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Joanna’s garden in Minnesota

Today’s photos are from Joanna VonBergen. She says, “My gardens surround my modest home in Maplewood, Minnesota, a suburb in the twin cities area. We are in zone 4 and our gardening season is fairly short.

There isn’t anything fancy about my gardens and I garden on a budget. Every year I divide my perennials and have a plant sale to help support my addiction. I also start many annuals indoors in late winter/early spring. My gardens aren’t at peak yet, but the color is starting to pop.”

What a charming, welcoming, fun garden, Joanna! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Share your garden with us! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks!  –Michelle

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  1. perenniallycrazy 07/08/2014

    I beg to disagree with you Joanna when you say that "there is nothing fancy about your gardens". Your gardens not only have original design ideas, they have lots of saturated fun colors and have a warm and inviting personality overall. I'm really attracted to that tipsy tower of terra cotta planters and the ladder plant stand - they're so much fun!

    I love it that you garden on a budget as most of us do! I call that Reality Gardening. If it were a TV show, you're definitely a winner. Hope you check in again later and show off your gardens at peak.

  2. NCYarden 07/08/2014

    Gardens are our own little refuge and it appears you have been successful in creating yours. It's a wonderful garden, and even better that it's not emptying your wallet. I love the organic lines around the beds - I always celebrate curves. Thank you for sharing (it's worth showing off I assure you), and enjoy yourself in there, which I'm sure you do frequently.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/08/2014

    Well, Joanna, your pictures show that you are a master at getting a bang out of your buck because there's so much to enjoy in your garden...wonderful plant combinations and delightful vignettes of ornamentation. It's all delightful and shows a happy person is the spirit behind everything.

  4. toweringpines 07/08/2014

    Nice garden,nice photography,
    Occasionally there is a post that I think Tractor would have commented on and wonder what happened to him? He would have liked the quality of photos but not the ornamentation. Kind of miss the old curmudgeon!

    1. wittyone 07/08/2014

      I miss tractor's observations also. I often disagreed with his comments but it's generally useful to see the picture from someone else's viewpoint. I had thought that perhaps he had to change his screen name in the switch over but haven't seen any posts that suggest that this might be the case.

  5. greengenes 07/08/2014

    Dearest Joanna... your place is a very great colorful work of art! Your a creative person and it shows. I enjoy all the colors and those lilies are gorgeous! I started off myself with a small budget and now ...well lets say its still growing by selling starts and small plant sales. It truly is an addiction and we do find ways to support it! Its all very nice! Keep up the fun! Happy gardening...

  6. janetsfolly 07/08/2014

    Love all the color, please share again when it hits peak! I also really like the water feature using small rocks instead of boulders, much easier for some of us to move around ;-). Charming and welcoming garden, Joanna!

  7. user-7007076 07/08/2014

    I love your use of the ladder! It is a charming idea for a corner :) Sometimes I think working under the parameters of a budget forces a person to be even more creative thus venturing into ideas that they wouldn't have evolved otherwise. (I'm on a budget too.) Happy gardening!

  8. wittyone 07/08/2014

    Joanna what a nice job you have done with your landscaping. I love small yards and hands on gardeners. It takes thought and creativity to garden on a budget and you seem to have it down to perfection.

    Such a beautiful white lily with the burgundy center.

  9. GrannyMay 07/08/2014

    Congratulations, Joanna, on finding ways to grow your garden, despite the budgetary constraints! So many of us can relate to that problem, and other setbacks too. In spite of those, we dream, we plant and we enjoy!

    My favourite photo is your overflowing wheelbarrow surrounded by hostas, caladium and ferns. And love the lilies! Thank you for sharing!

  10. GrannyCC 07/08/2014

    Love the creative garden. Pots, wheelbarrow and ladder are great ideas for anyone. Beautiful colours and plants fill out the scene. I think all gardeners are trying to keep the budget down but it doesn't always work!!

  11. LWyre 07/08/2014

    Very nice, fun and interesting to look at. I love all the little focus areas. I am in Minnesota as well - great thing about perennial gardening is that it can still be beautiful on a budget!

  12. Meelianthus 07/08/2014

    Hello Joanna ~ You have a wonderful creative flair so don't ever apologize for gardening on a budget. You have done a charming job of making your gardens look most inviting and FUN - and that's what gardening is all about. Beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  13. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/08/2014

    Looks great. I really enjoy the fact that you have a lot of "stuff" in your garden, but it does not look junky. It is tastefully composed. I am finding that dividing and using perennials that do well is such a great thing. You wind up with healthy plants that love your soil, plus some repetition and continuity (said the man who plants in 'drifts of one and groups of two').

  14. MNGardenGirl 07/09/2014

    Thanks so much for all your kind comments. My ego has been sufficiently stoked today.

  15. thegardenlady 07/09/2014

    your garden is full of color and fun; also love that white lily with burgundy center, it's a show stopper

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