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Fall is getting more colorful in Lil’s garden in Massachusetts

‘Autumn Joy’ sedum in October, catmint in the background still sending out some blossoms

Today’s photos are from Lil Holloway in Bedford, Massachusetts. We’ve visited Lil’s garden once before, HERE. Today she says, “I am just getting started on fall plants. In the past, come October, the tools would be put away and, other than covering my roses, everything happened in the spring.

Echinacea, second blooming at end of September

Fortunately for me, I became friends with local gardeners in Carlisle, Kathy and Mark. With their urging, I started looking at fall as an extended season. I started with sedums, then put in the anemones and asters.  And to my delight all the varieties of hyssops do well into fall.

Japanese anemone, a fall bloomer that transplants surprisingly well. Moved a piece to this spot last year and this is the result. Variegated deep blue Iris in the front….love that the leaves still look good in October. On the trellis is honeysuckle, which I cut back to the ground this spring.

I feel very fortunate to have knowledgable folks that not only share the ins and outs of different plants, but grow only what does well in this area. My big garden is still a bit anemic, so I take photos of what’s still colorful….maybe next year we’ll have more to offer.”

This is just one plant, put in last fall. It’s an aster called ‘Monte Casino’. I cut it back and shaped it at the end of July.

Looks pretty full to me, Lil! My fave is that daylily/hyssop combo–stunning!

Don’t believe it…..they never sleep!

Help me keep kicking out posts all winter long–send me photos of your gardens NOW! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks! –Michelle

I took this photo of ‘Marmalade Skies’, a Star Rose, on October 7th. Still lots of buds on all of the roses, maybe they’ll bloom again before the first frost.
And this is a ‘Robustissima’ anemoe, a light violet-pink. It’s the second year for this plant.

This hydrangea is ‘Penny Mac’. Is she changing into her fall wardrobe?
This photo was taken in September. The lily is a late bloomer, but I don’t know her name.  Her purple companion is ‘Heatwave’ hyssop.

Front of my house where that big white aster lives along with the pink anemone, perennial geraniums, ‘Pink Rhapsody’, ‘Jack Frost’ brunnera, and a couple of mountain laurel. There is a row of pink, red, and white astilbes in the back, already cut down.

I have a row of hydrangeas along the walk.

The hydrangeas lead to the front door and my “little” garden.  It was all shrubs, pulled them out and started planting flowers. That was about two years ago, still fine-tuning.
This is the rose garden on October 7th.  Big difference from August, but still lots of buds.  These asters are also ‘Monte Casino’–the big one was planted last year.  Yes, it’s one plant.

I’m putting in a rock garden here….this area is in the front.

This is the honeysuckle I cut down to the ground this spring.  It sure didn’t mind.  The anemone is a cutting from another plant.  It likes its new home.

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  1. GrannyMay 10/13/2014

    Good morning Lil. How nice to wake up to new photos from your garden. I can see that you have continued to listen to your plants and have graduated from being an inexperienced gardener to one who can offer advice instead. Good work! Your aster 'Monte Casino' is gorgeous! Also love the rose 'Marmalade Skies', the Anemone japonicas and of course 'Autumn Joy' sedum. Happy fall!

  2. grannieannie1 10/13/2014

    Lil, you have introduced me to some new "must haves" like a good gardening friend should. The billowing white aster made me laugh ( I thought you'd called it Monte Crisco; bifocals do bring humor sometimes.) And the anemone. And the intense Heatwave Hyssop set off with your yellow lily: what a dynamite combo.

    Thank you for the dash of color this AM.

  3. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/13/2014

    Seems you found the perfect Aster'Monte Casino'looks like it love where you have placed it. Lil don't you just love it when you find friends who share there gardening love with you so your garden will look its best also. I enjoyed your photos so much but I had to dig to find them though. The post from last Friday is what was up this morning in my in box ,so I had to google Fine gardening blog for today and I was finally able to locate yours. I'm sure everyone else will catch up soon.

  4. sheila_schultz 10/13/2014

    Good morning Lil, like Nurserynotnordstrom, I had to go searching for today's post, but I am so glad I did. Your jump into the world of fall flowers has certainly been worth it ;)
    I'm always in Echinacea lust since they refuse to overwinter in my gardens, your blooms are gorgeous... and don't you just love hyssops? They come in so many colors and once they start blooming they don't stop until winter raises it's ugly head! Enjoy the rest of your fall days!

  5. GrannyCC 10/13/2014

    Congratulations Lil on your beautiful garden. Your front porch is similar design as mine and I love the plantings along it. I have to use pots as my soil is full of cedar roots which just stunts everything. I have not seen a white Aster before but I love that one and will look for it. That photo of the Marmalade Skies is gorgeous.
    I too couldn't find the blog this morning but after searching was greatly rewarded.

  6. lindanewber 10/13/2014

    Hi Lil, what a wonderful garden you have. I can't believe you still have so many blooms in Oct. like you I usually put my garden away about this time. You have inspired me to look around, see what's blooming now and add my own fall color. My favorite pic is the daylily and hyssop. Thanks so much for sharing

  7. marcellapaulus 10/13/2014

    Wonderful garden. Love to see other people's gardens-they give me great ideas for mine.

  8. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/13/2014

    Hi, Lil, include me as enthralled and enchanted by your aster 'Monte Casino'...that is quite an impressive show of dainty white blooms it puts out. I just recently have become a fan of the fall blooming anemones and have added some to my perennial bed areas. Yours are lovely. How nice that you have some gardening buddies to give you advice and bounce around ideas with...that adds to the fun.

  9. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/14/2014

    Somehow I missed this post. Great job adding some fall interest. I used to dismiss fall interest because I felt it was so fleeting, but then I realized that a blazing fall show lasts as long as the Spring wonderland. It is really nice to end the gardening season with a bit of a bang!

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