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Edibles and Flowers Living in Harmony

Ann McCormick has done a lot in just two summers! Edibles and flowers can indeed live in harmony.

"This is the second summer at our home in Big Lake, Minnesota. When we moved in the backyard had a garden that was indistinguishable from the weeds. I tore it out, saving a few perennials. That first summer, my husband and I built three raised beds and with the help of friends and family built a 10 x12 garden "shed." This summer we added two more raised beds, an arbor and small pond with fish. Edibles and flowers are coexisting beautifully. We have lots of color, birds and butterflies."

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  1. VikkiVA 08/14/2015

    Ann you have a lovely landscape. I was especially glad to see the Monarch butterfly enjoying the flowers. We don't seen enough of the Monarch these days. Thanks for planting the host plant (is that one Milk Weed?) Vikki in VA

  2. user-3565112 08/14/2015

    You guys have an amazing amount of energy & talent. The shed is colorful & well designed & your carpentry work is outstanding. thru out the garden. It is all very impressive & well done. Good luck, Joe

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/14/2015

    I have to admit, Ann, that I am thoroughly captivated by your charming garden "shed" (hard to use that word instead of cottage) and the peek inside you gave us. It has such lovely architectural detail with the paned windows and little porch landing. I can't quite tell if you have landscaped around it but if not, that will certainly be a fun project. Great job on everything.

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/14/2015

    Your hard work has really paid off. I'd certainly be thrilled with the transformation if I were you. Great shot of the monarch on the butterfly weed!

  5. eddireid 08/14/2015

    My heart always skips a beat when I see pretty garden sheds! Love the shed, the butterfly picture and the irrigation system for all the flowers and veggies. You and your husband have worked very hard and it shows in the beauty of it all.
    Was your shed prefabricated or is it all your own design - you may find someone moving in!

  6. Cenepk10 08/14/2015

    Love your place !!! What are the hoses coming out of the ground ? Don't tell me water…Very cool indeed !!! Love it …

  7. GrannyCC 08/14/2015

    Lovely garden. Thanks for sharing with us. So glad to see veggies and flowers sharing space.

  8. buckgardeners 08/14/2015

    That looks like a she-shed to me. Want one! Lovely garden. Congrats on the monarch too.

  9. user-7007125 08/14/2015

    Love it!

  10. user-7007761 08/15/2015

    simply beautiful

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