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Benjamin loves fall and winter in Nebraska

Coneflower and monarda

Today's photos are from Benjamin Vogt out in Lincoln, Nebraska. We visited Benjamin's garden a whopping two and a half years ago (refresh your memory HERE), and it's been way too long. He says, "I'm soooooo in love with fall and winter in the garden–the subtle earthen hues, the way the winter sun hits them low, the seed heads, the way snow piles up to elongate stems, the birds that come for food and shelter, no lawnmowers…… Summer is too hot and buggy, though I'm happy to see more insects than in previous years (big drought in 2012 wiped away so much life)." I am so with you on this one, Benjamin. Give me fall over summer any darned day. I love the way the hosta leaves look as they decline, the deep burgundy the doublefile viburnum in my back yard has turned, the golden light, the cool nights and brilliant days…dreamy! Send more photos, would ya?  **Benjamin has a lovely blog! Check it out HERE.**

Help me keep kicking out posts all winter long–send me photos of your gardens! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks! –Michelle

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Sign near the garden entrance

Early October

Hidden in the indian grass


Around November 1st

Liatris ligulistylis brings in butterflies

Seed heads rule


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  1. susan749 10/17/2014


  2. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/17/2014

    Darn I was almost done writing and I got kicked off line and poof what I wrote was gone. The November 1st photo is my favorite,the color combinations in fall are so perfect ,you did a beautiful job. I love trees with different bark,we are researching trees with great bark ,do you have any favorites I should consider? The facts on the sign in the front yard are so interesting. What a difference natives make. I will get a chance to look at your blog tonight and I can't wait Benjamin (my Grandsons name also)

  3. perenniallycrazy 10/18/2014

    Serenity now and in every season!

  4. grannieannie1 10/18/2014

    Fall definitely offers a different form of garden beauty which yours has captured. The picture of the yellow coneflowers with the light pink monarda is stunning. And your sign's data about no watering etc. just somehow has to catch on with the public. Why do we have front yards of boring green grass when we could have what you've created? Great job Benjamin. Keep prodding America.

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/20/2014

    I very much admire your gardening philosophy, Benjamin, and the beautiful results you have achieved. Fall light has a special quality which gives a magical glow to plant parts like seedheads and backlit leaves that might otherwise seem ordinary.Your photo capture of the two butterflies on the liatris is perfection.

  6. user-5829577 10/20/2014

    Benjamin, your garden is beautiful and I'm sure so full of life. You have such a variety of natives which cerrainly house all of nature's important gifts. I am interested in your columnar buckthorn which I saw for the first time this spring - are you pleased with how it does? I think that I saw it in your spring garden photos. I agree with meander1 about your fantastic picture of the butterflies on the liatris. Thanks so much for sharing and for making a special place for the pollinators.

  7. GrannyMay 10/20/2014

    Benjamin your gardening philosophy is a reminder to those of us who are plantaholics that there are huge benefits in using plants that are native to your area. Your garden is lovely in all seasons. Kudos to you for treading lightly on this earth we share!

    Though I try to be a responsible and earth-friendly gardener, not using any chemicals or artificial products as herbicides, insecticides or fertilizer, I must admit that I am not ready to give up seeking and planting the non-natives that attract me. I am also lucky to live in the country, so all parts of my land that are not actually gardened by me are in their native state.

  8. thevioletfern 10/20/2014

    Wow, has your garden grown! I just love, love, love that sign - applause, applause. Such beauty in life!

  9. GrannyCC 10/20/2014

    My how your garden has grown. It is a good reminder of how important the native plants are to reduce water and pests. I have a mix of both native and plants I can't live without,
    which are not native!
    The photos are lovely and show the ever changing beauty of your garden.

  10. Meelianthus 10/20/2014

    Benjamin, your gardening is so impressive. What a beautiful job you have done with Nature and all of its inhabitants. You have created a beautiful place for all to exist.

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