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Donna’s beautiful pond in Washington

Plants include: natives such as evergreen ferns, salal, wild strawberry, and evergreen huckleberry. Others include: lily pads, leucothoe, euphorbia, iris, heather, dwarf azalea, heuchera, strawberry tree, dwarf Japanese maple, and penstemon.  Also one more but can’t remember it’s name (large heart-shaped green and maroon leaves with yellow flowers in late summer- it’s on the right in the photo).

Today’s photos are from Donna Dziak, who says, “I live in the Seattle area. I love to garden, of course. I am self taught but I also learned a lot from my parents and grandparents, who were farmers in their native countries before coming to the US. The first photo is of my backyard pond, which took the place of a chainlink dog run filled with scrap wood and assorted materials that was in the yard when we moved in.”

Wow, Donna, I can’t imagine this area ever being as ugly as you described. It’s gorgeous now! We need MANY more photos. It looks like there’s so much to see! Thanks so much, and send more soon.

This bed has crocosmia, black-eyed Susan, phlox, hardy fuchsia, tuberous begonia, salal, hebe, heavenly bamboo, a variety of succulents, tulips in the spring and Asiatic lilies in early to mid-summer, and daphne.

The season is winding down, everyone! Get outside with that camera. We need to see your garden! Yes I said NEED. Not WANT. NEED.

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  1. perenniallycrazy 08/30/2014

    Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! Gorgeous Donna!!! But... there are only four photos... and that enlarge feature can't come soon enough.

    Can't seem to find the mystery plant on the photo but I'm guessing it's Ligularia dentata?

    Did you attend the Northwest Flower Show this year Donna? Hope you send in more photos for a part 2 on Tuesday. (Pretty please Michelle?)

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/01/2014

    Gosh, Donna, your pictures show a garden with a wonderful balance of soothing and serene and yet colorful and interesting. Must be fun to be you and wake up in the morning and take your pick of what area to work in or just admire at the end of the day. I must admit that your helpful listing of plant names sent me off on some google image and info searches since I was unfamiliar with salal, strawberry tree, and hebe. Your heathers (?) are lovely...the white and lavender mounds in picture #1... they add such visual interest and is the hebe the bluish looking almost like small spruce near the crocosmia? I'm with Perennially Crazy in hoping to see more pictures when you get a chance.

  3. user-7007140 09/01/2014

    So lush and peaceful! Donna you have created a wonderful garden both to work in and also enjoy.
    Have you thought of adding Gunnera towards the back of the pond area? It has huge umbrella leaves and if I could grow it in Ohio, I most certainly would!

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 09/01/2014

    Why oh why did you send in photos?! Now I have to add a pond to my backyard! Looks amazing.

  5. GrannyCC 09/01/2014

    Love the pond and what a nice place to sit and have a glass of wine or tea! You certainly could have a Gunnera. I am on Vancouver Island and I have one. It is a smaller variety. Some can be huge. Can't believe this was a dog run. Is that a greenhouse I see in the background?

  6. greengenes 09/01/2014

    Very nice, Donna! What a great place to relax and read a good book with a glass of wine! It sure looks like Washington! I love the flow of your gardens. It would be great to see more! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. wittyone 09/01/2014

    What a wonderful change you have made here. I bet the previous dogs would love to have a dip in your beautiful pond. How long did this transformation take?

    How do you get those crocosmia to bloom so beautifully? I have tried them in I can't remember how many places, sun, shade, semi shade with no luck whatsoever. In their last incarnation (and I'm about to rip them out once again) a few will just barely bloom not completely opening the whole sheaf of flowers and the others just sit there sullenly looking back at me.

  8. user-7007176 09/01/2014

    Wonderful garden!

  9. schatzi 09/02/2014

    Love the pond and the plantings. Beautiful! I would love to have a pond big enough to swim in! I hate chlorinated pools. I keep planting more crocosmias - I love 'em and so do the hummers and bees. Far Reaches Farm in Port Townsend has more varieties than you would dream existed. They are one of my favorite nurseries, in case you haven't heard of them. But if you have ever gone to the flower and garden show, you will know them. They have wonderful plants, sourced from all over the world. Unusual things you can't find other places. Another plant I keep collecting is hardy Fuchsia - the variety is endless and they grow so well here, and again, the hummers and such love them. A few wold be a great addition to your already spectacular garden. That pond looks so inviting...

  10. GrannyMay 09/02/2014

    Beautiful pond and garden Donna! The sitting area in the shade with the large rocks and ferns, looking at the waterlilies and reflections in the water, must be a favourite place to chill out and relax. Definitely need more photos - and since we can't see the details, more close-ups please!

  11. NCYarden 09/02/2014

    Awesome! So serene. Just got back from vacation. Was so happy to see my own garden, but very excited to see yours (and a few past days) to compensate for the plant deprivation. It's so pleasant and calming, especially as I try to catch back up here at work. Thank you for sharing.

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