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Jon’s sculptural lawn in Ohio

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jon Moss

Today’s photo is from Jon Moss in Ohio. He says,Ornamental mowing amuses me. I call them mowticons and keep working towards a more pleasing tapestry. Typically they look best at dawn or dusk but nothing prepared me for this look after a light snow fall.” That, Jon, is just incredibly cool. How do you get it so neat and wonderful?? Thanks for sharing!!

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  1. user-1020932 03/14/2013

    now that is just too cool and fun! you could make crop circles in the off season.

  2. bee1nine 03/14/2013

    Incredibly unique and visually appealing! Got to hand it to
    you Jon, for using a fun and creative way to bring 'swirling
    flair' to a spacious lawn area. Though, do wonder about the

  3. user-1020932 03/14/2013

    i wonder if Jon lives in a Yellow Submarine, Octopus Garden,,,,,,,,,i could go on and on . it really is fun,,,,,,jon, how long does it take to sculpt this?

  4. joycedaffodilhill 03/14/2013

    Love this so much, very visually appealing. We cut our lawn in crop circles, mostly to irritate our son who thinks anything UFO is too dumb. How do you do this? What type of mower do you use? Very enjoyable.

  5. caymanmama 03/14/2013

    Jon, it reminds me of the icing on a beautiful cake. I bet your mowticons stop traffic! Terrific job!!

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/14/2013

    What fun...and to get a visual treat effect like this during the off season is the icing on the cake (well...literally, it's the snow on the grass). I'll bet to get such perfect looking results is way harder than it looks.

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/14/2013

    Ha,looks like caymanmama and I had the same word phrase tickling our brains.

  8. Quiltingmamma 03/14/2013

    Very creative. I think this requires a YouTube instructional video. Maybe if I did this, they wouldn't notice that last year's heat killed off all my traditional grass and left only 'natural' green stuff.

  9. Tea_garden_lover 03/14/2013

    As you may know, that is very much in keeping with the raked sand gardens in Japan where they sometimes rake around rocks rather than evergreens. You may have started a new trend!

  10. wGardens 03/14/2013

    A delightful, out-of-the-ordinary visual this morning. What fun. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. terieLR 03/14/2013

    How 'cool' is that?! Use of broad landscape curves to visually keep the eye moving... you win! Thanks for the smile Jon.

  12. tractor1 03/14/2013

    An interesting low cost hobby, a giant Etch-A-Sketch for adults with too much time on their hands! :-) Notice that the darker areas are the areas of taller growth. I've noticed the same effect on a dewy summer morning, shows me the places I missed mowing. For anyone who has ever done linoleum block printing it's not a difficult concept to form a design like the one shown... first mow the design for the part one wants to be the raised area (in this case the circles and spirals are pretty simple to mow, especially with a zero turn mower), let the lawn grow a few days and then mow all the previously unmown areas leaving the design as the raised areas. It would be difficult if not impossible to mow in all the tall areas of that pattern first but very easy to first mow in the obverse as I've described. The patterns one can form are infinite... die/mold/pattern makers employ the same concept. Just this morning there was frost on my lawn, I could see where critters were walking about all night by the patterns their foot prints created by mashing down the grass. The more difficult part was to capture a clear image with a camera in that dim early morning light, good job, Jon.

  13. Quiltingmamma 03/14/2013

    Thanks for the instructions. I wouldn't have thought to mow the 'long' parts first, so great direction. My time with lino blocks were just a few decades ago and only the background was carved away.

  14. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/14/2013

    Who would have thought that lawn could be so interesting! Very cool. When my kids were little, I would mow our little patch of lawn into a grid, providing a scene for all sorts of imaginative games.

  15. pattyspencer 03/14/2013

    How cool and creative is that! Love it!!

  16. GardenersWK 03/14/2013

    A few year back, I mowed a heart shape in the front lawn on my wedding anniversary! It was perfect because my lawn is inclined and the heart was huge and visible from the street. My husband was furious because it took them several other cuts to make the heart disappear. It still makes me smile!
    What you are doing is very very cool! I will try something similar on my next wedding anniversary!

  17. dadeo1 03/14/2013

    this is super !!
    one year, out here in california where you need to overseed in the fall to 'keep it green', i created a spiral of rye grass seed. the kids loved it.

  18. SilkPurseGarden 03/14/2013

    'Fantastic' just isn't a good enough word for this! Ephemeral art really fascinates me, like sidewalk paintings and ice sculptures. This is a whole new category! Thanks so very much for letting us see your backyard Versailles.

  19. Parb 03/14/2013

    Really pretty at a time of year when there is not as much interest in our lawns. First crop circles and now even more sculptural snow circle. Lovely!

  20. user-1020932 03/14/2013

    i wish i could have my lawn like this for easter,,,, it would drive the kids crazy

  21. MizMoss 03/14/2013

    I'm the lucky lady who gets to view this tapestry from my hot tub. And to think he does all this with a second hand mower from Craigslist that isn't even self propelled, let alone zero- radius! I guess now that he has gotten all this validation from everyone, I will have to let him buy a good lawn mower! :-)

    PS: It looks really cool on google's satellite view in the summer months, too.

  22. user-1020932 03/14/2013

    video the creation as he does it while you're in the hot tub and post on youtube. we need a tutorial!
    and buy that man a new lawnmower,,,,,,,,,,,,,he's famous now!!!!!

  23. janeeliz 03/16/2013

    What a great turn a routine job into such a fun activity for all to enjoy!
    I want to see more!

  24. cwheat000 03/17/2013

    So groovy!

  25. arboretum 03/17/2013

    well jon, if that isn't the COOLest thing, i don't know what is.That is spontaneous DNA creativity at its best!
    so glad you sent in this photo. I want to see this on the cover of a calendar and a magazine. Hope you'll be inspired to create and show us MORE!

  26. user-1020932 03/18/2013

    you should see the google satellite view!

  27. tactywmef 06/26/2013

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