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Fall in Jeanne’s garden in Washington

Today's photos are from Jeanne Cronce out in Port Orchard, Washington State (see past posts from her garden HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.) She says, "Well, 2014 has been the best summer ever! Wonderful days of constant sunshine drying out the deepest pockets of shady areas–we have had such wonderful growth! With a lot of cleanup ahead I am labeling and deciding what plants to move around or divide, where I could plant another favorite tree, or…well, I am addicted to gardening. I so love the fresh air, and the best present I could ever get would be a load of compost! Woo hoo to next year ahead!" You don't sound like a tired, end-of-the-season gardener at ALL, Jeanne! You garden is looking grand. I can't wait to see what you do next spring!

***Hey guys, so so sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. I have a wicked head cold and could not muster the energy. Not a great excuse, I know….

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  1. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/22/2014

    Aren't we lucky to live in Wa. State. We have the perfect climate and your photos show it. I love that chunk of ribbon rock. I got a rock from my Dads old house that is ribbon rock and it's my favorite in my yard. Your fall colors look stunning together. What is the red plant in the first photo?You are like me still energized to garden. Hope we meet some time ..... Wait did we meet at the garden show before Michelle gave her presentation? Love your gardens I've enjoyed seeing all of your many photos,thank you for sharing them.

    1. greengenes 10/23/2014

      Hi Nurserynotnordstrom... Iam not sure if we met. But will you be going this coming season of the garden show? It would be great to all get together that day for a visit. I would love to meet all of you! Yes, we are very fortunate to live here in our state of Washington. Our summer and this early fall has been so beautiful. My magnolia tree is even putting out more blooms as well as the cala lily and iris! So that's what you call that type of rock... my son picked that from a quarry for me. I do like rocks..have a great fall and winter!

      1. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/26/2014

        Hi Jeannne we will be going but we usually don't go on a Saturday because of my business (darn the boss has to work)let me know when you are attending I would love to chat with you. Hope we can work something out.

        1. greengenes 10/27/2014

          Hi... Well I don't have any set days that I will be going so iam open to meeting on any day and it would be fun to meet others as well. If Michelle does do another presentation I will definitely be staying for that. Last year I didn't get to stay for it. Where do you live in Washington? You can contact me at [email protected]

  2. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/22/2014

    Michelle I hope you are feeling better!!!!!!

  3. user-1020932 10/22/2014

    Jeanne, it's ALL beautiful as I always expect it to be when it is your garden. What is that weeping red plant? I think I need one ,,,,,,,,,,,,,or 3

    1. greengenes 10/23/2014

      Hi Jeff! Hey, that weeping red treeshrub is a witch hazel. Its so cool. It puts out yellow curly flowers in late winter and then in spring it puts out these great ribbed green leaves which remains quite quiet until October! Then as you see... it shows off its stuff! This group of plants comes in a red flowering type as well witch will be in my gardens someday. Have you seen those cryptomerias that turn a purlpely plum color in the winter? They are great too! Well keep up the good "Johnny Apple Seed" of gardening! Your work you do is wonderful!

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/23/2014

    Oh, yes, that cascading red leafed plant has us all drooling, Jeanne. Can't wait to find out what it is...will I be surprised or will I go "Duh, silly did I not know?" You have so many visual treats to look at. The close-up of the dahlia bouquet is like a super yummy strawberry parfait...a tower of gorgeousness. And, are those home grown pumpkins? Love them!

    1. greengenes 10/23/2014

      Hi meander1! Who speaks with such grace and beauty! Have you ever written any books or poetry? I sure enjoy writing. I do some poetry. You just cant help it when we sit in the beauty of a garden! The red plant you refer to is a yellow flowering witchhazel. Its a beauty. Even in late winter it puts out these curly little yellow flowers and then in spring it displays these great ripply green leaves. It stays quite confident through the summer but in October all color breaks loose! Its a fun shrub. The dahlias turned out good this year. I purchased a lot of tubers for my daughters wedding she had on the last day of summer! I will just leave them in the ground this winter and if some come back that will be fine. They are too much work to dig up. Potatoes are enough for me, which we had a wonderful crop of. Yes, I did grow those pumpkins. They are fun to grow. If you carve on the skin of the white ones it turns green where you have carved or scratched a design. They are a lot of fun to work with. I have even seen them decorated with autumn leaves! Well happy gardening meander1! Have a wonderful season ahead!

  5. perenniallycrazy 10/23/2014

    No wonder you have so much energy Jeanne! Your garden is going strong even in the fall. All that joy must be translating into more gardening power. I'm with Jeff - dying to know what the weeping red plant is. Please keep those photos coming.

    Get well soon Michelle!

    1. greengenes 10/23/2014

      Hi Perennially Crazy! The plant which you describe as a weeping red is actually a yellow flowering witch hazel. It produces yellow flowers in the late winter and then the leaves stay green until October and turn all different colors. Its a great shrub. They do come in a red flowering variety which is on the radar! Have a great rest this fall and winter!

