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Designing a Small Bed, Part Two: Establishing a Theme

It may sound like a paradox, but when designing a small bed, once your realize you can’t have it all, your design opens itself up to you. If you missed step one, click here!

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  1. deepasadanandanleela 06/28/2015

    really informative

  2. marlenaburrus 07/06/2015

    What plants can I plant in areas that are shady with trees that will grow? Also, what can I use to get rid of moss that grows in the yard and around the trees.

    1. ashley1414 05/26/2016

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    LauraWilliams 01/15/2019

    Very beautiful!!

  4. User avater
    DeweyMessier 01/16/2019


  5. User avater
    BenjaminShaw 01/17/2019


  6. User avater
    DanielTaylorr 02/02/2019

    Good one!

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