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All About Hydrangeas

all about hydrangeas

Ask anyone what their absolute favorite garden plant is—even someone who has never weilded a pruning shear—and they will likely respond, “Hydrangea!” You just can’t go wrong when you plant one of these blooming shrubs. Here’s just about everything you could ever possibly want to know about them:


blue hydrangea serrata pink panicle hydrangea multicolored mountain hydrangea

The Smarter Hydrangea

The Best Panicle Hydrangeas

Growing Mountain Hydrangeas

blue and purple bigleaf hydrangea pink and white panicle hydrangea hydrangea in the back of a garden

Big Flowers from Bigleaf Hydrangeas

The Best New Hydrangeas

Designing With Hydrangeas

illustration of how to prune hydrangeas pruning a hydrangea bright pink mountain hydrangea

Video: How to Prune Hydrangea Bushes

Pruning Hydrangeas

How to Change Hydrangea Color: pH Isn’t the Only Factor


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  1. ancientgardener 09/23/2013

    I have three huge, healthy oak leaf hydrangeas. Each produces three or four gorgeous blooms each spring/summer and that's it. They do not get a lot of sun. Is that the problem... or what?

  2. user-1020932 09/23/2013

    i am going to forward this article to madonna :)

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