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Jeff’s patio is done!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton

A few weeks ago we got to see some progress on the patio Jeff Calton (tntreeman) was building in his Tennessee garden (refresh your memory HERE), and now we get to see it complete!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton

Jeff, I want to know what kind of stone you used–the colors are beautiful. And everything looks so enclosed and cozy. I need to come for a visit and drink a Beergarita on that patio!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton

This is prime time to take some photos in your garden. So get out there with your cameras and send some in! Email them to [email protected].

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jeff Calton


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  1. user-1020932 08/22/2013

    Michelle, the stone is local and came from near Natural Tunnel State Park. the stoneyard was GLAD to get rid of it as the pieces were too large and nobody wanted to work with it. many are 5 x 6 ft and about 4" thick,,,,HEAVY. you are welcome anytime for a Beergarita (those drinks are low class but ever so refreshing in summer) and we will watch the honeysuckle and virginia creeper climb those upright posts. a stonemason friend is coming to seal the stones with something to give them a richer color

  2. deeinde 08/22/2013

    It looks fantastic, tntreeman! And your gardens look great as well!

  3. user-1020932 08/22/2013

    thx yardmom, my place is always last on the list and i plant many leftovers here and plant/watch/grow new plants to see how they perform before using in clients gardens. a total hodge podge on the entire property

  4. flowerladydi 08/22/2013

    Jeff,, it looks great!,,, and how lucky you were to be able to have access to those large pieces of stone!,,,, I love your Korean Silberlocke Fir!!,,, and,,, is that a
    Gentch White Hemlock?,,,,, I looks like one,, I have one and LOVE it, and have not seen anyone else with one! Love the whole look!,,,,,as you said to me,,,, gardeners are fun people,, and I am sure you are! Tennessee is not just down the street from me,, but if I am ever in your area, I will make sure to stop and check out your yard/patio!!
    And,,, I know what you mean about your yard being last on your list to do,, and using leftovers. I do the same -- we both have somewhat ' test ' gardens.


  5. user-1020932 08/22/2013

    diane you are the FIRST person to recognize and call by name the Silberlocke fir and it's a great plant. i do have a gentsch white hemlock as well as pendula, nana gracilis, cole's prostrate, sherwoods compact, jervis and lewissii. you should plant a Picea orientalis aurea 'Skylands', it's beautiful all year and especially in spring flush. it's SLOW and skinny. and if you are ever in asheville nc or smoky mountains DO let me know and i will expect you here for dinner. we do have some pretty good gardens in the area and i have flooded Michelle with photos . leftovers, sometimes i have to plan for leftovers to get what i want :) that farfugium is new for me and i had to pay RETAIL, it nearly killed me to do that

  6. Jay_Sifford 08/22/2013

    Jeff, great job! Now you can relax.

    I was also going to ask about your Silberlocke Korean fir. I've killed three. How long have you had it in the ground? Apparently all those firs from the west coast are grafted onto Balsam stock which won't grow here. Abies firma stock I think would do fine here, but you can't find one of those guys commercially available. Most nurseries look at me funny when I ask what species of root stock a tree has.

    Glad you mentioned the 'Skylands' oriental spruce. It's one of my favorites. I use it a lot in my designs for other people, as well as have two here in my garden. It's great.

    What type of picea pungens is that in the second photo from the end, behind the Silberlocke? Also, I'm glad to see that you're a physocarpus fan as well. I think that is one of the most underused shrubs ever. I recently wrote an article about it for the website for which I write. Again, great job!

  7. user-1020932 08/22/2013

    jay, silberlocke is the only fir i have had success with it can take the heat/humidity here , frasier fir grows well about 45 minutes away at a considerably higher elevation but not here in the valley, people plant at christmas and they die for memorial day. the pice pungens variety is Theum and it's grafted on a standard by Bob Bullington and is at least 50 years old, it took a severe beating and torture during an ice storm and is still somewhat mis shapen and has "holes" in it. i like almost all the Ninebarks, deer won't eat them, tough and durable and lottsa color with no work. i do not rely on flowers for color as they come and go and some years are a complete failure but foliage colors always (almost) come through for me. the silberlocke has just finished it's 5th season here / it's another SLOW one and i don't know if Cham. Just Dandy or the Pagoda Hollies have grown a smidge since being planted. yep, i gots too much stuff. out the door to make a dollar, you guys have fun and make it a GREAT day!

  8. Quiltingmamma 08/22/2013

    Lovely finished job. Looks very inviting and plants well established.
    I have to say, what often draws me is the over all visions with the bits and bobs that make it fun. The chandelier looks great as do the pieces of farm tools around the grounds. What I see, but can't really see, is the little crowd of folks behind the pot with the yellow mums. I hope there is a story there....

