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Tricia’s garden in Minnesota, revisited

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Tricia Frostad

We featured a photo from Tricia Frostad’s garden in Chanhassen, Minnesota back in 2011, and I do believe she held out on us, even though she says a lot has happened in her garden since then. (Refresh your memory HERE.) She sent in a bundle of photos a few days ago, and everything was so great that we’ll be spending both today and Monday in her garden. 

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Tricia Frostad

She says, “I thought you may be interested in seeing some photos of the rest of my yard. I’m a master gardener for Carver/Scott county in Minnesota. I was on their tour last year and added a lot to my yard because of it. Spring is in the air! (well, not really in MN yet)…anyways, I hope you enjoy.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Tricia Frostad

Wow, Tricia, that’s not a yard, that’s a palatial garden! Gorgeous, beautiful, spectacular, and your house is stunning, too! Thanks so much for sharing again.

**Stay tuned for Monday’s installment!**

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Tricia Frostad
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Tricia Frostad
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Tricia Frostad
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Tricia Frostad
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy Tricia Frostad

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  1. trashywoman62 03/15/2013

    Tricia, I looked back at the ONE photo you sent in 2011. Boy were you holding out! What a challenging site you have and what an amazing garden you have created! I love your grass pathways on the slopes.

    And I love the way your house appears like a regular craftsman style at the front and then opens up in the back. The natural wood siding and the crisp white trim is such a wonderful contrast to the kaleidoscope of colors in your garden. And did I see a screened porch under the deck?

    What wonderful views you must enjoy from your windows. Thanks for sharing the rest of your "yard". I look forward to Monday...why do you do this kind of thing to us, Michelle! I hate Fridays!

    And now I am going to bed! Don't ya'll wake me with all your oooohing and ahhing when you get up and look at these pictures!


  2. user-1020932 03/15/2013

    had i been on that garden tour last year i would still be in that yard. absolutely beautiful

  3. grannieannie1 03/15/2013

    Spectacular! I'm drooling not only over the profuse flowering, but also over the flagstone walkway and the solidity which your rocks add to the view (we have only crumbly sandstone here.)

    What is the name of the tall white plant in the last photo, please?

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/15/2013

    Ditto on what has already been said! Looking forward to part 2!

  5. user-1020932 03/15/2013

    exactly Vojt, a cliffhanger, who shot JR?

  6. bee1nine 03/15/2013

    Hi Tricia, The featured photo of today should be on the cover
    of 'Fine Gardening' for sure! I'm in total AWE over every
    photo, as I sit here and take in my own personal mini tour
    here, of your magnificent yard and elegant gardens.
    Love your famous quote(lifted from last years comment)
    "Gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them
    Your love of gardening truly shows this! Absolutely breathtaking!!

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/15/2013

    What a truly fabulous garden! Tricia, I can't believe you only sent in one photo back in 2011 with so much beautiful abundance to share. When I go on a garden tour, this is the kind of garden that energizes me so much...just sets my brain a tingle with admiration and a desire to work even harder when I get back home. I love how you have used fairly good sized boulders to achieve your terracing...the scale looks perfect. Can't wait until Monday!

  8. GrnThum 03/15/2013

    Wow! This garden is so beautiful it makes you want to slow Time down to a crawl just so you can look at it longer! So many rocks...such steep vistas...a placid lake. Can't think of a more divine space! I agree...cover of Fine Gardening, for sure!!

  9. terieLR 03/15/2013

    Wow ~ just Wow! Off to work so I'll write more later.

    * A bluebird is sitting on top of our nestbox this morning. Spring!

  10. greenthumblonde 03/15/2013

    Phenomenal! And what a beautiful home to wrap a garden around. Can't wait till Monday.

  11. pattyspencer 03/15/2013

    Wow! Your garden is stunning! Can't wait to see Monday's photos.

  12. tractor1 03/15/2013

    What a spectacular property! There is so much going on in so many areas it's dizzying trying to take it all in. I think one would need to be there in order to appreciate the totality of all its parts. And I'm left breathless imagining how one person fabricated and manages it all... they'd need to be part mountain goat. That property is truly a work of art worthy of that gorgeous house. Thank you, Tricia, and I need to see more pictures.

  13. trashywoman62 03/15/2013

    Tricia, just looked at the photos again and I am encouraged that spring is coming. The link you posted in 2011 still works so I got to see more photos! Ha, maybe now anticipation over waiting for Monday's photos won't be so bad! I will share the link so you guys don't have to hunt for it. The site says there were over 8,000 views of the garden!

  14. galenasue 03/15/2013

    Awesome! I am a Master Gardener in Illinois who follows the Fine Gardening pictures regularly. This is one of the best. My daughter lives in me an opportunity to walk Oxbow Bend and the surrounding lake areas whenever I am in the area. I love the way you have utilized the challenging terrain...leaving just enough grass to draw you eyes from one view to another. Outstanding! I would love to see this one in person!

  15. Wife_Mother_Gardener 03/15/2013

    Beautiful designs & plantings!

  16. MizScarlet 03/15/2013

    Oops! My computer is acting up this morning. I inadvertently sent a blank. In a situation like this, eight photos are not enough. I doubt that 80 would suffice. I'll be patient and wait for Monday before asking my questions. I agree with all the wonderful comments and say "Ditto". Looking forward to Monday (How often do you say that?)

  17. passwords 03/15/2013

    What a beautiful garden. It's hard for me to imagine that someone could do all that themselves. Your photo's certainly uplifted me on this cold, but sunny day in IL. Just stunning and your home is too!

  18. Happily_Gardening 03/15/2013

    Captivating! The first picture is spectacular...a blanket of heavenly blooms spread upon the ground.

  19. triciaf 03/15/2013

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. Believe me it's a lot of work but truly a labor of love. @Galenasue...Oxbow bend right behind my house! I'm on lotus lake and pleasant view/indian hill road. Small world! Feel free to stop by to see my garden next time you are in town.

  20. grdnldy 03/15/2013

    Absolutely stunning! With all the trees on the property, I'm amazed at how much color you have in shady conditions. I bet the boats slow down as they go past your property!

  21. jwiegmull 03/15/2013

    Absolutely awesome! Not fair that we have to wait all of the way until Monday for Part II! :-)

  22. mamemu09 03/16/2013

    So beautiful!

  23. darylsavage 03/17/2013

    I think the tall white flowers are lilys. There must be some deer fencing we don't see with those, and all the phlox. Lovely.

  24. terieLR 03/18/2013

    Hi Tricia, I'm sure the view from your windows had stunning winter-interest with all the tiers and boulders. I love what you have done with the flow of spaces. Last year's touring guests must have begged for return visits to see its maturity evolve. As do we!

  25. triciaf 03/18/2013

    Hi Friends, thanks again for all the kind remarks about my garden. For those that are wondering, the tall white flowers are Platycodon grandiflorus 'Astra White' (balloon flower). They do really well for me...even better than my purple ones. These seriously bloom from mid-june all the way into september but need to be deadheaded regularly. I get lots of compliments on them.

  26. TeriCA 03/18/2013

    Just spectacular! What a beautiful garden, and what a beautiful landscaping job you have done. You have motivated me to reconsider putting in the time to become a Master Gardener! And I love the Craftsman era looking home!

  27. chrispnpt 03/19/2013

    Wow! what a house! What a garden! I'd move right in!All that stone sets the garden off beautifully. That stream is lovely. The expanses of grass are so calming to the eye. What a treat for the eyes!

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