Create Perfect Conditions for Roses

Joshua Therriault, Produced by Antonio Reis

Roses have their own special requirements to do well. Instead of fussing with them, many people just skip the plants entirely. But there is a better way.

You can give roses all of the requirements they need—fertilizers, soil, a sunny spot, and proper air circulation—by growing them in a container.

The first step is giving roses the proper soil. What we have here is two-thirds of a well-draining container mix and one-third compost. This is going to combine the proper drainage that plants need with a healthy dose of nutrients. If you want an extra kick of nutrients, you can mix in some more slow-release fertilizer.

Our next step is to add the rose. Since we paid so much attention to giving it great soil, we don’t need the soil that it came in. Not only do we not need this soil, but we want the roots to be growing out into the special soil we provided in the container. Some roses are grafted, which means the roots are of a different plant than the top. If the graft union is below the soil, the roots will send up new shoots to overtake the top plant. If you’re not sure if you have a grafted plant, ask at the nursery you bought it from.

Once the root ball is at the height you want, fill in with the rest of the mix. As you’re filling in with soil, you can press it down slightly but not so much that it becomes compacted. When the soil is up to the same level as it was in the nursery pot, you’re all done. The last step is to water it in.

After you’ve watered it in, just give it a sunny home and you’ll have a happy, healthy rose wherever you want it.

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