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Creating a Romantic Garden

Nanci Kerby show us how she made a romantic, informal garden

We’ve seen some of Nanci Kerby’s garden projects at her home in Napa, California, before (here), and today she’s showing us around her “bunny garden,” so named for the adorable statue of a rabbit that graces the space.

The bunny garden happened because I photographed a landscape designer’s work and was so impressed I came home and said “Where can I do this intensive gardening?” I chose a space that was awaiting creation. It was mowed weeds up until then, with a remnant horse corral fence from my past with roses on it, an apple tree espaliered up it, and grapevines. We have gophers, which I have lost some roses to, so I plant precious things in pots and bury them. The whole area is on a drip irrigation line, which snakes through the garden.

I picked a few basic plants and added manure to amend the soil. Every year I add more, so the garden looks different every year. I transplanted from other areas on the property and began with Shasta daisies. I added dahlias (they got pots to protect against gophers) and zinnias (they survive fine), little English daisies, and daylilies from the backyard daylily bed. Periwinkle, Swiss chard, and borage volunteer, as does mint, and all are good fillers. I add more each year.

I add tulips and daffodils in early February and March when not too much ground is blooming but bits of color are happening.

Before Nanci took over the garden, there were some roses, mown grass and weeds, and lots of possibilities.

And after! Masses of daisies headline this part of the informal, flower-filled garden.

Another view of the garden, with zinnias, dahlias, and other flowers around the namesake bunny statue.

The process of creating the garden. The bunny is still there, but surrounded by a lot of turmoil.

Large pots sunk into the ground protect precious plants from hungry gophers.

The bunny of the bunny garden, with zinnias.

Another view looking down the garden path.


Come back tomorrow for more shots of this lovely garden!


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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/04/2018

    I loved the transformed effect of the sumptuous cloud of white when the daisies are at peak bloom....there's something magical about such an abundance of flowers. And your bunny statue is so adorable. He stands with an air of expectation and serenity...bringing to life the phrase "good things come to he who waits."...ha, or, at least, that's my paraphrased version of the saying.

  2. User avater
    user-7007816 12/04/2018

    Beautifully done with a very natural feel.

  3. garden1953 12/04/2018

    Lovely gardens! I too have a gopher problem. I use wire baskets from Dollar Tree sunk in the ground to plant my perennials.

  4. cheryl_c 12/04/2018

    What a great reward from such an ongoing effort! Beautiful masses - and the zinnias are the perfect touch! Thanks for sharing.

  5. btucker9675 12/04/2018

    What a lovely bunny garden!

    Good idea, Garden1953, to use the wire baskets - I'm going to give that one a try!

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