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Beautiful ice in Mary’s Minnesota garden

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mary Yee

When Mary Yee in Edina, Minnesota, sent me these photos last week, the subject line of her email was “Photos of ice in the garden–yep, it’s Minnesota.” Minnesota, indeed! I’ve only been to Minnesota in the summertime (I LOVED IT!), but I’ve heard that the winters are brutal… At least you have these beautiful sights to tide you over til spring!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mary Yee

Mary says, “We are on the cusp of our coldest days in Minnesota as we await the new year. The most beautiful plants in the garden now are the snow-dusted conifers and the bur oaks, whose thick black branches are beautifully outlined in white. That said, the most ornamental objects in the garden right now are not plants but the natural ice sculptures.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mary Yee

So true, Mary. Thanks for helping us to see the bright side of winter.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mary Yee
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mary Yee
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mary Yee

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  1. pattyspencer 01/07/2013

    Seems to be a probelem with the email - saying that there is a problem on tarton's site. I came in through last Friday's email (maybe that's why I'm the first to leave anything?)

    Rather that ice stay up North! I still have snow on the ground here in central ohio - so wish we had last years weather.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/07/2013

    Snow and ice can can create such dramatic transformations in a garden...the most insignificant element can look fascinating when it is dressed in shimmering ice or plumped up by a thick snow. Although I am usually transported to childlike wonder at the magical beauty an ice storm brings, I am also quite content to simply enjoy your pictures, Mary, and not deal with any of the after effects in person.

  3. greenthumblonde 01/07/2013

    What a fun post. Nature with a sense of humor.

  4. tractor1 01/07/2013

    Ice can create magnificent sculptures but more often do terrible damage to plants and everything else.

  5. tractor1 01/07/2013

    Ice n' Snow, winter of 2010

    You can see this clump birch in the distance in the previous picture, miraculously it sprung back and survived quite well:

    Path through the woods:

  6. sheila_schultz 01/07/2013

    Great images, Mary. I'm so happy they are from your backyard and not mine... well, not at the moment!

  7. tractor1 01/07/2013

    pattyspencer: A week or so ago you expressed interest in exchanging email addresses with me, so I posted here that it would be fine for Michelle to send you my email address plus I emailed Michelle giving her permission to send you my email address. To date I have no way of knowing if Michelle sent you my email address as I've not heard from you or Michelle.

  8. KVgarden 01/07/2013

    I've been waiting for those winter scene photos! Thanks Mary.

  9. MizScarlet 01/07/2013

    Beautiful! Absolutely breathtaking! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. It's wonderful to experience the beauty of Nature without having to deal with its consequences.

    I, too, had trouble accessing the Photo of the Day this time. I waited several hours and returned to the site. Success this time. Thanks

  10. cwheat000 01/08/2013

    Your photos are ethereal, Mary. Thank you for posting them.

  11. darylsavage 01/08/2013

    Hey, I can grow these!

  12. Yeddi 01/09/2013

    Thank you for sharing these pictures. I have tried to take photographs of the crystal landscape after ice storms but have found it difficult to capture the beauty. After seeing your pictures I will renew my efforts!

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