  9. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/22/2013

    Things look just super, Jeff and, noticeably, nothing screams, "Look at me, I just got built !" By situating it where you did with some already mature plantings around it and using authentic mountain stone,well, it looks like its been there a nice long time...ha, well broken in with maybe even a spilled beergarita stain somewhere. I love the colorful umbrellas and tropical plants as off that Vacation Time vibe! I know it will be well enjoyed.
    By the way, I was fascinated with Jeff's Silberlocke Korean fir the time I had visited. I had never seen one before and this one was mesmerizing.

  10. gloriaj 08/22/2013

    Everything looks beautiful. You did a wonderful job. is that a lime tree I see with a lime ready for picking. Great job. Gives me lots of ideas. I must ask you about your Chicago Fig tree you mention in an earlier post. I have one that is loaded with figs and it is in its second year, but the figs are not ripe yet. Is it just too early. Thank you

  11. User avater
    HelloFromMD 08/22/2013

    Hi Jeff,

    Love your containers by the tree. Will you overwinter the elephant ears? I haven't seen a cissus discolor with a purple flush before. Is it getting some sun? That vine is a new favorite of mine. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from your new patio.

  12. debrees 08/22/2013

    Beautiful color on the patio stone and love that Silberlocke fir that sets it off. Great job.

  13. bee1nine 08/22/2013

    Hi Jeff, Very welcoming and cozy this new patio has become!
    The added posts for the honeysuckle and Virginia creeper
    shall provide a nice vertical feature.
    Looks like the plantings surrounding the patio are growing
    most healthy and happy,..since with all the rains you've
    been having.-not surprising!!

    Now for that one, single lime...sure would taste good in my
    rum & ginger!!!

  14. Quiltingmamma 08/22/2013

    Oh, I think the lime is for the Beergaritas....which I have never heard of before. Of course, I now have a recipe and better understanding. The perfect accompaniment to a new patio. Cheers!

  15. tractor1 08/22/2013

    That's quite an assortment of unique plantings, and chachkas... I really like that carving? in the last photo down on the left (looks like jade/verdigris brass), at first I thought some sort of succulent until I enlarged it. Those huge patio stones are wonderful (never need to worry a guest will glom one), I like the colors and also how they're pocked and make little pools. Next project: a koi pool, you're in the right climate to enjoy it all year, and another use for those massive stones, as liners set in clay.

    Yesterday the electric cable was brought out to my barn, they did a very neat job, Tuesday the barn gets wired and fixtures installed... barn cats will be a lot warmer this winter. Gotta catch Cali and get her to the Vet... anyone need a healthy kitten, got four more.

  16. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/22/2013

    Just awesome, Jeff, but I think that sedge next to the potted mum is dead.... :) Just kidding. The brown and orange sedges have been slowly growing on me. Kudos.

  17. GrannyMay 08/22/2013

    Wonderful welcoming patio and garden Jeff! Perfect setting for sitting back with any drink you like and taking in all the fantastic plants and ornaments surrounding you. Planned leftovers make the best meals/gardens!

  18. wittyone 08/22/2013

    Well, yes, I too would like to know about the little people behind the potted mum. You just leave out the most important points in your description!

  19. GardenersWK 08/22/2013

    The patio looks great! I like the large stone and I am surprised you didn't leave space between them to plant moss or stepables plants (:)
    I also like your citrus tree! Is it a Meyer lemon or something else?

  20. crizmo 08/22/2013

    Wonderful work TNT! Your patio has a great vibe. When's the party?

  21. user-1020932 08/22/2013

    the "little people" is a cast stone piece done by a local artist she also makes "potheads" of which i have several.
    chicago hardy fig,mine are loaded as well but are not ripe and should be i don't know why they are so late this year i have only had a dozen or so ripe so far.
    the elephant ears all go in the basement and all look dead come spring but jump back to life. i don't know cissus discolor, if you're asking about the plant in the big basket it's a Persian Shield, now i want cissus discolor!
    there are spaces between the stones i'm just letting things settle in, i'm thinking to use Leptinella Platts Black and yes it's a Meyer's Lemon there are 3 on that little clearance rack 2.50 tree, key lime is behind it and it's loaded
    vojt, if i had a dollar for everytime someone told me the carex is dead i would be a rich man :) i know you're kidding
    and Crizmo, the party is most any evening no invitation required just drop in anytime

  22. sheila_schultz 08/22/2013

    Dang... I love it when Michelle posts your photos Jeff! There is always so much lively conversation that ensues and today also became a mini-lesson in conifers. Yay! How cool is that? Oh, I neglected to mention how much fun it is seeing the fruits of your labor... I think 'awesome' comes to mind. You are such a talented designer.