  6. michaeljgoltzman 10/23/2014

    gorgeous. congratulations.

    1. greengenes 10/23/2014

      Hi Michael J Goltzman... Thanks so much and iam glad you have enjoyed them. The pictures didn't really come out like they really were.. the brightness and all... I guess that is one area I need to spend time on! Happy seasons to you!

  7. NCYarden 10/23/2014

    Oh how I love Fall. Again, I'm so envious - you Pacific NW'ers have got the ideal location for what seems the perfect ability to grow anything. Jeanne , your garden is amazing - the fall colors are so striking. I am really loving that "Rasta, mon" tree/shrub in the first photo- what is that? - the blended colors are fantastic. And those dahlias, what a pleasant. Keep the gears going, and stay addicted!

    1. greengenes 10/23/2014

      Hi NC Yarden! Yah... isn't fall a wonderful change! We have been able to grow a lot of different things here in the NW. But there are still some things I would love to be able to grow but we are too wet or too cold. But that's just as well. There is enough plants to keep us involved in the relationship of gardening! The "Rasta, mon" tree is a yellow flowering variety of the witch hazels. It blooms these great little curly flowers in late winter and then in spring the leaves come out green for the summer until October when they turn some electric colors. Its a great shrubtree to have! The dahlias I grew for our daughters wedding which turned out simply wonderful. Yes.. I will keept the gears going and I will for sure stay addicted as long as my body holds out! I sure hope when its my time to leave this earth that I will be found doing what I so love to do... gardening! Have a wonderful season!

      1. NCYarden 10/23/2014

        That is just stellar color on that witch hazel. The gradients are so brilliant. Gotta get one of those. Do you happen to know the cultivar?
        I too hope to garden till my body stops. Certainly not to sound morbid or promote any faith, but I have often expressed that when my day comes, I hope I'm in my garden...that way I know I am already in heaven.

        1. greengenes 10/23/2014

          Hi again.. iam sorry I don't know the cultivar of this plant. I will go back and look through my tags to see if I still have that info. I so enjoyed the thought of what you said about heaven. So true! I was given this little plak for the garden which says, "Life began in a garden". Its of this angelic figure holding the sign. I thought about it and its so true isn't it!

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/23/2014

    Stunning! I'm feeling inspired looking at your fabulous garden, cool plants and great photos! I Love the fall colors on the persian ironwood(?) in the first photo and am wondering if the cascading red "tree" isn't a virginia creeper vine? Thanks for sharing!

    1. greengenes 10/23/2014

      Hi Tim Voit! Iam glad you are inspired. It keeps the juices flowing! Thanks for the nice comments. You know... I sure wish I had an Ironwood tree! They are beautiful! But that is a yellow flowering witchhazel! Its a great shrub. In late winter it puts out these curly little yellow flowers which smell great and then the leaves come out in spring and are green. Then in October the leaves change colors. Its been a wonderful plant to enjoy! Yes, you guessed right,,, it is a Virginia creeper vine that is growing on our childrens old basketball hoop! It works great. The base of the hoop is a huge 12 x12 beam that my husband put in. So that will last for awhile! Well you have a wonderful season!

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/23/2014

        Witchhazel? Brilliant. I guess I didn't know they had such great fall color. Awesome idea to let the creeper creep up and cover the hoop. Looks amazing! Happy fall gardening!

  9. User avater
    HelloFromMD 10/23/2014

    Beautiful photographs. What glorious sunshine you have. The pumpkins are brilliant. Surely one of the best things of fall is the light. Here in Maryland the humidity creates hazy skies most of the time. I do feel sad that the season has ended. But it is great to have an ending so you can have a new beginning. I plant boatloads of annuals. So every year I get to play with new designs and plants. Keep up your wonderful spirit! And yes what is that wonderful tree?

    1. greengenes 10/23/2014

      HellofromMD..hello! Yes, we have had such wonderful sunshine this year! It sure made up for the gray days we have had for the last five years! I also feel sad when the season ends. I have to spend time changing my attitude and move on to what is next. I like your attitude of new beginnings! That would be so fun to replant annuals every year. I do bring in some in my beds. I have used snapdragons, petunias, cleome, saphsoglopsis, and a few others. Annuals bring in such beautiful colors! That tree you are referring to is a yellow flowering variety of a witchhazel. It blooms in late winter and then in spring it puts out green leaves and then in October we get the crazy beautiful colors! It is a great shrub. Its not overly invasive in growth and it is a well behaved lovely. Well by for now and have fun planning for next year!

  10. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/23/2014

    Get well, Michelle!

  11. terieLR 10/23/2014

    Good morning Diane, I am right there with you fellow gardener. Life keeps us pushing us onward. In the midst we have this blog to indulge in and keep us smiling. (and sighing...)
    Love your gardens and photos Jeanne. Thank you for the inspiration that you and your posts have provided over time.

