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The beginning of the end of summer

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Photo/Illustration: Sharon Nyenhuis

With Michelle still recovering, I’ll do a guest turn today and offer up the August image from the 2012 Fine Gardening Wall Calendar. This landscape, designed by Sharon Nyenhuis for a garden in Port Angeles, Washington, evokes both the fullness of late summer and the cool, mysterious mists of early autumn. Mounds of ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum anchor the composition.

For more of Sharon’s landscape designs, click here. On these pages, you will be able to see many of the plants identified.

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  1. ncgardener 08/01/2012

    Beautiful photo, I only hope my Autumn Joy will look as nice. Michelle get well soon! We are sending good thoughts your way.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/01/2012

    A perfect picture for the first day of August....interesting how the height of summer lushness hints at the approaching of fall.

  3. trashywoman62 08/01/2012

    Wonderful groupings, now if only my borders would one day grow to be as beautiful!

    I looked thru the other photos with the plants' identity shown but is the above photo not available with the plant name also? I like the green fuzzy things just above the sedum, to the right. And the burgandy spike to the left of the sedum and also again further to the top of the photo. I can't tell if the plant to the right is also the same.

    And Yes, Michelle, get well soon! We Miss You....and your photos!

  4. Formandfoliage 08/01/2012

    Even though we're foliage gals, we love that Sedum 'Autumn Joy' as it looks great through spring and summer before bloom. The green plays so well with the pinks and purples of the flowers. And a great bonus of 'Autumn Joy' is that in our mild climate, the flower heads dry on the stalks and the birds spend the entire winter sitting atop them, pulling out seeds.

    trashywoman - that fuzzy green could be fennel.

    A lovely scene, thx.

    Michelle get better soon!

  5. tractor1 08/01/2012

    I like those purple-lilac bottle brush spikes, they look like gaylord? Hurry up and get well, Michelle!

  6. Ruth 08/01/2012

    trashywoman62: Plant IDs for this photo are not available online, only in the print 2012 calendar. Amazingly, this calendar is still for sale at We do have plant IDs of some photos from other articles, which you can access from this page:

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