    Quite seriously, thank you Jeff. You have brought humor, knowledge and great chats to GPOD.

  23. greatdanes 08/22/2013

    The first thing I said to myself was "Yowzaa, look at the size of that stone!" Then "Now that's a hanging basket!"
    Looks wonderful!

  24. user-1020932 08/22/2013

    thanks so much, sheila i really do appreciate it and yeah, i do like to talk :) ask anyone in Kingsport
    great danes, that basket came about because of throwaways. everything in it except for the hanging chains was rescued from the trash heap. the frame is made from the iron rim of a rotted out wagon wheel, the basket is made from the wire cages from buying stone, the burlap is just leftover burlap pieces and all the plants were either rescued from the trash heap or bought for almost nothing on the clearance rack. it's about 3.5 ft wide and maybe 18 " deep . i wanted to show what can be done with "trash" and that given the chance almost any plant will thrive.
    and YES those stones were a bear to handle , i think they are there to stay forever

  25. janeeliz 08/22/2013

    Jeff, your new patio looks awesome! You have a wonderful talent for making all kinds of 'left-overs' come to life in a fun and beautiful way! I am unfamiliar with many of the plants that you used but they look great together....very inviting spot!
    I'd love to visit if I were near.

  26. user-1020932 08/22/2013

    JaneEliz should you ever be this far south i would be hurt if you didn't visit! you're always welcome here in the valley

  27. tractor1 08/22/2013

    TNT, your property has everything but it needs a cat or two. Today I was able to catch two of Cali's four new kittens and bring them into the house, hopefully I'll get lucky tomorrow and catch the other two, they're already weaned and they would never survive out there. And poor Newt is at the Vet, he has a broken tooth and it's abscessed... Vet says he will be okay and may even come home tomorrow. Anyone need a very healthy barn kitten?

  28. user-1020932 08/22/2013

    tractor our cat died after a long life, the neighbor has 4 and they patrol the garden then go home

  29. cwheat000 08/23/2013

    Jeff, the patio and gardens look Fab! Sorry, I am checking in so late. Your tropicals and annuals are huge! I guess all the rain, it sounds like you got, is good for something. I too love your collection of conifers. I agree with Sheila. I am so glad you and your gardens are a part of the GPOD.

  30. cwheat000 08/23/2013

    Those kittens are too cute.

  31. perenniallycrazy 08/23/2013

    Wow Jeff! You are seriously having some fun with your garden projects and now you have set yourself up for even more serious FUN! Thank you for sharing your home and garden with us. I love the all the planning, the grandness and the scale of your projects. I envy your plant specimens as well. Look forward to seeing more on GPOD and beyond.

  32. user-1020932 08/23/2013

    thanks, Cherry and Carla! cherry i wish i had your knack and talent for container plantings and carla i wish i had your talent for developing such beautiful and free flowing gardens. xie xie!

  33. flowerladydi 08/23/2013

    Jeff,,, it is now a day later,,, just came back to this,

    As we are both in the business,,, I totally understand what you mean by ' planning on leftovers ',,,and it is obvious that we both love interesting trees!!! I almost get on a high when I see some!!! Seriously!!
    I too have a small cole's,, 3 pendula's,, different shapes, different parts of the yard,, and have seen Picea ' Skylands ',,I also have a small contorted fir,,, LARGE ( too large ) Concolor and many many more!,,,,IF ONLY I had more room!!! I have offered to take over my neighbors yards on both sides,,, ( have already used the whole parkway ),, but not really such a good idea. My problem ( I have many of them -:) , is that my yard is SOOOO small!, just a very small subdivision with small homes. If I ever sell, I will be selling my yard, and the house goes with it. You have much more room to work with.,,, but we can all only do what we can do!
    We should exchange personal e-mails,, I would love to see some of your photos!,,, it is fun sharing with those that have the same passion!
    How long have you been in the business???

  34. user-1020932 08/23/2013

    diane,,, i am finishing my 26th season in business, degreed in 1981 and have been digging holes since i was 4!

    [email protected] love to hear from you anytime you have free time

    i only have 2 acres here at home but we maintain a bit more than 20 acres of ornamentals NO MOWING we only maintain mulched beds, ornamental plantings and containers.

    i have way way way too much stuff here at home but i can get by with it because i am in business . i do some silly ass things here at home because i can. i can not do them on the job and it's fun here at home.

    have another cuppa coffee and write me a letter! i'm out the door

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