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Marjorie’s condo-brightening garden in Ohio

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Marjorie Ames

Today’s photos are from Marjorie Ames in Ohio. She says, “I live in a small condo in a monochromatic condo development in northeastern Ohio. Fortunately, no one has complained about my need for color or exuberance for gardening! My mother was in a wheelchair and needed a partner in crime when it came to her flowerbeds. Gardening was one of the greatest gifts she gave me. I try to change the look of my garden every year so that the neighbors can enjoy a different scene. Next year: a white garden. Wish me luck!”

WOW, Marjorie! Such color and exuberance! I love your plant selection, and everything looks so darned LUSH! Please send more photos, and share next year’s efforts with us, too!

**** I’m still looking for photos, everyone! While I’ve got a bunch of great submissions in reserve, I can always use more. We’re heading into winter, when GPOD submission tend to be a bit scarce. If you still want to see a new and exciting garden every single weekday in your inbox, do your part and show us YOUR garden! You can email photos to either [email protected] or [email protected]. Be sure to tell me where you live and tell me a bit about yourself and your garden. And the more photos the better! Thanks!! ****


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  1. user-1020932 12/04/2013

    wow, talk about a Kodak photo spot! sure there have been many family photos taken there with that backdrop. i would tell my g'son that Mother Nature lives there. beautiful, vibrant and luxurious entryway, Marjorie, and what a tribute to your own creativity and skills as well as to your mothers gift to you. nice job! makes it easy to give directions to your place: "just look for a few flowers by the front door"

  2. wGardens 12/04/2013

    Oh my! This is a "Car-stopper" for sure! Seems that you could have a gardening job every year for your neighbors' units! Can't imagine any complaints here. Beautiful. Please send photos every year....

  3. bee1nine 12/04/2013

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and DIVINE, Marjorie!!!

  4. gloriaj 12/04/2013

    Wow!!!! you can't say your condo is monochromatic anymore with all the beautiful colors, the flowers, the walls and windows. If any of your neighbors complains, that neighbor need to get their heads checked or need a life. You did a wonderful job. Love to see the all white next spring. Bet even at night it will really shine.

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/04/2013

    How fun and lively! Maybe Ohio should be the garden state.

  6. user-1020932 12/04/2013

    100 thumbs up before 7:30 am, i think you hit thisone out of the ballpark, Marjorie !

  7. GardenGrl1 12/04/2013

    Beautiful! I especially love the flowers on the wall. Can't wait to see your white garden next year! Thank you for sharing!

  8. annek 12/04/2013

    I would be the happiest person in that condo if I were your neighbor! It makes me happy just looking at it. Two quickie questions: What are the white flowering bushes and where do the steps lead?

    PS: that second photo with the pumpkin arrangements is stellar!

  9. dirtgirl1949 12/04/2013

    Fabulous Marjorie. Bet the neighbours love you! Excellent display, obviously loads of love and hard work have gone into making this such a gorgeous garden.

  10. mauritian_host 12/04/2013

    Wonderful job Marjorie... I'd love to be your neighbor, Absolute mix of color, design, beauty.. I envy your garden keep it up, looking forward to your next year's white garden!!! Hats off to you and your mom! Happy gardening.. Peace!

  11. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/04/2013

    Marjorie, what a gift you are to your condo community! Has anyone else caught the bug or are you pretty much the only one infected (blessed)? The color scheme of your trio of sunbursts brightening up the stucco wall with all the plant material in the picture is spot on...even the cascading flowers in the window box echo the vibrant purply blues and other happy colors. And, wait a minute, I just went back for a second look and my eye even caught the genius of your welcome mat. Your walkway is a medley of joyful noise!

  12. flowerladydi 12/04/2013

    WOW!!!! If I were ever to live in a condo,,, I would want it to you JUST like yours!,,,, It is FABULOUS!!!! KUDOS to you one hundred times over!!!

  13. Lindy4 12/04/2013

    I wish you were my neighbor, love your garden. I think a home isn`t a home without flowers, inside and out. What are the round white tree or flowers sticking up? My mother did the same thing instilled me with a love of flowers and how to care for them

  14. CCCDDD 12/04/2013

    Another great garden! I haven't been receiving my garden posts the last 2 days & have had to go searching. Have gremlins been at work re posts????

  15. User avater
    HelloFromMD 12/04/2013

    Wow, Marjorie
    So clever of you to use annuals and tender perennials in your limited space. They truly deliver! But also I see a great sense of balance and form. Are you a designer? Thanks for showing me and all of us that there is a lot of garden life when its time to downsize. I have an acre and I can't imagine losing all my space.

