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Linda’s Coastal North Carolina Garden

One of two fountains we added this year

Linda Newber lives in Wilmington, N.C. (Coastal  South) where she has to deal with high heat and humidity. Here’s what she says about her garden: “I moved into this house five years ago, but didn’t start on the yard till spring 2012. This is my third season digging in the dirt here.

The hummingbird was made by a talented welder using old tractor parts. I like the Siberian iris against the brick wall.

My yard backs up to Hugh McRae Park, and I was blessed with many mature azaleas and camellias and large trees but unfortunately poor sandy soil. I love shade gardening and enjoy walking through the garden early in the morning with my first cup of coffee.

Iris from the spring garden. The sundial was found at a yard sale.

I have two cousins, James Batson and Belinda Hudson, who have started helping me this year. I turned the carport into an outdoor living area last year and also added an arbor. Vines are just beginning to climb the arbor. Wish it was farther along and could send a pic . . . oh well. My garden will always be a work in progress as I have several more areas to develop.”

You’ve done a lot in two years, Linda! I love your garden, and your thrifty finds!

A brand new bed. Birdbath was another yard sale find.
I love gerbera daisies. 
One of my gardening friends sunning himself on a hydrangea.

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/11/2014

    I am fascinated by that handsome and unique looking fountain in your first picture, Linda. I would love if you stopped back in and shared a little more about it ...please don't tell me that it was also a yard sale find. I'm sure the water sounds it provides add to your enjoyment of those early morning walks. Your iris are beautiful...the soft pink bloom ones are especially fancy. Do you happen to have any of the fall reblooming varieties? I have one that's putting on quite a show right now and it's such a treat to see.

    1. lindanewber 03/13/2016

      Thank you meander1. The fountain can be seen from all areas of the yard. I would never have thought I would like something contemporary, but this works great because there's no "back". The birds love splashing in the different levels. Plan on buying reblooming iris this year. Iris and daylilys are two of my favorite flowers

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 03/13/2016

        Hi, again, nice of you to take the time to respond esp. since you only recently found that your pictures had been posted. Sounds like it was quite an adventure getting your cool looking fountain in place...definitely worth the effort. The name of the fall Iris rebloomer that has been awesome for me here in TN is called 'Autumn Circus'. It gave me at least two rounds of putting up flowering stalks from Sept. through Oct....maybe even into Nov. Here's a picture so you can see if it strikes your fancy.

        1. lindanewber 03/15/2016

          It's gorgeous. Will look for that one especially. Thanks for the pic ?

  2. perenniallycrazy 09/11/2014

    I, too, am attracted to that handsome and modern looking fountain. What's the story behind it? I love how you've planted caladiums, solomon seal and ferns around its base. The colors and textures of the plants enhance the fountain's presence even more. I wish I could grow caladiums here. Tried it one year but our summers are just too cool for them to thrive here.

    1. lindanewber 03/15/2016

      Thanks Perenially Crazy. We love caladiums, but they are not reliable about returning here. I have to buy new ones each year, but they're worth it. They're really colorful in our shady areas as well as around the fountain.

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 09/11/2014

    Looking good! Is that pine needle mulch? Looks so nice with the plants. Would love to see photos of your camellias and azaleas.

    1. lindanewber 03/13/2016

      Hi Tim....yes it is pine needle mulch. There are pine trees everywhere in this part of the state. A lot of people rake it up and put it in bags by the road for the trash to pick up? When I run out of what falls from my own trees, i just check with some of my neighbors who are discarding theirs. It works great and I like the look.

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/14/2016

        Wow. This was posted two years ago. How fun to hear from you. Do send in more photos. I love the look and practicality of the pine needles. I was just conversing online with GPOD commenter Diane LaSauce, down your way, about pine needle mulch. I do miss our huge white pine and the abundant needles and cones it provided.
        We're getting spring here in Ohio, too. It's early and we've got some lows around freezing forecast next week. So far everything that is springing to life can take the ups and downs of our spring temps!
        Enjoy your greenhouse and the making of your butterfly garden.

  4. NCYarden 09/11/2014

    Good morning, fellow NC gardener. As stated below, I like that fountain too. We are pulling out (well, going to try to transplant) a couple of compacta hollies this fall near the house with plans to add a fountain, and this has just inspired me further. I especially like the vertical aspect. And so true dealing with NC summer heat and humidity; it really beats up the garden sometimes, but good to know, and see, that you have some beautiful plants managing just fine. I bet you get your own personal Azalea Festival each spring with those well established beauties that came with the property. I see you have what looks like a little japanese maple growing in the pic with the bird bath - which cultivar? Do you ever make it over to Airlie Gardens for a little inspiration? Anyway, keep digging and planting. It's looking great, and I look forward to more pics from your garden. Thank you for sharing.

    1. lindanewber 03/15/2016

      Hi NC Yarden. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry to be so late replying (2 years, in fact). Didn't know these pics had been posted till yesterday. Can't believe I missed my own garden. So, did you get your fountain? I remember seeing your garden when it was first posted. I was blown away with what you did with your property. Airlie? Yes. I grew up just 3-4 miles from Airlie and have been many times. A truly beautiful old southern garden. Thanks again. Happy digging!

  5. Spring_y 09/11/2014

    Hi, Linda. I literally held my breath when I saw that fountain. I've never seen anything like it. The plants you placed around it, especially the Calladium, really brought it to life. In my opinion the whole thing looks like a living work of art. Good job! I hope to see more of your garden in the future.

    1. lindanewber 03/13/2016

      Thanks Carmela2000. I love Caladiums and use them each year around the fountain. They're not reliable for me as far as returning, so I've already bought new ones for this year and will be planting them soon. Thanks for the kind words. Did not know the pics were put on line till today. I look at the GPOD pics first thing every morning....can't believe I missed my own ?

  6. Nurserynotnordstroms 09/11/2014

    Thank you so much for sharing. I LOVE your fountain. I have not seen that one anywhere it would look lovely in my garden because of the height,great choice.

    1. lindanewber 03/15/2016

      Thanks....we like the shape and height's just a different look that works well in our yard

  7. sheila_schultz 09/11/2014

    There's some serious fountain envy going on today... add me to the growing list! I love the way it's shape mimics the trunk of the tree behind it. Excellent placement. Oh, and your plantings aren't half bad either ;)

    1. lindanewber 03/15/2016

      Thanks for the compliments ?

  8. Cenepk10 09/11/2014

    Very sweet & love the plant choices

    1. lindanewber 03/15/2016

      Thank you

  9. user-7007215 09/18/2014

    Another gardener interested in your fountain. Linda?

    1. lindanewber 03/15/2016

      The fountain was a big hit....these pics were posted two years ago, but I didn't see them till yesterday.

  10. lindanewber 03/13/2016

    Hi All....Thank you for the wonderful comments. Believe it or not, I just stumbled over this today. Did not know this article on my garden had been published and don't know when it came out. Glad everyone loves the fountain. Not a yard sale find meander1, but I did get it off Craigs List. The thing weighs about 800 pounds. The owners were moving out of state and didn't want to pay to have it moved so they sold it really cheap. It was a huge task getting it into my Van. When we got home it stayed in the Van for three days before we could figure out a way to get it out. It's there, it's not moving, and we love listening to it. Again, thank you for all the wonderful comments. I've just built a greenhouse and am adding a Butterfly Garden. Will send more pics soon. Spring has finally come to our area, and I am euphoric! ?

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