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Linda & Terry’s garden in Ontario, revisited

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Walsh

We featured Linda and Terry Walsh’s garden in Simcoe, Ontario, back on March 5th (refresh your memory HERE.) Today we’re revisiting their garden to see one of Linda’s biggest projects–her pond, and a few other views of the garden. 

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Walsh

Linda says, “This is the last pond I will ever dig, what a chore. Digging the hole and carting the dirt away was one thing but hauling the rocks in almost killed us! We situated the “last” pond right outside the kitchen window so we can see the fish jump. The peacock house is in the background.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Walsh

“Two years ago we got some more energy and put on an addition with a patio. I think it was the hottest day of the year when we moved all of the flagstone! When I’m not hauling rock I like to make and sell concrete leaves!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Walsh

“I have included a view up the driveway. We sit about 600 feet from the road; the driveway is framed by dogwoods and blue spruce. We can’t believe we put all 22 of those blue spruce in on one day…… but that was 20 years ago and we were much younger.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Walsh

You guys are a never-ending fountain of energy, Linda! I am in AWE, and I LOVE your last pond. Going to take a nap now….

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Linda Walsh

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  1. user-1020932 03/20/2013

    beautiful results of MUCH HARD work

  2. wGardens 03/20/2013

    Lovely! I am quite taken with those big boulders too-... great job!

  3. user-2008333 03/20/2013

    Beautiful garden!!! Our backyard looks very similar except there is no wall which I would love to put in. Adding the water fall would be wonderful too!!I salute you for all that hard work!!Last year we put in 3 decks and a gazebo plus a couple of new gardens and this year plan on adding more. You are a great inspiration....thanks for showing us what is possible and being honest on how much work it really is! Paws2

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/20/2013

    Whew, I felt an empathetic bead of sweat form on my brow just reading about your rock hauling and placing exploits...and, then, to think you "relax" by making things out of concrete! Imagine if they finally perfect cloning and there could be more than one of you!
    Your pond is beautiful and the picture that includes it with the peacock house (mansion) in the background is a delight...loved how a glint of goldfish matched the orange daylilies growing above. Your entry driveway has the perfect welcoming curves to it...who wouldn't want to turn in and enjoy the view along the way. Those spruce are so impressive and a fine testament to the fact that planting something of quality is always worth it.
    Your concrete leaves are gorgeous...please tell us a little more about you create your shapes?

  5. bee1nine 03/20/2013

    Hi Linda and Terry- Just think, after all this laborious work
    you both now have something SO enjoyable and fine, to capture
    especially, the soothing sound of flowing water and jumping
    My husband and I built a small pond some years ago and do
    manage to keep our fish alive over the winter (Yes, a pump is
    Needed)! How 'bout you?
    I am also quite intrigued by the cement leaves you create.
    * Hi everyone- HAPPY SPRING!! May it be filled with lots of
    promise and potential!!!

  6. Quiltingmamma 03/20/2013

    Beautiful pond and grounds. And those leaves are giving me an idea. Hmm. Where do you sell them? Too bad Ottawa is a bit of a trek.

  7. Plant_Paradise 03/20/2013

    I love how you utilized the existing hillside to build your waterfall into the pond. Very beautiful. You and your husband are fountains of energy and strength. What's your secret?

  8. cwheat000 03/20/2013

    I especially like the entrance to your property. It gives you the feeling you are really entering a special place and you are.

  9. tractor1 03/20/2013

    Great stone work surrounding that pool. I especilaly like that slate path with those massive blocks retaining the hillside... I can't imagine how they were moved there without a machine unless you hold the secret for building the pyramids... must be an older picture as it looks newly done, I bet all those crevices are stuffed with plants now and the stone covered with lichens. Everywhere very nicely planted, love all those spruce. Terry has proven that adage youth is wasted on the young is a myth. Thank you, Terry.

  10. pattyspencer 03/20/2013

    Beautiful gardens! I love making those concrete leaves - just so much fun! Totally love your last picture - it looks like it could be a walkway through a big park.

  11. carolakxxx 03/20/2013

    I love the concrete leaves, please tell us how you make them.

  12. Happily_Gardening 03/20/2013

    Good golly the back breaking work but oohhhh, the results spectacular! Your leaves are lovely, they look as if collected while on a nature walk. You remind me of the box of cast cement-accessories tucked in a corner I've been meaning to hopefully :) create a treasure with...

  13. caymanmama 03/20/2013

    All your past and present photos are beautiful. And now a new pond adds so much more! I must tell you my back is having sympathy pains for all the rock hauling and digging you went through! It looks so peaceful and lovely. Do I see a future big leaf waiting to be plucked from the pond to be immortilized in cement? Into a bird bath perhaps? What fun!

  14. sheila_schultz 03/20/2013

    I bet the 'love' aspect of your 'labor of love' came after the visit to your chiropractor! I hope this year will bring time to relax and enjoy your lovely gardens and ponds. Happy Spring everyone!

  15. thegardenlady 03/21/2013

    Your driveway is lovely (as is all the rest), like entering a park, the curves drawing you down the path to see what's 'round the bend. Love your leaves, they're beautiful!

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