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Beth’s garden in Maryland, revisited

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright

Happy Friday! We’re ending the week with another repeat visit to an awesome garden. We featured Beth’s garden in Maryland last summer (refresh your memory HERE), and she’s done a lot of work since then. 

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright

She says, “GPOD featured my garden in August 2012. My husband and I purchased the property in October 2011 which is on Dogwood Harbor in Tilghman’s Island, Maryland. The house is an 1855 victorian farmhouse and it also includes a small cottage studio in the back dubbed the “Love Shack” by the prior owner.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright

“At the time of the prior photos, we were renovating the Love Shack which is now complete. We have also continued to add new perennials, grasses and shrubs to the existing borders and have created new beds including a raised vegetable bed.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright

“The property is on the water next to a working fishing harbor which includes a couple skipjacks (old oyster dredging sailing vessels unique to the Chesapeake Bay). We do get tidal water a couple times a month on one side of the yard and there are areas that are extremely wet. The soil is very alkaline so acid amendment is needed for some things. Our favorite thing to do is sit back, look out at the garden and the water and watch the boats come in and out.”

Amazing work. Thanks for sharing the progress, Beth!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Wright

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  1. user-1020932 07/05/2013

    all beautiful and i compared the previous visit with todays feature. hard work and lots of it is paying big dividends. my favorite pics are always the ones where the dogs or cats photobomb the shot :) i have a "thing" for old houses and i get over the fever of wanting to start over in one and then i see something like this and the itch starts again to move and start anew. a garden is never finished so we must garden as if we will live forever

  2. user-1020932 07/05/2013

    meander1 just because it's a holiday does not give you the freedom to sleep in :) where are you ?!?!?

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/05/2013

    I would never believe this is a relatively new garden. Nice job and some great echinacea cultivars!

  4. paulie21 07/05/2013

    Can anyone identify the orange flowers in the foreground of the Love Shack close-up picture? They're striking!

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/05/2013

    The love shack positively sparkles after being on the receiving end of so much TLC...coats of crisp white paint on the walls, the new metal roof, and the bright pop of blue on the door...all look great! Have there been any interior improvements or, dare I ask, any plans for a particular use?
    Love all the happy colored flowers and how plentiful they are.

  6. grannieannie1 07/05/2013


    I enjoyed touring your cottage garden with its relaxed feel and meandering quality. Great job!

    What are the red daisy-like flowers mixed in with the shasta daisy bed?

    I love all your combinations of plants, and the red lily is luscious.


  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/05/2013

    Ha, tntreeman, it has nothing to do with any after effects of the day after a holiday. It's the gray skies and the absence of the sun hitting me right in the eye. I actually got 10 extra minutes of sleep! I am weary of the constant rain but then I consider the alternative and put things in perspective. The daylilies are positively euphoric and offering up extended bloom scapes which is nice.

  8. cwheat000 07/05/2013

    Great summer pics from what seems like a great summer location. If that orange flower is milkweed, I definitely need some of that. You have some fantastic daylily and echinacea varieties. You have done a lot in a short time; well done!

  9. Wife_Mother_Gardener 07/05/2013

    Beautiful garden! Great work, Beth!

  10. janetsfolly 07/05/2013

    What a great combination of colorful posies! The love shack is so inviting... Could be a great guest cottage? (hint,hint! I'd be happy to pay my way in weeding!) You've created a beautiful foreground for your wonderful bay view. Great work!

  11. Nurserynotnordstroms 07/05/2013

    Love all of the gardens, I looked at the photos before I read the intro. I couldn't figure out the fish theme with the yard art. After reading intro it is so appropriate. What a wonderful place to sit and relax. You have done a lot of work and it shows. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a happy day.

  12. SweetPeaGardens 07/05/2013

    Beth, your fishy welcome is so lovely. Perfect colour echos in every item, well done!

  13. tractor1 07/05/2013

    Everything looks magnificent. The only thing I'd suggest is to remove the vine from the Love Shack tree.

  14. Earthgirl51 07/05/2013

    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments. Re: question about orange flowers in front of love shack, they are a variety of blanket flower (gaillardia). The red flowers growing up among the shasta daisies are bee balm. For those of you that commented last time on Becca, our sixteen year old golden retriever who photobombed last year's pic, she is still alive and kickin!

    The love shack would be a great little art studio - when I retire I plan to put it to good use!

  15. user-1020932 07/05/2013

    that would be who mentioned Becca, i was going back and forth between features and got them confused. no matter, i'm glad Becca is still sharing her garden with you

  16. cwheat000 07/06/2013

    I am so happy to here Becca is well. There is no way, from looking at that picture, that she can't be the sweetest girl. God bless her.

  17. Zinnia1 07/06/2013

    Beautiful - very sweet gardens

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