  16. Joyce70 12/04/2013

    What a beautiful garden. An encouraging idea for those of us who will need to downside in the future. You don't need much space to do a wonderful, colorful garden. Joyce

  17. cwheat000 12/04/2013

    I am so glad your neighbors are on board with your gardening. What a waste of beauty and talent it would be otherwise.( I also thank your mom for passing on such wonderful gardening skills) I think you would have to move to a little plot of your own. I do hope you share that white garden next year. Can you give us a hint at what plant material is in your head, or do we have to be patient?

  18. quinquek 12/04/2013

    I can't imagine any neighbor complaining about the colors or exuberance of your garden. What a delight! Can't wait to see the white garden next year.

  19. pattyspencer 12/04/2013

    Wow - gorgeous! So much color and style and beauty in such a small area!! With your talent can you imagine what you'd do with a back yard????

    @Vojt - I must live in another state then - hehehe - the "garden" part seems to be everywhere but MY yard - lol

  20. tractor1 12/04/2013

    Go know a tiny condo garden could be so huge and gorgeous. I love how those wallflowers make everything dance! Now I'm wondering if Marjorie doesn't have a back yard garden too. Marjorie, you are a fantastic gardener, and I need lots more pictures. And it won't be too very long now before that garden will be white, maybe before the holidays.

  21. sheila_schultz 12/04/2013

    I would guess that your neighbors are a pretty happy lot with so much beauty surrounding them... and they must consider themselves doubly lucky not to have to do any of the upkeep! Marjorie, the gift of gardening your Mother gave to you just keeps on giving. Who knows how many visiting grandkids have been bitten by the gardening bug because of your beloved gardens. Can't wait to see the next installment!

  22. GrannyMay 12/04/2013

    Absolutely gorgeous Marjorie! What a lovely welcome to yourself and your guests, as well as the neighbourhood!

    Those of us who fear downsizing are reminded by your beautiful little garden that we can still indulge our gardening addiction.

    Can't wait to see what your white garden will look like!

  23. greengenes 12/04/2013

    Spectacular Marjorie! They better not complain about that! We all know which condo is yours! So so lovely! Iam so glad your mom taught you how to garden. I can tell that you are very creative and love life! Thanks so so much for sharing your garden with all of us! It will be hard to wait to see your white garden! What a way to start the day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. GrannyCC 12/04/2013

    Wonderful use of a small space. Makes you realize you don't need a lot of room to garden. I am sure there are no complaints from the neighbours. The colours are vibrant. I love the window boxes and the large flowers on the wall that look like glass.
    Keep on planting!

  25. grannieannie1 12/04/2013

    It will be interesting to see how many neighbors you inspire to try their own hand at gardening after seeing what you've done with your space.

  26. janetsfolly 12/05/2013

    This is just gorgeous! Talk about optimizing your opportunity! This little garden shows off a great eye and a lot of heart. Lucky neighbors! :-)

  27. SisGof5 12/05/2013

    Thank you for all the very kind comments. I am overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. I came from two acres of land where I gardened extensively. We moved to the condo so we could help our parents during the final leg of their life journeys. I was concerned about the move, but it has turned out to be a different kind to get the most bang from a small space. I love this! The white tall "plants" are actually Pamela Crawford baskets on posts planted with Babywing begonias. I have used these planters for years and have found few plants that don't do well in them. This year I used coleus. It did unbelievably well. The steps...well...they go no where really. Unfortunately, there is a really ugly utility box at the top and I have been in trouble with the electric company for inhibiting access to the box. I really didn't, but to prove their point, they put piles of stones in the middle of each group of tulips I had planted. I thought it would be better to make access as easy as possible. As for next summer...I have started plotting and planning. I have planted many of my containers with boxwoods and various conifers. Also, heucheras will give me some foliage color. Guess we'll all have to wait to see!

  28. peonylover 12/05/2013

    I am so impressed. What a lovely display. I wish I were one of your neighbors!!!

  29. blue_nigella 12/05/2013

    Margorie, What an enchanting garden in a smaller space! The sunbursts on the wall are so beautiful. Where did you obtain them? I would dearly love a similar set. Your entry walkway is so inviting, the neighbors must enjoy your efforts too.

  30. blue_nigella 12/05/2013

    Marjorie, sorry for misspelling your name.

  31. celiahoneysuckle 12/05/2013

    It just goes to show what you can do in a pretty restricted area, and I'm sure it put's a smile on peoples faces when they walk by.

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