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Details in Glenda’s garden in Washington, Day 1

Today's photos are from Glenda Curdy out in Seattle. We visited Glenda last summer HERE. Today she says, "I just got a camera for my birthday. I have always used my iPhone but really wanted to explore photography in my gardens a little more. I decided to take my camera off auto and just go for it after reading my manual and a book dedicated to my particular camera. Please don't be to critical (so many of you out there take some amazing images!) For me in the late fall and winter it becomes all about the little things, and I wanted to share some of those with all of our wonderful GPODers. These images all came from my first day photographing in my gardens. I had a great time and can't wait to get out and take more." Beautiful, Glenda! I think you're well on your way to mastering every nuance of that new camera. **Glenda sent in so many great shots that I split them up into two days. Stay tuned for tomorrow's batch!

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Hey all! I and a bunch of the other FG editors will be at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show again this year, and I'm scheduled to give another GPOD talk! (A few of you will be getting emails in the next two weeks as I put together the slideshow…) A number of people have emailed (Glenda included) to say that they'll be at the show, and that they'd love to meet up with a bunch of fellow GPODers!


So…who's going to be there?? Let us all know in the comments, and we can start planning an outing! Perhaps after-dinner drinks one night at the bar at the Sheraton?  I'll repeat this announcement for the next week or so, at least, and keep a running list of who's coming….enticement for even more people to come! Oh, and when you comment to say you'll be there, give us your real name so that I can plan name tags that include both that and your screen name…

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And as always, SEND ME PICS OF YOUR GARDEN, OR A GARDEN YOU'VE VISITED! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks! –Michelle

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Unknown camellia that was here when we bought the house. It is blooming early this year, possibly the earliest in 25 years.

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/18/2014

    Well, Glenda, I'm laughing at myself a little because you shared something in your commentary that impressed the heck out of read your manual !! I'd be so much further along in my technological struggles if I had that self discipline. I love the special details you have chosen to focus on...what's the story on the happy face wood carving? He's got quite a contagious smile. Your mystery camellia has such a lovely color doesn't need a name. Looking forward to tomorrow!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      We have a local Pacific Northwest husband and wife who collect wood and carve these amazing faces. The first one we purchased reminded me of my younger brother who had just passed forward and I see it everyday as I leave for work and it makes me feel happy(you will see that one tomorrow) it's in a pot on the front porch,this happy fellow hangs in a small weeping potted tree on the front porch. The couple are usually at the street fair in Gig Harbor. Yes I am one of those people that reads the directions before starting something. I am type A personality and I knew nothing about cameras and was completely clueless about all of the buttons etc. Happy Holidays

  2. GrannyMay 12/18/2014

    Glenda I'm delighted to see your lovely garden again, this time through the lens of your new camera. Your previous posting showed that your garden is a work of art, designed to display interesting plants, artwork and complementary structures, with an overall Asian flavour. Love these closeups, the details in flowers and leaves, the textures of wood and stone, the shapes and subtle colours and especially the carved wood face!

    And, good for you for learning what your camera is capable of, beyond the Automatic setting.

  3. GrannyMay 12/18/2014

    I collect smooth round stones on the beaches whenever I can. They look just like your bowl of stones. Is that how you got yours?

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      We dug a fire pit area this year and the rocks in the copper dish were all found digging out the area in the lower yard. We dug down 6" anticipating using flagstone but after adding the base gravel we loved how it looked. I love all of the different colors of the rocks we found and so many of the rocks were very round. Here is a photo of the casual area we dug,we call it the red room,red pots and a few red accents in plants etc....however in one of these photos the red cushions were not on the chairs.
      Thank you so much for your kind comments,I think we have a great community here on this wonderful blog.

      1. GrannyMay 12/18/2014

        I love this format where we can reply directly and include photos (and just click to see an enlargeable photo)! Glenda, there is always so much to discover in your garden. Lots of new treasures in these photos, are those young Hellebores with variegated leaves? Here are a couple of my hypertufa bowls with round stones and concrete balls.

        1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

          Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE these you are so talented. I haven't seen a curved dish with the leaf imprint usually they are flatter. So great with the rocks,I am so glad you posted these for all of us to see those would make perfect gifts. That plant is a hellebore with the varigated leaves,it got moved from a pot to the new island bed this year so I am hoping it will bloom for me. Have a happy day May

          1. Meelianthus 12/18/2014

            I really do love that bowl also. Nice job!

