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Claudia’s garden for the birds in Washington

More of an overall view from the front bedroom window upstairs.

Today’s photos are from Claudia Weisz in Seattle, Washington. She says, “I never know whether to call my gardening a hobby, an obsession, or my therapy, but most often therapy wins. At least that’s what I tell people who comment on it as when I’m working or watering on a summer evening. Occasionally the word addiction comes up, but I brush it off like drops of water off a giant brunera leaf.

I will swear off hanging baskets because of their constant neediness, only to give in when I see a hanging fushia that I KNOW the hummingbirds will love. And I also know I will love watching them enjoy it. I’ll say I’ve taken my cottage garden into the more sophisticated form of leaf color providing the drama, only to fall victim to the grace and beauty of a Solomon’s Seal draped gracefully out of a pot, or a mass of Black-eyed Susans because I saw the finches plucking the seeds from a dried flower.

Which brings me to another goal of my gardening that I enjoy–that of planning my plantings not only for passersby, but for my enjoyment while watching out my window. I believe that birds bring nature into my life and planting trees just outside the window and having a birdbath and feeders in my line of vision provides a kind of therapy I can find nowhere else.

And although I enjoy living IN my garden in the spring, summer, and fall, in winter I find equal enjoyment and satisfaction providing food and shelter close by. I can squander an entire morning enjoying the antics of a flock of bushtits splashing just a few feet away. And of course there are the robins. If you want to learn how to really enjoy a bath, take lessons from a robin.”

Just outside my living room window, a flock of bushtits arrive for a swim.

Claudia, is that your front yard? It’s so great! I love the shape of the lawn, the edging, the colors and textures–everything. And such a cute pic of the birds bathing! Thank so much for sharing. Send more!

I had this trellis elsewhere in the garden and it was beginning to disappear.  Putting it by the sidewalk gives passersby a chance to view the garden in a new way.  (The fence is now painted, thanks to help from grandchildren.)

The season is winding down, everyone! Get outside with that camera. We need to see your garden! Yes I said NEED. Not WANT. NEED.

The Anna’s hummingbird stays year-round and visits this feeder several times a day.
I like to have something for children to enjoy in my garden.

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  1. perenniallycrazy 09/02/2014

    Yours is a surely vibrant and happy garden Claudia! I would certainly want to wake up to a view like that each morning. I love all your garden accessories especially that birdhouse in the container. Where do you source these fabulous finds?

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/03/2014

    Gotta' admit, Claudia, I love your commentary almost as much as I love your pictures...however, the one of the adorable flock of bathing bushtits earned extra points and gave photos the win! You have a beautiful garden and a beautiful spirit which feathered friends and neighbors all get to enjoy. I'm also quite enchanted with that unique birdhouse in the container that seems to be serving as a grand mansion for the playful little bunnies. You have a delightful sense of style.

  3. mjensen 09/03/2014


  4. NCYarden 09/03/2014

    ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL!! It really doesn't matter what condition causes this lovely garden, it's just great to see you have it and what you have done with it. So funny your comment on the fuchsia basket, as I succumb to the same "argument" - then pressure, even though I am fortunate to grow a hardy form in my garden as well, not to mention my street name is Fuchsia Pl. (so maybe I feel a little obligated?) Anyway, I can also see the wonderful japenese maples you have, and those are my darlings of the garden. You know you have done something right, and good, when the birds and friends take refuge in your garden. Stay addicted, and thank you for sharing.

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 09/03/2014

    Great commentary. Love seeing the overall view. Really wonderful garden! I really love birds in the garden and regularly get in trouble when a hummingbird catches my eye and takes my full attention in the middle of a conversation with my lovely wife.....

    1. NCYarden 09/03/2014

      Hahahahaha...guilty as well. We have hummingbird feeders on both the front and back windows, and I am a mess of fragmented thoughts and sentences. Thank goodness there's a non-health related explanation. Great comment.

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 09/03/2014

        Oh, you guys, I'm right there with you...nothing grabs my attention like a hummingbird. An interesting or important conversation with family members will come to a screeching halt as I exclaim, "oh, a hummingbird!" I have a feeder that I look on from where I sit at the kitchen table and I delight in watching the territorial battles that go zip zip, the feeding or even just seeing a little guy rest on a post and do a little feather grooming.

  6. User avater
    forloveofflowers 09/03/2014

    First of all, I love Seattle! Second, your yard is beautiful and I love the interplay of color with the trees and chairs, etc. Beautiful!

  7. greengenes 09/03/2014

    What a sweet spot, Claudia! Its all so lovely, green and happy. Birds really sets the stage of any garden. They are so fun to watch! It is like a living tapestry of plants that you have woven and the doublefile viburnum is so gorgeous in bloom! Thanks for sharing your addiction, therapy and love of gardening!

  8. GrannyMay 09/03/2014

    Claudia, with Meander1 and Tim, I enjoy your commentary just as much as your garden, as I did with yesterday's commentary from Lil's garden! Sharing our thoughts as well as our photos is another way we increase our joy and our experience. Thank you!

  9. thevioletfern 09/03/2014

    Wonderful garden! I, too, enjoy planting for the birds. I have to say I just love your container with the bird house and bunnies (along with everything else). You have surpassed therapy to therapist - you have earned your degree!

    1. claudiaweisz 09/05/2014

      What a lovely thing to say, Kathy. I saw a sign once that said "All one really needs in life is a library and a garden." So, so, true.

  10. claudiaweisz 09/03/2014

    Thank you all for your kind comments on my garden. I feel you are all kindred spirits! I, too, stop in mid-sentence and say "Look! A hummingbird!" and it is fun to be talking to a guest, only to see their eyes roll around as they are clearly distracted by the birds. The Goldfinches have just started bringing "their kids" to the thistle feeder and fountains. As to where I find my accessories, I can only say "everywhere" but Marshall's is a favorite as well as local nurseries. You have all been so encouraging, I will share again sometime.

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 09/03/2014

      I'm also getting a lot of feeding activity from the delightful chartreusy goldfinches and they have almost the same effect on me as hummingbirds. I love seeing those bright pops of color being so industrious in pecking at the seedheads.

  11. schatzi 09/03/2014

    Yes, we are all birds of a feather! Gorgeous garden and pictures and great commentary. I've seen T-shirts that say gardening is cheaper than therapy, but in my case, I'm not sure about that...tho it is way more fun! I love your square stone birdbath - very unusual. My daughter next door has hummingbird feeders but I make them do it the old fashioned way - lots of flowers everywhere. Don't you love the viburnum? Mine was gorgeous this spring also - I called it a wedding cake. Yes, gardening is the best therapy.

  12. grannieannie1 09/06/2014

    Oh yes! All those bird houses and birdbaths makes my garden seem deficient. You've done a lovely job providing artfully for our feathered friends.

  13. lauriebarger 09/07/2014

    I love seeing you garden and garden decor! Loved the angel head in the birdbath. May I ask what you used on your pink Adirondack chairs? Mine are in terrible need of a new paint job and that is my color! Thanks so much for your pictures. Makes me dream of next year already.

    1. claudiaweisz 09/07/2014

      There is a paint for plastics, at least in spray cans. (Krylon?) I used it on my ottomans on another set that are now in my son's garden. They are still in pretty good shape. Mine are not painted. They are/were red. Two have faded. I've replaced them this year. I had to take the wooden Adirondack chairs off the lawn, because the feet were getting damaged. I like the color all winter. Red is a great color for winter in Washington.

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