  12. greengenes 10/23/2014

    Good morning Diane! Welcome back and I hope all is well now. Sometimes life gives us a different path for awhile. Iam glad we can brighten up your day with all of our gardens. I wanted to let you know that the tree you are asking about is a witchhazel. It produces yellow curly flowers in the late fall and then in spring it puts out a ribbed green leaf which stays that way until October. Then surprise! It lets loose the colors! Its a fun plant to enjoy. Well best wishes to you on this upcoming season!

  13. greengenes 10/23/2014

    Good morning to all of you. Iam so sorry I didn't send names with the pictures because iam learning how to send pictures from a smart phone. I guess you have to be smart to use one! Well in the very first picture ...this is a yellow flowering witch hazel. Their leaves seem to droop before they fall. I so enjoy this plant throughout the year. The other red, huge plant is a Virginia creeper vine which I planted at the base of an old basketball hoop. It turned out to be kind of a nice spot. Thanks for all the nice comments, I do like to share any ideas to inspire others about gardening. I will try to answer personally each one of you gardening friends! Oh Michelle... do hope you feel better soon!

  14. GrannyMay 10/23/2014

    Good morning Jeanne. I do so love your garden! Each time you share photos, I see something new to wish for and designs that inspire me. I do have Virginia Creepers (though not red yet, nor as huge as yours), and your witch hazel has me drooling. We have shared the same unusually sunny warm weather, and I can see that many of your trees and shrubs have yet to colour up. Hope you'll keep taking photos as they do. Your dahlias are gorgeous. How wonderful to grow your own flowers for your daughter's wedding. Was the wedding in your garden?

    Michelle, lots of mom's chicken soup - or hot tea with Amaretto!

  15. MichelleGervais 10/23/2014

    Feeling much better today--thanks, everybody! Luckily this was a relatively short cold. Still dealing with the popping ears and general tiredness, but I'm on the mend.

    1. greengenes 10/24/2014

      Hooray! So glad to hear... You do a great job! Thanks...

  16. GrannyCC 10/23/2014

    Hi Jeanne I have a Witch Hazel but mine is more upright.. This year it turned lovely orange red colours but not as spectacular as yours. Things on Vancouver Island have been slow to colour up this year. Gorgeous pictures of the pumpkins and Dahlias. I have kept my Dahlias in the ground for many years but lost quite a few over last winter. I am sure they were wonderful for your Daughters wedding. Thank you for brightening up this rainy day!

  17. schatzi 10/23/2014

    Jeanne, your garden is gorgeous as usual and so are your pictures. We have to stop gushing about what a wonderful summer and fall we have had or everyone will want to move here! LOL! You know everyone thinks it rains all the time here - and we are just about to prove them right. It's getting to be that time of year. In addition to all the other lovelies, I love the stump in that first picture. I dig stumps, interesting pieces of wood and rocks, as well as plants. They all add interest. Windmill Nursery here in Sumner had a series of classes this fall on decorating pumpkins with glued on dry moss and succulents, berries and twigs. Fun and beautiful. Love the dahlias. Unless it's unusually cold this winter, they should do fine in the ground. We really do have to pick a day to meet up at the Flower and Garden Show. That would be awesome! Michelle, you are forgiven - get better and keep up the good work.

  18. Meelianthus 10/23/2014

    Hi Jeanne ~ I guess I shouldn't have missed a walk thru your garden this past month ! The pictures are wonderful and still so much beauty and I love all of the squash that you grew, really a great summer for those. And WOW, your Witch Hazel is a hit, didn't know they could cascade like that or have you trained it? Thanks Jeanne.

    Glad you are feeling better today Michelle ^_^

  19. GrannyMay 10/24/2014

    Hi Diane, I do hope you are much better now and able to put your energy into gardening. The red cascading plant in photo 2 is a Virginia Creeper vine trained over a basketball hoop and allowed to hang down. See Jeanne's reply to Tim. I think there was confusion about which photo, and the Witch Hazel is very showy as well.

  20. user-5829577 10/24/2014

    Michelle, I'm so glad that you are on the mend. Who has time for a cold which zaps our energy? Jeanne, I too, love your yellow flowering witchhazel. I was also drawn to your lime colored sedium, boxwoods (I think) and that fantastic stone. What a wonderful placement. Your placements of plants is just fantastic and I could almost smell fall while slowly stopping at each photo. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  21. erla 10/24/2014

    Isn't it wonderful to have so many choices in the Northwest? Love all your colors. Everyone
    but me probably already knows, but what is the sweet little plant with the wispy pink flowers in the last photo.

  22. erla 10/24/2014

    Don't you love the variety of plants we can grow in the Pacific Northwest. I love all your colors. Everyone probably knows but me, but what is the sweet little plant with the wispy pink flowers in the last photo? Would love to know. Thanks.

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