      2. greengenes 12/18/2014

        Oh I love your firepit area! The weeping pine is beautiful!!!

        1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

          We hadn't used the lower level gardens until this year when we dug the fire pit area,it's a whole different view from below,we need to make a few changes this Spring and I think I am going to add a rock wall to the lower level possibly with ledges to sit Bonsai on. I have a few ideas in my head still percolating. We have really enjoyed this area though as a family,lots of s'mores "good family times"
          I planted the pine about 22 years ago it's a slow grower and the birds love it also,it's dense enough for me to hang nesting material for my hummers and it doesn't get wet.

          1. greengenes 12/18/2014

            Oh that all sounds like a lot of fun! And the rock wall would be a great addition! Would you hire someone to build it? I have been reading up on making rock walls and such.. It would be quite an accomplishment to build one! We have a quarry not far from us and their rocks are so amazing. But we will see if I do it or not... There is so much to keep me busy around here already... Well happy holidays to you and yours, Glenda...

          2. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

            I have tried to reply several times while at work but each time a customer came in so I will try again. I do intend to build the rock wall myself. I did a short wall this summer and loved how it turned out. I left little planting pockets in it for small ferns,you are fortunate to have a quarry close,that would be dangerous for me because I love rocks.

          3. greengenes 12/19/2014

            I sure would love to talk more about your rock wall sometime! How awesome!

          4. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

            Yes I would love that so much.

  4. user-1020932 12/18/2014

    great to see your garden again BUT it did take me a bit to realize it was you... i'm slow to catch on. you are so right about the little things in winter to discover in the garden and your eagle eye found some beauties. my favorite is the moss garden on that flat stone. simplicity and beautifullness (i'm coining new words now) already looking forward to Fridays pictures

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      Good Morning Jeff,yes it was very hard for me to narrow down what I wanted to send. We made so many changes this Spring and Summer so I decided to focus on details. I didn't think Michelle wanted a portfolio of images. Ha ha
      Enjoy the Holidays

  5. Jay_Sifford 12/18/2014

    Great photos! The photo of the stone sphere sitting on the larger boulder particularly speaks to me. I love spheres and have many of them placed strategically around my garden; I use them in my garden designs as well. There's something so simple, so philosophical and so primal about this shape.
    On another note, you're doing great with your camera. Good job!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      Hi Jay thank you for your kind words. You would laugh if you knew how big that"boulder"really is. I would love some boulders in my gardens I have a thing for rocks. I have a ribbon rock that belonged to my Dad and some red Lava rocks my brother just gave me. Happy Holidays

  6. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/18/2014

    Glenda, it's so wonderful to see these details of your elegant garden and to go back and see the previous post. The two bonsai landscapes are killing me. I love them! What is the pine in the second landscape and how much more is out of the frame? It's a dynamite little tree. I have a specimen of Pinus thunbergii "Thunderhead" in my front yard and it looks like a giant bonsai (i know that technically doesn't make any sense!) in the yard. happy holidays!

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 12/18/2014

      Hi, Tim, just wanted you to know that you are not alone in using the word combination of "giant bonsai" . I once had a regular Japanese black pine that had some neat trunk contortions and its branching was rather sparse. Even though I knew it was dying, I held on to it as long as I could because I so liked the artistic impression it gave. I have a 'Thunderhead' that has surprised me with how tall and wide it has is over 15' and does put out very striking candles each spring.

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/18/2014

        Michaela, that is quite amazing! 15 feet? How long have you had yours? If memory serves me, your property has room for it to expand. Mine is only around 5 years old and under five feet. I've experimented with trying to keep it in check a bit, even though it is "dwarf". Lately I've let the candles get to a good size and then snip out the tall leader candles on each branch to try to keep it small and dense. You can also break the candles in half, but I found that the new candles that develop next year on that leader are somewhat sparse. It is an amazing cultivar and truly a 'giant bonsai'!! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

        1. User avater
          meander_michaele 12/18/2014

          Hi, again, Tim . For quite a few years, I did the shorten the candles thing in the spring and then handed the task over to my husband and a ladder. We have waved the white flag of surrender and now do nothing because it is so tall. Let's see if I can share the picture I just had my husband snap. The tree has been in place for about 15 years. I never expected it to get this size since the 'Thunderhead' is promoted as compact.

