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Lounging in the lady’s mantle

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

In Barbara Blossom Ashmun’s garden in Portland, Oregon, lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis, USDA Hardiness Zones 4-7) makes the perfect billowy bed for a reclining duo.

Barbara is a garden designer in Portland, and she’s been contributing her gardening wisdom to Fine Gardening for many years. Here are just a few of the articles she’s written:

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  1. JulieBW 10/13/2011

    I LOVE ladies' mantle, and use it for an edger or groundcover in my gardens. It was rated the #1 most effective groundcover in a study at Cornell, because of the dense mat it forms.

  2. oldsquaw 10/13/2011

    No matter which article I click on I get Shade Trees for a Patio. Would love to reread the others like a Room with a View or Plants for Dry Shade.

  3. Deanneart 10/13/2011

    Love this! Beautiful setting for these great statues.

  4. siesperanza 10/13/2011

    What a terrific use of the sculpture. I'm curious if it's by Katy McFadden whose work I love. Photos of her garden would be a treat for FG readers.

  5. MichelleGervais 10/13/2011

    oldsquaw--those links should be fixed now. Sorry about that!

  6. snollygaster 10/13/2011

    Absolutely delightful. Not a big fan of sculpture in the garden but that tickled my fancy. Thanks for the smile.

  7. sheilaschultz 10/13/2011

    A perfect position for lady's mantle... gorgeous.

  8. gardensweep 10/13/2011

    Lady's mantel, and Lady's forms BRILLIANT!

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