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Designing a Small Border—Part One: Establishing a Backbone

Every bed needs a backbone to anchor the entire planting. It’s monumentally easier to create a backbone first than to go back and add it when the bed is already full of plants.

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    LauraWilliams 01/15/2019

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    BenjaminShaw 01/17/2019

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    DanielTaylorr 02/02/2019

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    AshlieDPerron 10/25/2019

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    AshlieDPerron 11/06/2019

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    AnnaMartinez 11/19/2019

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    GeorgeMendoza 11/22/2019

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    DianeScheiber 12/13/2019

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    PaulKinney 01/07/2020

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    Dean_Sellers 01/09/2020

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    HermanDean 01/21/2020

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    SarahCullen 01/24/2020

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