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Daylilies and More in Kansas

Some exquisite varieties of a beloved perennial

Today’s photos come from Gwen Chance.

I have been gardening for many years in Zone 6 in Kansas. I have over 100 varieties of daylilies mixed in with other perennials. There is great satisfaction in growing beautiful flowers.

Daylily ‘Doctor Lopez’Daylily ‘Doctor Lopez’. Daylily breeders are busy creating ever more exciting and elaborate flowers, with complex patterns, ruffles, and frills. The variation is nearly endless, and of course daylilies are one of the easiest groups of plants to grow.

Daylily ‘Space Coast Royal Ransom’Daylily ‘Space Coast Royal Ransom’. With so many varieties of daylilies being introduced, the cultivar names are often very long and unusual. Many breeders put the same phrase in all their introductions so that it is easy to recognize their work. Varieties with names beginning with “Space Coast” are the creations of Florida daylily breeders John Kinnebrew and James Gossard. It can be well worth learning the breeders of your favorite varieties, because if you find a breeder with similar tastes to yours, you’ll probably love a lot of their introductions.

Daylily ‘Jay Farquhar’Daylily ‘Jay Farquhar’

Daylily ‘Jane Trimmer’Daylily ‘Jane Trimmer’. Look how many fat flower buds there are on that plant. Since each bloom on a daylily only lasts one day, producing lots and lots of flower buds is key to a large, long-lasting display.

garden shedBeautiful walkway to a little garden shed.

It isn’t all daylilies. Lush perennials fill this bed, while an annual planter lifted up on a post adds height and drama.

Another dramatic daylily, with an extraordinarily complex pattern.

Daylily ‘Boundless Beauty’Daylily ‘Boundless Beauty’ showing intense ruffling.

A flower-filled planting in this lovely garden.


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  1. paiya 01/30/2020

    Gwen, your array of daylilies is breath-taking; each one is complex and beautiful. Also, your garden shed is delightful

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/30/2020

    All I can say is a super sincere "Yum Yum" on your bountiful buffet of such beautiful daylilies. I. too, am drawn to thick crinkly edges and dramatically colored eye zones. Your garden shed is a visual delight...totally adorable. Thanks so much for sharing photos.

  3. User avater
    simplesue 01/30/2020

    I really enjoyed this virtual garden tour and the close up shots of the daylilies!
    Such a darling little garden-shed-cottage with the cute path and arbor with I think I see a climbing rose just starting up.
    Those curly edged daylilies are so pretty and interesting and I'm also happy to learn about how the breeder names them and often keeps the same name at the beginning- good info to know.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. btucker9675 01/30/2020

    Love daylilies!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous collection. That garden shed doubtless houses garden fairies!

  5. Maggieat11 01/31/2020

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful daylilies and gardens with us! Great little garden shed your path! Best wishes for the season ahead! (And hopefully, you'll be sharing more photos!) 😁🥀😁

  6. Pollen 01/31/2020

    Inspiring to be sure! Please share the resource of the shed in your garden, is it a kit or did you make it? I am looking for a small shed with my limited space but want an adorable one! I am a Daylily Exhibition and Garden Judge, see more at for your local club. Thank you, Pollen at: [email protected]

    1. OneKSGardner 02/05/2020

      My little garden shed was designed and built by my son, Dustin. He didn’t quite have it finished when he was killed in an auto accident at the age of 27. My husband and other son finished it after the accident. It is a treasure in my garden for sure! Thank you for the sweet comment!!

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