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Jen’s garden in Washington, Day 1

Today's photos are from Jen Titilah, who says, "I live in Snoqualmie, Washington, and I love to garden! I call myself the crazy plant lady. I've crammed a lot of plants in a very small piece of property and I love it!!! These pics are of the yards around my house. Enjoy!" Today's photos are from the front yard, but Jen sent in great pics of other areas of her garden, too, so we'll spend tomorrow with her, as well! I've asked her to tall us a bit more about herself and the garden, too. Stay tuned!

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  1. user-1020932 03/10/2015

    if that is plant crazy then chain me to the wall! it all looks just great and i'm convinced that PNW gardeners can grow anything and it always looks wonderful. the plantings are beautiful but those stone steps strike a chord, love 'em. it's been many a year since i was in Snoqualmie for the falls

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      You should revisit the Falls. They've redone the whole area and the trails.

  2. Nurserynotnordstroms 03/11/2015

    Jen,I love the pots you have tucked here and there,I do the same thing you can never have enough pots.plants elevated look amazing. We just picked up two more pots this weekend. Did you make your moss covered stone steps? Very nice work. Are you a Japanese maple collector? I see so many that are scattered around your gardens,I happen to love ferns,maples and moss. Do you have a favorite nursery up your way? We drive miles and miles to go to so many different nurserys ,we especially love nurserys with rare plants. You have filled what you call a "small"garden with so many beautiful plants and I can't wait to see the next set of pictures.

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      I do have a favorite nursery. It's a smaller nursery, but definitely a destination. It is The Nursery at Mt. Si. I love the plants and the people there! I love japanese maples, can you tell???? In the PNW, moss grows on everything. The moss is au naturel! Do you live in Washington/Oregon? What are your favorite nurseries?

      1. Nurserynotnordstroms 03/15/2015

        Jen,yes we live in a superb of Seattle. My favorite nursery if we want a day trip is to Christiansons Nursery in Mt Vernon. We also love Swansons for fairly local. We nursery hop often,it is one of my favorite things to do. (Expensive too) I have never been to the Nursery at Mt Si. I just googled it and it looks like a great day trip to take,do they have a large selection of pots?we just bought two pots last Sunday at Vasseys in Puyallup,they just found a new vender to provide their pots and they were beautiful and different,a little pricey but pots have gotten outrageously expensive. We were looking for a pot for a rare rhody we just purchased and we found the perfect pot. May be we can meet some time,to bad you weren't at the garden show for the GPODERS meet up. Everyone is so nice and we had a great time.

  3. greengenes 03/11/2015

    Jen, you are the crazy plant lady! And I love everything about it! Great job! And your dry stack wall and steps are gorgeous! Ive been looking at different stone for something to do like that. Maybe a tabletop out of a big piece of granite. You really have crammed a lot of plants into a small space! There are so many beautiful plants in the plant world. Our place would look like yours if I lived in town. I cant wait for tomorrows pictures! Yahoo! Thankyou!

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015


  4. wGardens 03/11/2015

    Hey, Jen, I am lovin' it too! You DO have some fantastic plants... and pots too! Those specie tulips are darling. Looking forward to tomorrow's posts as well.

  5. NCYarden 03/11/2015

    You're crazy like that...and it's awesome. This is my kinda garden. A fantastic menagerie of cool plants all jammed into whatever space you can find. Love it. Way to maximize the limited space. That potted Japanese maple with it's cute companion plant is making my cheeks rise. I also really like what looks to be a little birds nest tucked into the pot in last photo - great accent. And all complemented by the beautiful stonework. Very cool garden. Thanks for sharing.

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      :-) I do love lots of color. That maple is Acer palmatum dissectum 'Tamukeyama' and the bulbs are species tulips. Happy to share and so glad you like!

  6. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/11/2015

    Jen, you're in good company on this blog. Lots of plant-crazy people here. Love it. You'll be hearing the same compliments over and over. I'm crazy about your ceramic containers and the stonework, and I subscribe to your shoehorn, cram-and-jam, gotta-have-it-even-if-I-don't-know-where-I'll-put-it philosophy. Thanks for joining in!

