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Kathy’s garden in Missouri, Day 2

Here's a corner of my courtyard where I watch the birds come in for water. Under the fountain is sweet potato vine. The shrubs are Nandina or heavenly bamboo. Peeking over from the other side of the fence is Hydrangea 'Tardiva' and Hydrangea 'Limelight'. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to Day 2 in Kathy Vedder’s garden.

This is my mailbox bed, where I have a Yucca ‘Color Guard’, ‘Helen Von Stein’ lamb’s ear, coleus, and ‘Golden Mops’ false cypress. The red bloom is annual salvia. I placed a grapevine wreath on the brick years ago and an ivy is now weaving through it. More coleus at the door.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder
I enjoy making hypertufa balls and concrete leaves. I used a large hosta leaf for this one. That’s JoJo helping me place it in this bed of thyme.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

In case you missed it, here’s what Kathy said on Friday: “I live in Kansas City, Missouri, and my husband and I moved into this house on 1/4 acre about 30 years ago, but I did not start gardening until after I retired about 15 years ago.

I love coleus and use it everywhere! Hydrangea ‘Limelight’ in the background. Blue Atlas cedar to the left.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

“I became a Master Gardener in 1996 where I learned so much valuable information. I still enjoy volunteering for our Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City program making and painting concrete leaves and hypertufa orbs, which are sold at our annual plant and art sale. I love studying beautiful garden photos from magazines, my garden tour photos, and this Fine Gardening website.

Resting at the creek bed, waiting for Mom.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

“Over the years I have continued to add new beds as old ones filled up with the newest and improved plants…which aren’t always so new nor improved, but I love experimenting! I have blooms from the first daffodil in March to the last Aster in October. I appreciate the lovely, graceful lines of curved beds and I’ve tried to imitate that, but at the end of the day I still have straight lines. Maybe I’ll work on that next.”

You’ve done an incredible job, Kathy. Spectacular!

Tea time. All items found at thrift stores, which I just discovered a couple of years ago.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder
This is Magnolia ‘Butterflies’.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder
My all-time favorite shrub, Viburnum ‘Shasta’. These beautiful white blooms in spring and bright red berries in the summer. Birds love the berries, even robins eat them.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

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  1. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/17/2012

    The bamboo insert on your fence is so cool and what a great idea to put the cobalt ceramic piece with what looks like heuchera caramel.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/17/2012

    So many great scenes to absorb. I love the hovering blooms of the magnolia so aptly names "Butterflies"...I'll bet that is quite a treat each spring when it magically lights up the garden. You have a truly beautiful and delightful garden, Kathy. It would be fun to live on your street and get to be a regular visitor.

  3. GrnThum 12/17/2012

    The magnolia is sensational and Miss Kitty is perfect. How I wish I had room for one of those Shastas - what a beautiful plant. Thanks for sharing. I'll bet your neighbors love you.

  4. tractor1 12/17/2012

    It's hard to believe how Kathy created so many interesting unique scenes on just a 1/4 acre. And how the deer don't devour all those tender plants leaves me stunned. I love the bamboo corner with its bubbling birdbath. Golden eyed JoJo is beautiful.

  5. GreenGrammy 12/17/2012

    Love the results of all your hard work-- the various planted places are beautiful. I share your love of coleus--and kitties ;-) I'd love to know how to make those striking stepping stones.

  6. PamWittenberg 12/17/2012

    Lovely garden! Your magnolia is just amazing. I could look at it all day....and the viburnum...and...and...and...

  7. sheila_schultz 12/17/2012

    The bamboo covering the fence is a brilliant idea. It adds just the right touch of texture as an interesting backdrop to show off your plantings!

  8. wwross 12/17/2012

    The Sweet Potato Vine as a seasonally showy groundcover is a brilliant idea. I have always done them in pots. You have me inspired for a different place to plant them next year.

  9. cwheat000 12/17/2012

    Thank you, day 2 is even better. Everything is stunning, but I will also have to say wow to that magnolia. I always love to see pictures of the super cute garden pets. That deer looks so comfy. Is she one of your pets too?lol.

  10. terieLR 12/17/2012

    Hi Kathy, Vines are my weakness and your grapevine wreath covered with ivy is a wonderful welcome piece! I would have to put lights on that for the Holidays:) The folding chairs ushered a wave of nostalgia ~ as children we sat in these during chapel at summer camp. My dad gave me a green one from his barn years ago and it has found a home in our garden cottage.
    You have given us all something to desire for our own gardens. Well done!

  11. KVgarden 12/17/2012

    You all are making my day with your kind comments! Wwross - I'm pleased you found inspiration in a photo, I rarely have original ideas, mine all come from other gardeners. TerieLR, love the idea of lights on the wreath!

    Vojt - yes, you are correct that is Heuhera villosa 'Caramel'. I lost a lot of $$ buying all the new, pretty Heuhera only to have them die out over winter. I learned we in the Kansas City area need to purchase varieties from Heuhera villosa for good hardiness.

    Tractor1 - the deer are through here every night. I've lost so many small trees. If I put a wire cage around a young trunk in October, then they scraped it in September. As far as the blooms go, I have good luck when I sprinkle blood meal or spray with liquid fence...but I really have to stay on it.

    GreenGrammy - I think you'll find some great 'how tos" by googling "leaf castings". Have fun!

  12. NevadaSue 12/18/2012

    Kathy, day two is a real treat. I love it all. So many places to explore or settle down with a good book and just enjoy. I especially like the spot with the bench and blue ball. The little plant in the cage on the bench is one of my favorites. I thought is was some kind of a bamboo but can't find it anywhere. Do you know the name? That magnolia bloom is beautiful and your viburnum inspires me to look for one myself. Thanks for sharing your love of gardening with us.

  13. tractor1 12/18/2012

    KVgarden: after digging a hole and planting a tree I wasn't about to let the deer get at it. I drove in four steel fence posts and hung chicken wire all around to a height the deer couldn't reach over to nibble. At first I had the chicken wire to the ground but that was a mistake, I was unable to weed or mow, so I raised the wire high enough to push a mower underneath... deer can't get under a fence anyway. Once the trees were tall enough to be safe from the deer I'd remove the fence, could be five years, longer with slower growing trees. I've learned to fence all plants deer like to eat, which is most. I've tried all sorts of sprays and other deterents but none worked, and they were expensive and laborious, especially trudging through deep snow in winter when deer are most ravenous.

  14. KVgarden 12/18/2012

    Hi NavadaSue, that plant in the birdcage on the bench is the annual Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'. I love it and use it every summer in containers. It's so airy and no insects bug it. ;-). I just know you will be happy with the viburnum Shasta!

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