Garden Tour: The Garden of the Unique Plant

Video by Danielle Sherry, Edited by Kara Demos

Executive editor Danielle Sherry walks us around the Garden of the Unique Plant, featured in the article Texture Never Quits in issue 195 of Fine Gardening magazine. Danielle says,

Texture is often referred to as the third element of garden design. We all tend to get overly focused on color and form, but texture is that hard-to-explain “little something extra” that brings a landscape from good to great. Joann Currier and Sebastian Hamilton relied on this essential third element when they turned their 4-acre North Carolina property from horse pastures into the glorious garden they always dreamed it would be. Throughout the landscape, they have repeated colors, forms, and—most important—textures. But while the colors can fade and forms will change in this Zone 7 garden, the texture keeps things interesting and attractive year-round.

See some of the plants that make this garden unique in this quick tour.

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  1. patrick_moran1 09/16/2020

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