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Expand your veggie garden with containers

Dawn Marie Carlson added veggie containers to grow more vegetables as a little garden experiment. It worked!

"I have my vegetable and rose garden in an enclosed area on the south side of the house where the deer are unable to enter and enjoy the edibles. I have a small 4 x 4 cedar vegetable garden box packed with tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and eggplant. Because I wanted to add more vegetables, I purchased some small, black plastic containers and lined them against the wall filled with fresh, organic soil, and organic fertilizer for cucumbers, zucchini, watermelons, and cantaloupe where they had more room to spread. This little garden experiment proved to be successful!"

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/30/2015

    Nice to see the bee busily at work also enjoying the safe haven you created, Dawn. I suspect you keep the use of pesticides to a minimum or not at all. Looks like all your veggie plants are rewarding you generously and your work has been well worth it.

  2. buckgardeners 07/30/2015

    I'm so impressed with the cucumbers, etc. growing nicely out of those small containers. I would have thought they would want more root room. I'm going to try that!

  3. User avater
    HelloFromMD 07/30/2015

    So wonderful to have sun to grow veggies. Sigh. My property is too shady. Your veggie garden is so neat and well organized. Looks like a top of the line deer fence. They can't crawl under due to the bottom board, right?

  4. NCYarden 07/30/2015

    Very cool. I think it's so great to grow your own crops. Plus the plants still provide an ornamental aspect. You seem to be accomplished too with the container gardening - I've never really been that successful in this manner beyond just growing the plant - rarely any edible reward. Well done.

  5. annek 07/30/2015

    Great idea. You captured beautiful light in your close-up photos and I enjoyed your spoon 'size-comparison' for your cukes. The deer most likely gaze in at your protected garden with baleful eyes!

  6. jagardener 07/30/2015

    An idea worth trying especially when you are in the second year of a drought.

  7. eddireid 07/30/2015

    Raised beds, containers and fence - great ideas which clearly work. And not a shot fired at the wildlife! Love it.
    Your harvest looks as though it will be very successful. It was a really good idea to show the teaspoon as a visual aid. Organic everything and so beautifully kept that I'm envious. Well done on all your thoughtful hard work to set it up. Happy harvesting.

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/30/2015

    Nice job. I'm a complete vegetable failure, but you have inspired me. Perhaps next year I give edibles another go with your resourceful style!

  9. GrannyMay 07/30/2015

    Well done! Nothing beats your own organically grown veggies!

  10. jairajramanujam 07/31/2015


  11. Cenepk10 08/02/2015

    Nice ! I meant to do that this year...

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