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Barbara and Denis’s collaboration in Connecticut

Rhino is safe from poachers in his daffy bed.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss

Today’s photos are from Barbara Curtiss. She says, “I garden three acres in Kent, Connecticut, and thought you might like to see how sculpture can enhance the scene. My husband is a sculptor in steel and bronze and our yard is his studio (all sculpture is made right here in one of the barns).

Dancer with red ball in perimeter garden with ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss

“I am lucky to have a varied terrain and conditions, so in other GPODs I could just share woodland areas or wetland areas, etc., but for my first try at this, I’ll show sculpture enjoying a garden setting. We are right on Route 7, three miles north of Kent (just before Kent Falls State Park) and visitors are welcome to stop in year round to stroll the gardens or visit the studio.”

Black crow looks over fence covered with Hydrangea petiolaris. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss

Barbara, living just a half hour south of you, I’ve passed by these sculptures so many times on my travels, and have always wanted to stop in. Now I just have to! Thanks so much for sharing. You and your husband are a great team! ***Check out more at the WEBSITE***

Squirrel in the Kerria. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss

I’ll say it again: This is prime time to take some photos in your garden. So get out there with your cameras and send some in! Email them to [email protected].

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss
Heron perched in iris and lilies. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss
Lioness stalks atop stone wall, coneflowers in foreground. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss
Greyhound races through the yard, light willow behind accentuates the outline. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss
Bright sculpture enhances coreopsis line and ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss
Out of Africa, into Connecticut! Here life size mammals pose amid hosta and angelica and allium. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss
A peacock perches amid ‘David’ phlox, butterfly bush, and other plantings in a garden against a barn. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Barbara Curtiss

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  1. user-1020932 08/02/2013

    fun! and i love it all after viewing the website this morning my favorites are the Dancer on a Sphere and any/all of the giraffes. Michelle, i would have stopped the first time i passed by.the greyhound is very cool too but the truth, i love them all. now i have to spend time looking at plants in this sculpture garden. thanks!

  2. crizmo 08/02/2013

    I am starting to feel lust and envy (in a good way). Sculpturedale is the latest drop on my bucket list.

  3. user-1020932 08/02/2013

    i NEED that rhino in a bed of Miscanthus

  4. Jay_Sifford 08/02/2013

    Wow, I love this sculpture. I really enjoy using metal sculpture in my garden designs. I'm going to bookmark their website. Now.... onto the plants. I'm with tntreeman on that one.

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/02/2013

    I love how much movement and vitality is communicated by the sculpture pieces and how they tickle the imagination. The gardens enhance the artwork and vice versa. I can't help but wonder if the placement of a certain piece becomes so perfect that it is struck off the For Sale list. I think I would find it impossible to give up the Dancer with the Red Ball.
    Barbara, your gardens are stunning and I would love to see those other areas you made mention of. You are both obviously tremendously talented people.

  6. wGardens 08/02/2013

    Totally agree! You do make a GREAT team. Fabulous settings for these awesome sculptures!! Wish you were in NYS, I'd BE THERE!

  7. deeinde 08/02/2013

    Thank you for posting your pictures! Your husband is very talented and your gardens are the perfect setting for the sculptures. What fun the two of you must have picking and creating the right setting! Thanks for posting them!

  8. cwheat000 08/02/2013

    I recognized these sculptures immediately, before I read the captions. I too am guilty of driving by and having not visited. That will probably have to change. I never realized what beautiful gardens are among the sculptures. If I am going to be honest, I don't always love abstract pieces of twisted metal. Call me gauche ( I also generally prefer cheap wine to quality wine).However, I truly love your husband's work. It seems his main focus is animals, and what could fit better into the landscape, than wildlife? I love the greyhound and the crow. I was going to ask what you used as deer repellent, but then I thought maybe a deer would think twice before getting close to a life size rhino or lion. If I treat myself someday to one of your sculptures, I think I would like one of my English pointer striking a pose.

  9. cwheat000 08/02/2013

    I just finished looking at your website; wonderful! I love your mailbox.

  10. nsands 08/02/2013

    The heron is the one that does it for me. The natural stillness of the bird resting at the water's edge lends itself naturally to a sculpture. How wonderful it would look perching over my Hakonechloa. Lovely work!

  11. tractor1 08/02/2013

    Uh Oh, now I'm in trouble, I want them all! But what I really crave is a Tyranasaurus Rex patroling my wildflower meadow, would look spectacular alongside my dawn redwood... of course I'd need a complete Jurasic Park's worth of dinos, rapters on wires too... all I gotta do is rob a bank! Maybe I'd settle for a murder of crows, maybe one crow. I did check out the website, I'm suprised there's no page of prehistoric critters... mayhaps a life size brontasaurus wouldn't fit in the shop. lol And great photos, I love the dancer in the misty woodland glade. The photo of the billy goat is wonderful too... they're all magnificent. And lots of gorgeous plantings. Thank you for inviting me into your fantastic world.

  12. geckogirla 08/02/2013

    Beautiful garden to show off charming sculptures! Thank you.

  13. sheila_schultz 08/02/2013

    What a delightful post to end the GPOD week! Your gardens and your husband's amazing sculptures are the perfect marriage! I love it all!

  14. pattyspencer 08/02/2013

    Very cool! The dog and the dancer are my favorites

  15. arthurb3 08/02/2013


  16. GrannyMay 08/02/2013

    Barbara, please do keep sharing! I join all the others who love both your beautiful garden and your husband's sculptures. Hard to pick a favourite, but the rapturous feeling embodied in the person flinging up arms and embracing the misty garden, has won my heart. I would love to strike that pose on the rare days when my garden looks happily perfect.

  17. ancientgardener 08/02/2013

    The combination of sculptures and flowers is breathtaking. The two dancers are my favorites but I also love the peacock and the crow. Every gardener should really be given a sculptor for a spouse or at least one of those clever guys who build unique potting sheds. Your contribution was lovely and made my day.

  18. thegardenlady 08/02/2013

    Really wonderful, sculptures and landscape.

  19. cwheat000 08/02/2013

    I do like the dinosaur idea. Perhaps a troodon among ferns and horsetail, or a triceratops eating a gunnera

  20. janeeliz 08/03/2013

    How delightful! I love them all but my favorites are the dancer and the crow. And such a beautiful garden for their setting! Looking forward to more....

  21. azulverde 08/03/2013

    I was expecting to see a sculpture of an aboriginal hunter or a rifled one stalking near a Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus', but the pieces of art are great in a beautiful garden setting!

  22. jagardener 08/07/2013

    I can just see the heron among the plant in my water garden.

  23. raintalker 08/28/2013

    The placement of each sculpture is perfect. What great additions to your flower gardens! I might have to rethink some of my own landscaping. Thank you for sharing.

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