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Kathy’s garden in Missouri, Day 1

Red bee balm on the left ('Gardenview Scarlett', I believe). On the right is false cypress 'Golden Mops' and the tree back of it is Magnolia 'Brackens Brown Beauty'. A honeysuckle vine grows up the chimney and coleus and annuals in a container in front of it. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

Today’s photos are from Kathy Vedder. She says, “I live in Kansas City, Missouri, and my husband and I moved into this house on 1/4 acre about 30 years ago, but I did not start gardening until after I retired about 15 years ago.

Still working on this bed which is in front of the spring-fed creek…which has been dry for 2 years.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

“I became a Master Gardener in 1996 where I learned so much valuable information. I still enjoy volunteering for our Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City program making and painting concrete leaves and hypertufa orbs, which are sold at our annual plant and art sale. I love studying beautiful garden photos from magazines, my garden tour photos, and this Fine Gardening website.

This East-facing bed is just outside the courtyard.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

“Over the years I have continued to add new beds as old ones filled up with the newest and improved plants…which aren’t always so new nor improved, but I love experimenting! I have blooms from the first daffodil in March to the last Aster in October. I appreciate the lovely, graceful lines of curved beds and I’ve tried to imitate that, but at the end of the day I still have straight lines. Maybe I’ll work on that next.”

On the left is a Japanese maple behind Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’ and Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ with Japanese blood grass in front of it and coleus on the right.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

Wow, Kathy. Seriously wonderful. **Kathy sent in so many great photos that we’re going to continue our tour of her garden on Monday! Stay tuned.**

The potting shed. Sweet autumn clematis growing over it.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder
Bee balm with rose of Sharon, then the oak leaf hydrangea and Vitex at the far end.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder
Love this Vitex ‘Shoal Creek’.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder
I keep the phlox and tropical hibiscus inside the courtyard so I can watch the butterflies and keep the deer from them.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder
Some of my tropical plants that I overwinter in the basement. All other items seen here were collected from thrift stores.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kathy Vedder

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  1. jagardener 12/14/2012

    Beautiful Garden. Love your blue and white collection especially as it came from the thrift store!!

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/14/2012

    such a nice combination of plants and objects. i love the giant miscanthus by the gate.

  3. wGardens 12/14/2012

    I enjoyed your gardens very much! Many interesting and creative aspects to look at. And look at. And look at! LOVE it. I look forward to tomorrows edition! Thanks for sharing-

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/14/2012

    Besides having lots of great plants, this garden has tons of engaging personality. It says that the person tending it who isn't afraid to incorporate the old with the new.
    Kathy, are either you or your husband the builder of the birdhouses that add so much architectural interest to where they are placed?
    Your 'Shoal Creek' vitex is a beauty! Do you cut it back to the ground each year so it doesn't get too much height?
    Really looking forward to Monday's installment!

  5. trashywoman62 12/14/2012

    Kathy, I love all your vignettes, especially the planted Faux Bois log! Did you make that? I also dabble in hypertufa and cement stuff but have not tried it. It seems a little intimating to me. Your hosta leaf looks very life-like.

    The Vitex is just beautiful! Does it die to the ground every year in your zone or is it in a protected area there by the house?

    Your garden has such personality and is so inviting. I can see that you love to garden and spend time enjoying it. Thank you for sharing it with us. I too look forward to Monday.


  6. tractor1 12/14/2012

    Oh, my... my kind of small property garden, with many unique areas each blending into the next, like reading a poet's journal. Kathy, you sure squeezed a lot into a small space yet nothing looks crowded. I reallky can't choose a favorite without insulting the others, all fantastic. I can't wait until part II. And I love your chimney!

  7. cwheat000 12/14/2012

    Your garden is wonderful. I like your choices of garden ornamentation. I too often find that it looks like clutter in the yard. Your pieces are tasteful, well placed and not overdone. You let the plants be the shinning stars of the garden and what a beautiful garden it is.

  8. tractor1 12/14/2012

    I think Kathy's phlox look more robust than mine. I have my entire house surrounded with turkey wire fencing or the deer would eat it all. Phlox has such an alluring aroma:

  9. KVgarden 12/14/2012

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Like the gardener a day ago, I too have enjoyed this site for a long time, but had never created an account.
    Yes, tractor 1, I agree and understand why the deer are drawn to our phlox! Love that fragrance!

    Trashywoman62, what an eye you have. That Faux Bois log was in a garden bed of my childhood home and none of us kids know where it came from. It has been around many decades now.

    The Vitx does die back and comes back slowly in the spring, so I just cut it back to a foot or so and that gives me a fuller, shorter "tree".

    Hi meander1, those bird houses came from a hobby store and a few from a thrift store.

  10. ottermom 12/14/2012

    Really nice to see a KCMO garden featured on this site. Our climate is such a challenge sometimes.

  11. TeriCA 12/14/2012

    Just wanted to say beautiful gardens! and a big THANK YOU! for all the submitter's of photos that are identifying your plants!
    I'm fairly new to this, and just love it when plants are identified, so I can keep adding to my knowledge!

  12. NevadaSue 12/14/2012

    Kathy, The colors of your Phlox and Hibiscus go together so well. Does your Hibiscus winter over or do you have to take it in for the winter? I love the way you have put together your blue and white collection displayed next to that beautiful Wire Vine and other tropical plants. And that adorable little house..what a find . :) Your garden is lovely with all the garden art so nicely placed it just seems to belong. I'm looking forward to Monday.

  13. KVgarden 12/15/2012

    Hi Navada Sue, I have to overwinter that hibiscus. I just keep it in a container and move it around. And thanks for reminding me of the name of the Wire Vine....I couldn't think of it. It's easy to overwinter too.

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