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      Hahahaha! It's a fun philosophy!

  7. Lisianne 03/11/2015

    I'm curious: does it freeze where you are? If so, how do you keep the perennial containers from cracking? I love all the ceramic pots; I have to empty mine out each year so they don't crack from the freezing. Do you put fresh potting mix in the annual pots each year?

    1. sheila_schultz 03/11/2015

      Lisianne... it looks to me like many of the larger containers are high-fired Vietnamese pots that are made to withstand the freeze/thaw issues many of the states face during the winter. They don't have to be emptied at the end of the season. I live in Denver and these are what I use for myself and our clients. They cost a bit more but are worth every penny. Pots that are not high-fired typically need to be emptied and often stored for the winter in a covered space or they will crack.
      As for changing the soil annually, it's not necessary if you fertilize on a regular basis. Containers often have to be watered daily so the nutrients leach out quickly but, if you fert your pots every two weeks during the growing season, the change of soil is unnecessary.
      Hope this helps.

      1. eddireid 03/12/2015

        "Fert " the pots! Love it - now part of my gardening vocabulary.

      2. [email protected] 03/14/2015

        I also add compost and Microryza to my pots twice a year. Also, there are NO chemicals in my yard and I don't kill the insects (unless they have completely overtaken a plant, but that has only happened once in my several years of gardening).

    2. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      Hello Lisianne, it does freeze here, but not like on the East Coast. The PNW has a fairly temperate climate. My elevation is about 900'. We only sometimes have snow and fairly rarely, ice. However, many of my pots have cracked. The best pots I have found are very thick (and kind of expensive but worth it). I purchased most of my pots through a landscaper who got them at AW Pottery ( I don't have many annuals. I would have more but as much as I do love to be in the garden, I don't have the time to attend to them. I put perennials, shrubs, trees, and bulbs in my pots.

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 03/14/2015

        Just came back from enjoying the website...sigh, made me wish I lived in your area to have their product lines available at nurseries. Hmm, but come to think of it, my bank account is probably healthier without the temptation.

        1. [email protected] 03/15/2015

          Well, others do sell this type of pottery. As someone else mentioned, the pots are high-fired. So if you are in 'need' of a new pot, look for this type. Good luck! P.S. I break up my cracked pots and use the pieces to put at the bottom of the other pots for drainage and for anything else in the garden. These pieces really are handy to have!

  8. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/11/2015

    Well, Jen, as you read the comments, you will see that you have found your "tribe" ! Regardless of the property size, those of us here at gpod all look for reasons to buy plants...I call it my "need" demands to be fed. I'm sure your neighbors enjoy how colorful your front area is and envy your creativity. Are these photos from this spring and you are already into tulips blooming? Regardless, it has whet my appetite and I am just so anxious for my part of east TN to get on with the show!

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      I like that....'need' monster! These pictures are from early summer 2014. I will be posting more in the months to come.

  9. hontell 03/11/2015

    Jen, I love the stone steps up to your side yard. I can't get over how you took advantage of the voids to sneak in a few plants, just great. H

  10. digginWA 03/11/2015

    What a fun garden and such a gift to the neighborhood! I'd be strolling past on my walks if I lived there. I particularly like the shots on the front porch looking left and right. You've given yourself a perfect place to sit and enjoy your work, with just the right amount of enclosure from the street. Boy, I'm feeling the need for a maple in a pot. How old is your garden? Have you ever opened it to a tour?

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      Hello Tia, I ripped all the grass out about 8 years ago and put in nothing but plants. It was kind of a slow start due to the kind of fill that we used initially to level our property. The first plants I put in weren't fairing so well. But, I've learned alot since then and now only use organic materials. The most mature plants are about 7 years old now. I participate in the Snoqualmie Ridge Garden Tour every other year. I will be opening my garden this year for the tour.

  11. GrannyMay 03/11/2015

    Yes! Why waste space on grass, when you can plant more interesting things instead! And where there is no soil to plant into, use containers. Love the result! Jen, as has already been affirmed here, you are not alone, just part of our plant-crazy group on GPOD.

