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Flowers and edibles living in harmony

Culver's root 'Fascination,' sedum 'Firecracker,' platycodon, agapanthus 'Peter Pan,' gaura, candytuft (plus herbs and eggplant!)

Nina has done a fantastic job bringing flowers and edibles together in her beautiful garden.

"I have raised beds for my vegetables, but I still enjoy sprinkling additional edible plants around the yard.  I've attached four photos that show the veggie garden and then some additional edibles among the flower beds."

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Veggie garden with potted fig and potted lemon.

Nasturtium 'Creamsicle,' rose 'John Cabot (plus pink champagne currant and rhubarb!)

Mugo pine, geranium 'Buxton Blue,' rose 'John Cabot' (plus strawberries on other side of fence!)

Itoh peony 'Yumi,' more geranium (and more strawberries!)

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/03/2015

    Your artful incorporation of ornamental plants and edibles is very inspiring, Nina, and certainly shows that a gardener can have the best of both worlds. I snuck off to look up your peony 'Yumi' and, oh, my, what a beauty! You must be ecstatic when it is bloom.

  2. user-4691082 08/03/2015

    I am inspired to add some edibles to my beds! Thanks, Nina!

  3. User avater
    HelloFromMD 08/03/2015

    Hi Nina, tell us about agapanthus 'Peter Pan. I haven't grown Agapanthus yet and it isn't hardy where I live. How do you overwinter your Peter Pan? I love how your veggies are so ornamental and all the structure you built for them. If I ever have enough sun I am going to copy you.

    1. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/03/2015

      Are you zone 6 or 7? I grow Agapanthus campanulatus and A. campanulatus ssp. mooreanus; both super hardy here (6a to 5b, depending), even after the last two bad winters. Hard to come by, but worth the search. I'm trying Agapanthus 'Mood Indigo'. My source said it is a campanulatus cultivar hardy to zone 6 as well, but it is VERY different from the two varieties I have, and other sources rate it less hardy. Fingers crossed because it is gorgeous! Cheers.

    2. wildthyme 08/03/2015

      The agapanthus is not hardy here in zone 4 - 5, but it's inexpensive enough that I grow it as an annual. It does well in a pot, but I'm trying not to expand what I have to overwinter in the greenhouse.

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/03/2015

    You raised-bed vegetable gardeners are inspiring me. Looks great. In what zone do you garden? Love your agapanthus. The flower structure is great. I love the intersectional peonies, but have never heard of Yumi. Looking online, I bet it is a great choice. Those flowers are stunning and it looks like the flowers don't flop too badly! Are you happy with it?

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 08/03/2015

      It's always nice, isn't it Tim, when the info on the location of the garden is included. Since I am zone 6b, I should probably make an effort to track down some agapanthus because I do love the flowers. The name of the variety you mentioned below, 'Mood Indigo', sounds quite intriguing...ha, I think I want it based on its name alone!

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/03/2015

        Mood Indigo is blooming right now and the flowers really have a lot of staying power, opening very slowly. Takes the heat and humidity in stride. A bit more purple than indigo, but stunning! Mine is from Quackin' Grass Nursery. My first order from them and they sent out huge, wonderful plants.

        1. User avater
          meander_michaele 08/03/2015

          Oh, wow, that is greedy alter ego is whispering (no, yelling) in my ear that I must order one (some) this fall. I am off to visit the website of Quackin' Grass Nursery. Thanks for posting the picture and sharing your source, Tim.

          1. User avater
            Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/03/2015

            You know what they say: Profligacy shared is a half a profligacy....or is that grief? I've read that Agapanthus do well pot-bound in containers, so this year I am trying A. inapertus nigrescens and A. inapertus 'Graskop' in containers to see how they do, overwintering indoors.

          2. User avater
            meander_michaele 08/03/2015

            HA, you with your willingness to experiment, you are our own canary in the coal mine...keep us informed on how things fare.

        2. wildthyme 08/03/2015

          Wow, love the color! I'm going to look for those next year.

    2. wildthyme 08/03/2015

      We are zone 4 technically, but we've been more zone 5-ish the last few years. I never appreciated agapanthus when I lived in California, but now that I grow them as an annual here in Montana I splurge with a couple every year. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Itoh peony. The flowers are gorgeous and do not flop. I have one flower last year (its first year here) and at least a dozen this year. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/03/2015

        Thanks, Nina! I'll keep my eyes open for 'Yumi'. I have "Garden Treasure" and the flowers are spectacular, but they do tend to flop. I suspected your garden wasn't in a zone hardy enough for Agapanthus. I've heard other California natives characterize Agapanthus as 'common gas station' flowers, but being from the midwest, they are gorgeous and exotic to me!

  5. greengenes 08/03/2015

    What a treat to see your gardens this morning, Nina! I really like how you mixed it up! That is a great fig tree in the pot, in the first photo. Do you have a greenhouse to over winter it? And do you get much fruit on it? It seems like such a tiny pot for it so do you have to fertilize it a lot? The rose on the fence is gorgeous representing to me, "the old days" where fences were used quite often for roses to climb. These are so great to see as I could go on and on! Thanks for sharing with us! Great Fun!

    1. wildthyme 08/03/2015

      We do have a small greenhouse to overwinter the fig & the lemon, both of which are WAY overdue for upsizing into a larger pot . . . hopefully this fall. We get quite a few figs, a small crop of large figs in the spring on the old wood and then a larger crop of smaller ones in the fall on the new wood.

  6. user-3565112 08/03/2015

    The raised bed area in the 1st. photo is outstanding. It looks like it has been there for a while and must have taken a huge effort in the beginning. Nice job, I like it a lot.

  7. Cenepk10 08/03/2015

    Wow.. Thats a garden ! Those plants seem to know that they are in a very fancy setting & are loving it !!!!

  8. GrannyCC 08/03/2015

    Love your veggie garden and how you have combined some fruit in you other beds, The raised boxes are great. I had 2 built this year and I am able to sit on the edge to weed. I think we need to think of growing our own vegetables and fruit as California and the West Coast are certainly suffering through drought and the cost of produce is skyrocketing. Evan a small patch helps my pocket book.

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