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Linda’s garden in Washington, Day 1

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler

Today’s photos are from Linda Skyler. She says, “I finally grabbed my camera and went out to snap a few pictures – after you kept reminding everyone to get busy photographing! I live on Bainbridge Island, a 1/2-hour ferry ride from Seattle. It is truly a great place to garden and is a mecca for gardeners.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler

“We have lived on our 1/3 acre for almost 40 years and I have been gardening here for nearly 30, and seriously gardening (which includes constantly digging up MORE grass!) for about 25. After raising 4 boys on a lot that looked like we raised 4 boys, I started to landscape and have never stopped.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler

“We don’t have a lot of sun on our property anymore due to the giant firs and the ground is very root-bound in places so I have learned to do a lot of shade gardening and really enjoy it. Ferns and hostas are my passion and I love them throughout the shady areas. A lot of the blooming plants have ended now and the grass has dried up but there is still some color and I have wonderful green structure throughout the gardens that continues all year long. Enjoy!”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler

So LUSH, Linda! Love it! **Linda sent in lots of great photos, so we’ll continue the tour tomorrow to finish off the week.**

See? Linda listened! You can, too….This is prime time to take some photos in your garden. So get out there with your cameras and send some in! Email them to [email protected].

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Skyler

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  1. user-1020932 08/08/2013

    Linda, i'm GLAD you got your camera out! such a nice, full, lush space and chock full of healthy and interesting plant choices. i love it all

  2. crizmo 08/08/2013

    Such abundance. It takes me back to my days on the crew at Bloedel's.

  3. bee1nine 08/08/2013

    A wonderfully orchestrated and beautiful garden you have,
    Linda. Everything seasoning to perfection!
    Bet your greenhouse has gained a lot of use through the years. ..And love that you tuck potted plants in among the
    garden spaces. I do too!!

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/08/2013

    Linda, your garden areas are gorgeous and certainly aren't lacking for color.It's hard to imagine your property as a once boring (but loved by your sons for playing) yard.
    Question time...what is the vine growing up around your greenhouse? and is that a peegee hydrangea shaped as a tree that is topped in all those beautiful white blooms? It is stunning!

  5. WinstonSalem 08/08/2013

    What a fabulous garden design. I enjoyed looking at every photo and really was inspired by the way you have incorporated benches and paths through the beds. It makes me want to walk through your garden and look at all the plants. I would say you have mastered garden design.

  6. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/08/2013

    Beautiful. I"m crazy about the fuschia standard in your great front entry. After a quick stop on Bainbridge Island several years ago, it has stuck in my head as one of my favorite places in the PNW. A short visit to Bloedel Preserve has me desperate to come back! Thanks for sharing your slice of gardening heaven.

  7. tractor1 08/08/2013

    What a gorgeous patio setting! And the greenhouse makes a great focal point, but I'm disappointed in not getting a peek inside. Linda's photo compositions are masterful. I like that hare, a perfect exclamation point for a Wonderland! Thank you, Linda.

  8. user-7006902 08/08/2013

    I LOVE your garden Linda - the winding paths, the tall trees, the filtered sun, the wonderful containers, the secret greenhouse, those chairs. It is an inspiration. I can only hope my garden matures into a magical retreat such as yours!

  9. pattyspencer 08/08/2013

    Beautiful! Everything is so lush

  10. GrannyMay 08/08/2013

    Love your garden Linda! It's chock full of all my favourites. You have mastered the art of coping with the dual challenges of tree roots and shade.

  11. Skigordo 08/08/2013

    Very Lush! What Zone is Bainbridge Isle??

  12. sheila_schultz 08/08/2013

    Linda, you have created a little bit of heaven! Your gardens are spectacular. I can't wait to see more tomorrow!

  13. Zinnia1 08/08/2013

    I absolutely love this garden. Wow! Great plants, beautiful setting, amazing all around. Makes me feel like I have a ton of work to do and a lot to learn!

  14. 7lfair 08/08/2013

    Beautiful gardens. I love the greenhouse too. Very lovely.

  15. cwheat000 08/08/2013

    Great garden, Linda. The winding pathways are wonderful. I love your patio furniture,too.

  16. Wife_Mother_Gardener 08/08/2013

    Lovely garden, Linda!!

  17. Meelianthus 08/08/2013

    We are in Zones 7-9 here on Bainbridge Is. Our coldest winters MIGHT be in the low twenties, but rare. The Ivy on the greenhouse is Algerian Ivy, it is slow growing and doesn't seem to cause much of a problem. Give it a try.

  18. NevadaSue 08/08/2013

    Wow, Wow, WOW! Linda your garden is amazing. I love the lushness esp. as I'm trying to create a garden in the desert of Nevada. I just can't stop looking at all that green and beauty. You have done a wonderful job of creating a little paradise on your 1/3 acre. I love all the hosts and shade plants. Fuchsias are one of my favorite. The New Zealand Flax is so large and beautiful, I love it. The geraniums with the dark centered leaves are so perfect. It is just so fun to study each picture and see all the wonderful plants you have Gathered. I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrows pictures. Thank you so very much for sharing. I hope I get to visit that area someday.

  19. Nurserynotnordstroms 08/09/2013

    Linda I just got to sit down and read my mail. Even though it was late I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your gardens. Have you been part of the Bainbridge Island garden tours. We try to do that one because it has so many beautiful gardens to see. Hope I get to see your gardens one day. I love your style and all of your interesting touches that have made it yours and yours alone.
    Have a happy tomorrow

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