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      GrannyMay, the first thing we did after leveling our yards was put down grass. It was pretty for about a year and a half. My yard is so small, we were finding that it was just a chore and seemed a waste of time to mow such a small amount (not to mention the space in our garage that the mower occupied). It also started to get patchy and muddy because we just have too many grey and rainy days here in the PNW. So, I just decided to rip it all out and put in plants. That's when my addiction started (although I already had an addiction for indoor plants)!

  12. Cenepk10 03/11/2015

    Makes me very very happy to see Jen's garden. So many fabulous things to grow, so much pleasure…..

  13. User avater
    HelloFromMD 03/11/2015

    Hi Jen, I too love the stacked walls. creates such a showcase for all your treasures. I want to comment on how colorful your garden is. Especially cool, the way you used orange barberry and the yellow vertical conifers to make bright pops of color.

  14. GrannyCC 03/11/2015

    I echo it all. Wonderful pots and plantings; Love all the stone walls and how you have filled every nook and cranny. Look forward to tomorrows plantings.

  15. schatzi 03/11/2015

    Absolutely gorgeous, Jen. Love the stone steps and walls, the maples, all the color and texture - fabulous! If/when you run out of space you can always come inspire me - I'm not that far away at Lake Tapps. You are in good company with all of us plant nuts. Thanks for sending in the pictures of your artistry.

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      We should go nursery hopping one day!

      1. schatzi 03/15/2015

        Sounds like a plan! I would also like to see your garden during the open garden tour. Can you tell me when it will be? Our Pierce Co. Master Gardener plant sale is the last weekend of April, in Puyallup. It's always a good one and a "zoo" Sat. a.m. I am working Sat. as I have for the last 20 years. Love your cat icon! I love cats too. My email is my name with a period in the middle. gmail.

  16. sheila_schultz 03/11/2015

    Loving plants of all shapes and sizes is such a wonderful addiction, don't you think Jen? I'm echoing our GPOD friends, your stonework is awesome plus the moss makes me swoon! And, it's great fun that your containers are filled with 'not your typical' container plants! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings ;)

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      I love moss too! but you have to here in the PNW. It grows EVERYWHERE!

  17. Meelianthus 03/11/2015

    Hello Jen ~ I can imagine it must be a beautiful stroll past the front of your house with those wonderful rock walls, really great pots bursting with all kinds of goodies and beautiful plantings throughout. What a lovely spot you have created with all of your 'plant craziness',
    Keep up the great work ^_^

  18. foxglove12 03/11/2015

    Jen's garden speaks to me. Love the organization and all the color. So much to look at. Can't wait to see more.

  19. mgol1068 03/11/2015

    lovely. Great work.

  20. user-6970631 03/11/2015

    I just love the way you have filled your pots, and then the way you have placed the pots.
    It just keeps the eyes moving over and over again. And, then you see somnething new
    again! Love it.

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      My friends all tell me, "Gosh, there's so much to see!" (almost too much for most of them - hahahahaha!)

  21. eddireid 03/12/2015

    As a person who was once given a button saying "Plant Geek", I can truly relate to this marvelous indulgence of a small space so crammed. Whoever coined the phrase Less is More, surely could not have been a gardener of the sort you'll fin on GPOD! Welcome!

    1. [email protected] 03/14/2015

      Thanks Eddi! I am glad to be here!

  22. [email protected] 03/14/2015

    Joseph, it was a challenge with the way the house was built, and since I was not a professional landscaper/architect, after a few years, I've finally gotten the garden to take on a more uniform look so that it wasn't total chaos. I love Newcastle. The view from the golf club up there is SPECTACULAR!

  23. user-7007434 03/17/2015

    Awesome: I always love your garden. I want to be a garden gnome there!

  24. thevioletfern 03/31/2015

    What a beautiful sanctuary. I could sit in one of those chairs for hours soaking it all in. Love the stonework/stairs - beautiful. Love all your containers, too. The flowers in combination with the Japanese Maple and pot is especially stunning. You are crazy in a good, good way.

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