          1. User avater
            Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/18/2014

            OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! If mine gets that big in my compact front yard, it will be touching the sidewalk one way and in my living room on the opposite side. My future looks quite different now...Thanks for the great picture. I'll try to remember to upload a current photo of my little tree when I get home from work.

          2. User avater
            meander_michaele 12/18/2014

            If I hadn't had it supplied by a particularly reputable landscaper, I would almost wonder if it was mislabeled. I guess you could limb up yours if the need arose and treat it more like a shade evergreen. Then again, maybe your somewhat shorter growing season further north will work out perfectly for you and your 'Thunderhead'.

          3. User avater
            Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/18/2014

            Here's my little guy. Too cute, huh?

          4. User avater
            meander_michaele 12/18/2014

            Very nice, Tim. Truth is...I wish ours hadn't gotten so large. Yours anchors that corner perfectly.

    2. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      Tim you and I were lucky, I still had the tag close by because that was the last hypertufa pot I planted up about a month and a half ago. The pine is a Jacobsen Mugo Pine. I had lusted over it for quit some time and when I was considering what to put in this hypertufa I knew this pine was it.i most likely will have to do some root pruning in the future and possibly wire it but that will be in the future. The cold hardiness is-50 it takes full sun and can get 4 feet high x6. The pine is only about 21/2" longer than the frame shows. I did some pruning so it would start to look more Bonsai. I have future plans for a Bonsai class I love how serene they look. Enjoy your Holidays Tim

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/18/2014

        Let's hope my luck doesn't run out, Glenda! Thanks for the effort and time. Just love your garden. The Asian inspiration is wonderful, but not a dictator, so I think the garden is very peaceful and and full of Glenda-inspiriation! Cheers

  7. NCYarden 12/18/2014

    Good morning, Glenda. Love the little things - they really have such a big impact, especially with extended moments to really focus on them when not overshadowed by the typical showboats of the garden. Congratulations on the new camera and your robust venture with it...the only way to do it; besides the digital aspect allows for unlimited "mistakes" - sweeeeet! Too fun. I really enjoy your moss arrangements. I am a huge admirer of moss. I have a few moss scape containers as well, but also trying to slowly convert the back "lawn" into moss as I keep encouraging it to replace the grass. Your little scenes are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      Thank you NC Yarden,you are right about digital the"delete button" is sweeeet.I made all my hypertufa knowing I would small scenes in them,they are all on the front porch as a collection. We are very fortunate to have a large front porch for great displays. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  8. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

    The plant I think you are referring to is a Mahonia we purchased from Dan Hinkley this summer. It has been in to much sun he told us,but I loved how it looked so we got it. It got a slight bit more sun damage in our gardens too,because our neighbors took out a tree that helped shade us from the west sun,but it did bloom this year. Merry Christmas to you and thank you so much for your kind words.

  9. greengenes 12/18/2014

    Hi Glenda and all you GPODers! So you are Nurserynotnordstrom! Its been hard for me to put everyone together but iam getting better at it! Will you be at the NWFG show? I definitely will be. It will be so fun to meet everyone face to face! Well back to the garden pictures...They are all so great! Your camera takes great shots. I particularly like the rocks! That's wonderful that they came from your property. Have you ever been to Rialto beach or Ruby beach on the coast? The rocks there are amazing! Completely round and flat or round and fat! They do add so much to our gardens. Nice happy face too! I can hardly wait until tomorrows pictures! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      Good morning Jeanne,yes Don and I always go and I am looking very forward to meeting everyone,good times ahead. I'm still not good at putting people together I have never been good at names. I have been to both of those beaches but I was far to young to look at the rocks and appreciate the beauty or shapes,I really need to go again. I am continually enjoying the little things in life that make each day special,this blog included. I sound redundant but Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. GrannyCC 12/18/2014

    Wonderful vignettes. Your garden looks so delightful with lots to wander around and look at. I too love the round stones and the bonsai. You have made a good start on your new camera. Have fun with it over the holidays.

