - totally love your last picture

  8. sheila_schultz 07/24/2013

    You do have a way with plants, Mr. Jeff... I do think you chose the right profession!

  9. PattyLouise 07/24/2013

    Wow they are all beautiful! Good job!

  10. user-1020932 07/24/2013

    may that is Salvia Black and Blue and it is hardy here in zone 6b. and the pineapple,,,,i'm a cheater, i buy them with fruit already set otherwise it takes a LONG time we did containers for a pool area one year with coconuts and the tree just jumps right out of the coconut they were very cool but i have not been able to get them for a couple of years now. i have had raccoons eat the pineapples when they begin to ripen and they ARE delicious,,,pineapples not the raccoons. i do so so many pots every year and digicams have saved my life it's easy to keep a record of who got what each season so i don't duplicate or repeat at others clients homes and i do drive my supplier kind of nuts with requests. he let me down this year as i could not get any Texas Sage! and with this years constant monsoons i did have some succulent planters to rot.

  11. bee1nine 07/24/2013

    Jeff, we ought to call you the "King of Container's" with all
    your admirable and creative works of art!
    This has been a pleasure once again. :)

  12. user-1020932 07/24/2013

    has anyone grown Begonia luxurians? that's on my plant lust list but i know nothing about it. photos are great but we all know how catalogs can be. just curious as to anyone else's success with that plant

  13. tractor1 07/24/2013

    The pineapple, a bromeliad, is native to Central America. When brought back to Europe by the explorers became the symbol of hospitality, which is why so many depictions/representations of pineapples. Pineapples were brought to Hawaii and grown on plantations a little more than 100 years ago (Dole) but became a financial disaster, Hawaiian real estate is far more valuable for uses other than farming. Now the vast majority of the world's pineapple crop is from the Phillapines. Unless one visits an area where pineapple is grown they will never taste a field ripened pineapple except canned... once picked pineapple does not ripen further, instead it begins to ferment. Pineapple in US mainland markets is not even close to ripe, field ripened pineapple is too delicate to ship. When you buy your supermarket pineapple store it for up to three days on your kitchen counter upside down (leaves down), this will more equally distribute whatever sugars are available (gravity). If you value your lips do not suck the flesh from pineapple rind, the rind is rife with bromelin, a potent meat tenderizer... if you ignore this advice you will suffer excruciating discomfort for many weeks. Roasted/grilled pineapple is delicious... one of my favorites is pineapple upside down cake... I make a scrumptious pina colada version, one of my signature dishes.

  14. user-1020932 07/24/2013

    the only pineapples i ever see in the market are from Costa Rica

  15. pattyspencer 07/24/2013

    Good info Tractor1 - found this info as well on Wiki
    Pineapple production – 2009
    Country Production
    Philippines 2198
    Thailand 1894
    Costa Rica 1870
    Indonesia 1558
    Chile 1477
    Brazil 1471
    India 1341
    Nigeria 898
    Mexico 685
    Vietnam 460
    Colombia 428
    Malaysia 400

  16. janeeliz 07/25/2013

    Jeff, you truly know how to create and contain a garden!! All these unique mini, and not so mini, dynamic gardens! Thanks for sharing them....

  17. GardenersWK 07/25/2013

    I like all pots but I also like how you position your camera to take more than one pot in a shot. The first picture with the succulents pot has a Shrimp plant (Justicia brandegeana) in the background. I never seen one look so loaded with blooms!

  18. briandowns 07/29/2013

    Hi Jeff- I love containers, but was wondering where a good source for them would be. They are expensive! I want to collect more nice ones ( maybe not box store plastic tacky ones). Any ideas?

  19. user-1020932 07/29/2013

    briandowns, i search for pots/containers at end of season to have on hand the following spring but some are sort of pricey even at that time. ESPECIALLY the copper ones, they are several hundred dollars each sooooooo i don't have any of those at my house! :) the stoneware large pots that can stay outside all year are pricey all the time altho believe it or not i did get some this year at walmart of all places for $39.95 that were retailing other places for well over $200 just gotta keep your eyes open for a deal.

  20. user-1020932 07/29/2013

    and brian, i almost didn't see your question i normally don't go back and look at past features i just happened to do that today. email me at [email protected] always room for a fellow garden geek :)

  21. Robbiegirl 08/11/2013

    Love these photos. We are in the lower south right now and these photos give me some great idea for softening around the palm trees.. Eventually we will move to Tennessee and it is nice to see the landscaping there.

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