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      I can't wait to take more photos but work is so busy, presents to wrap and cookies to bake. Not complaining it's all fun I guess the days are getting shorter as it seems I always run out of time. I do gaze at my gardens each morning and visualize what my next fun projects will possibly be. Have fun over the holidays and I always look forward to your posts on this blog.

  11. user-7007327 12/18/2014

    Glenda, your combination of lanterns and dark greens are wonderful. Love the Buddha and the rock orbs.

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      Elizabeth thank you so much for your kind words,I have been looking for more lanterns I have a little collection going and can't seem to get enough of them,you never know where you will find one. Enjoy the holidays and I hope your new year is full of Joy.

      1. user-7007327 12/18/2014

        A very Merry Holiday to you.

  12. schatzi 12/18/2014

    Gorgeous, Glenda. So you are nurserynotnordstrom. Love the rocks and moss and hypertufa. Yours too, Grannymay. And beautifullness isn't a new word, Jeff - I use it all the time! Michelle, I plan to attend the F&GS and am looking forward to meeting you and my fellow gpodders (is that a word?). It would be really great if some of our east coast friends could swing a trip out here too. We could help defray costs by putting you up in our homes!
    Happy holidays everyone.

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      Thank you Shirley happy Holidays to you and I hope we get to meet up.

  13. sheila_schultz 12/18/2014

    It's hard to believe that these photos were taken on day one with your new camera, Glenda. You're amazing!
    There is something special about moss and rocks. Your combinations are so thoughtful I can almost feel the textures and smell the dampness. Just beautiful.
    Yay... I'm going to Seattle for the NWF&G show in Feb. My daughter and I were there 2 years ago and we can't wait to go again. I'm thrilled you are making a list Michele... it's going to be a blast to finally meet some of you after so many years! BTW, the Sheraton has some great rates going if you book through the group listed on the NWF&G website, and it's just right across the street from the show! The seminar line-up is great, too!

    1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

      Yay I'm so glad you are going to the show too,it's going to be so fun to meet up with everyone. I hope the schedule works with mine because I own a business and work on Saturdays so we will see what Michelle comes up with.

      1. sheila_schultz 12/18/2014

        Laurel and I are going to be there Wed., Thurs. and Fri... fingers crossed we can all meet! What's your business?

    2. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/18/2014

      You are a lucky girl! :)

  14. Meelianthus 12/18/2014

    Hello Glenda/NNN, guess I have been behind the door as I did not know those two names were one. Your pictures are enchanting and kudos to you on your photo taking (as I readily admit to being technologically inept !) I Is that a Dan Hinkley Mahonia, it looks similar to one of his? And by the way, I have recruited him for the Garden Conservancy's Open Days Tour if you are able to come to Bainbridge next summer, June 28th. five beautiful gardens.
    I do love your firepit, looks so inviting.
    Merry Christmas to you Glenda and hope to see you and the other GPODs at the NWFG.

    1. sheila_schultz 12/18/2014

      Dan Hinkley's garden on the Bainbridge GC Open Day tour? How wonderful for all of you! Can't wait to see you at the show!

    2. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/18/2014

      Dan Hinkley? Shut up! I want to come! How to to convince my wife to travel across the country for a garden tour.........Will there be books? :)

      1. schatzi 12/19/2014

        Of course there will be books! Oops - that's at the F&GS and any of the Pierce County Master Gardener events. That is one way we raise funds for our service projects. Come anyway - it's only money... I know, we are all rich, right? In plants anyway.

        1. User avater
          Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/19/2014

          So true. We had a contractor remodeling our kitchen who told us that money was no object - not to him as the person receiving the check!

    3. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/19/2014

      Yes I bought that Mahonia from Dan we have been to his home and gardens several times each time I notice something new. We also purchased one of his Indianola silver Mahonias,such a really great man and his knowledge is amazing,what he does though is very hard work propagating and developing new plants. Can you tell me who's gardens will also be on the tour that day,I'm pretty sure we will attend unless we make plans out of town that weekend,like I said we love Bainbridge. Merry Christmas to you as well and I look forward to meeting up with you as well.

  15. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/18/2014

    Newcastle isn't far away and it's lovely there. Can't wait to meet up.

  16. dewatobay 12/19/2014

    great photos

  17. foxglove12 12/24/2014

    Some very inspirational ideas. Thank you.

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